Brought a toy gun to a real gun fight

Rule #1 of gunfights: bring a gun. Toy gun = terminal FAIL.

A career violent and drug criminal — a 39-time¬†loser — interrupted a drug arrest in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens, New York City, by barging in, waving a gun at the two plainclothes officers. Six rounds later, they were fine and he was… not so fine. As in, dead. Seems his gun was a realistic fake (photo), but the cops’ guns were real.

The man, 42, threatened the officers pulling what appeared to be a Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun from his waistband and aiming it at them.

The police responded by firing six rounds, three of which struck him in the leg and torso.

It was the first police-involved shooting for both officers, and witnesses later said that each officer – ages 42 and 48 – had their badges displayed.

The British reporter whose report we’re quoting doesn’t get guns, apparently. He later writes: “The man was actually carrying one real weapon. A Walther CP99B compressed air pellet gun was later found on his body.” ¬†Except, a pellet gun is not a “real weapon,” unless maybe you’re a squirrel.

(The two-fake-guns thing seems to be a Daily Mail Fail. A New York neighborhood news site explained it differently: the “replica Glock” was actually an altered pellet gun, and there was only one fake gun. The local tabloid does agree that its knucklehead operator now wears the toe-tag of shame, for bringing a fake gun to a real gunfight.)

The engagement dynamics of this doesn’t really require analysis, does it? This guy voluntarily entered a situation with armed men knowing that his armament was 100% deficient as far as actual firepower is concerned. This may be nothing more than the most creative suicide-by-cop, ever. Or it may just be the last way station on a life driven down by low intelligence and impulsivity.

We love the way the Daily Mail put this next line:

He had a long history of dealing with police officers.

You certainly might say that. For “dealing with,” try “being rounded up and thrown in crowbar motel by,” maybe.

The NYPD found he had 39 prior arrests including four by the Miami-Dade police department, with most being drug-related.

He also had strikes for robbery, weapons possessions, and assault.

Well, he didn’t get rehabilitated the first three-dozen and three times, but hey, he’s cured of his chronic recidivism now.

The police officers fired six shots and scored three hits, which is better than average for New York cops (the last time they were in these pages, a pair of them fired dozens of shots, killing a murderer — and wounding nine bystanders. Where the other three rounds went, God alone knowns, but no one else turned up in hospital or morgue, making it a remarkably clean shoot for the NYPD. More at the two links in the story.