W4: NDIA Joint Armaments Conference

We’re travelling but we still have an excellent website for you — two of them, actually. Beginning with the more particular, we have the National Defense Industries Association 2012 Joint Armaments Conference proceedings. Not every presentation given at the conference is included, and not every presentation can be followed by the slides alone — a number of them depended heavily on the presenter’s patter. But these slides, taken as a whole, will give you a fairly good idea of where we stand right now in the world of small arms development (and some pretty decently large arms development, too).

The sorts of things you can learn here include:

  • The Army’s and the joint services’ overall small arms strategy

If that’s not enough for you, check out the NDIA root directory. There you’ll find subdirectories for not only all the preceding small arms conferences, bit for many other NDIA meetings… most of which contain pearls of wisdom for the sort that reads this blog.

Note: this post has been edited. The link to the NDIA root directory is fixed, and in response to Dan Watters’s comment below, here’s a link to archived NDIA information at the Internet Archive. Since the NDIA was only formed in 1997 by the merger or two other industry groups, the ADPA (formerly an Ordnance association) and the NSIA, these archives go well back into its history and provide a comprehensive view of weapons developments over the last 15 years. Thanks, Daniel!

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