Over at Forgotten Weapons…

.. while we’ve been light on gun content this week, Ian at Forgotten Weapons is on fire. So if you’re jonesing for gun tech:

  • What Mikhail Kalashnikov really learned or borrowed from German arms designers to whom Stalin had made an offer they couldn’t refuse. (They got the gun designers, and reaction-propulsion guys; we got Dornberger, Lippisch and von Braun. We love guns here but you have to admit we got the best of that one). Of course, one is reminded of the line from the Alistair MacLean book, Ice Station Zebra, and the subsequent movie: “The Russians put our camera made by our German scientists and your film made by your German scientists into their satellite made by their German scientists…” which is a bit unfair to Russian (and American and British) ingenuity, but funny as hell.
  • One heck of a Christmas List for the lover of oddball guns (as opposed to the oddball lover of guns, who might be satisfied with dull and boring guns and parts). One of his suggestions is going under the tree for a gun-happy WeaponsMan stepson, who’s not quite old enough to be turned loose with his own AK yet.