Lindsey Stone, Miss Massachusetts 2012

Not just any fat, stupid broad, this is Lindsey Stone!

This fat, stupid broad is showing off her class at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Her name is Lindsey Stone. If that does not look like class to you, you may not be from Massachusetts, a state that still elects hippies who run against the Vietnam War — in 2012.

Stone’s picture was snapped by another fat, stupid broad, her friend Jamie Schuh.

Stone and Schuh were on some kind of trip from the place where they work, one of those “non-profit” rackets that takes large sums of public coin to warehouse old or mentally ill people. (If she treats the Unknown Soldier this way, wonder how badly she and her co-workers treat the inmates at the office? Apparently a lot of people are wondering, because the firm has gone through the motions of firing them).

Good jobs at good wages, for bad people.

Is it just us, or do you too expect something other than a well-spoken achiever when you hear the first name “Lindsey”?

Jamie Schuh, the other no-class double-chinned “douchebag” (their term, not ours).

She has spoken in her defense, saying no offense was meant, she and Schuh “just being douchebags as usual.” You don’t say. That’s what she said to defend herself. We think we may be looking at the most thoroughgoing waste of sperm and egg since the first humans took their tentative steps down out of the trees onto the Olduvai basin.

This story was picked up by Jonn Lilyea at This Ain’t Hell, and from there many media sources picked it up — the larger, mainstream ones not crediting him, which is par for the course. Jonn’s had a follow-up since then. We could never cover as many dirtbags as thoroughly as Jonn does– it’s like spending your whole life on shit-burning detail, but the shit keeps gaining on you.

Stone and Schuh, the soi-disant douchebags, have been canned from their welfare gig but they’ll always have Internet notoriety. Fortunately, they live in Massachusetts (Stone, in Plymouth of pilgrim fame) and there is no shortage of companies that welcome workers with a hand out for some helpless person’s welfare benefits, and a finger upraised towards our veterans. The empty faux-rebellious pose of the immature, spoiled child: flipping off a dead guy who has to just lie there and take it.

Mug shot: Lindsey Stone getting stoned with a mug instead of a stein. She says she was “questioning authority.” Now she’s questioning the clerks at the unemployment office.

The guy in that Tomb is there so that the parents of Lindsey and Jamie could spoliate them in comfort and idleness, leaving them t free to take jobs on what adds up to the public dole, and to have the freedom of speech that they can certainly use to insult and malign him, and by extension, all of us veterans, mortal and immortal alike.

Everyone has the right to do that. Most everyone has the sense not to. Meet Lindsey Stone and Jamie Schuh, the exceptions, and the standard-bearers for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Who knew when evil reared its ugly head it would be slobbering drunk, and probably tramp-stamped?

We generally take a dim view of suicide here, as a permanent solution to a transient problem, but if Stone or Schuh were to indulge in it, it’s not like there’d be any loss of intelligent life.

5 thoughts on “Lindsey Stone, Miss Massachusetts 2012

  1. Joe L

    It’s amazing. These are probably the same people that cry and whine for handouts to be given to all kinds of people that have done nothing to deserve them, yet you ask them to shut their fucking mouths and act like adults while in the presence of those that have given so much to us… and they can’t handle it.

  2. Shorty

    It has to be a cultural thing. I was in college with a Sikh from upstate Mass, and being a Southern school, he was asked all sorts of dumbass questions about our life without power, outhouses at college, and other nonsense. But it begs the question, if it is a cultural thing, how does it perpetuate and how can it be stopped?

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