NRA hosed the members again

It gave its A rating and endorsement to liberal democrat Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Manchin is a loyal foot soldier of Harry Reid (who’s also been endorsed by the NRA’s incumbent-protection racket from time to time). He has just been told to jump by Reid, and his take on “how high” is to endorse bans on modern rifles and standard sized magazines.

Everybody knew he was going to do this. In his first term he became an embedded tick in the scabrous skin that is Washington, and if he has to sell his mother to stay there, Mom’s on the auction block faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

“But,” whine West Virginians whose daddies daddies voted for Democrats because, well, it was a ter-dition, “the NRA gave him an A.” Well, guys, now you know how all those ugly hillbilly stereotypes get started. You could have voted for the other schmo on Manchin’s hostility to one of WV’s only two industries (coal mining and government “assistance”), and got a pro-gun guy as a bonus.

You did it to yourself, Li’l Abner. But that knife in your back is an NRA commemorative, and it serves you right for letting Wayne and Chris and their lavender mafia on your six.

2 thoughts on “NRA hosed the members again

    1. Hognose Post author

      I think the media say “he grew in office.” It would be nice if one of these guys had the stones to shrink in office… thanks for posting and for the link!

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