Sunday in a Sleep Deficit…

Ever been there? We know, BTDT. Everyone has. Saturday was spent in multi-state CCW/CHL license classes — and a depressing Saturday it was. These laws aren’t uniform for the simplest of reasons: some States are not comfortable with the second amendment, and some states are so controlled by mobs/machines that politicians enjoy having the power to control the population, and, Chavez-style, arm only their Party followers. (There’s a knot of northeastern states that fit this description, and a few scattered across the midwest and west, all of which are notable for the percentage of pols that end up in “public service:” in the license plate shop in the State Pen: IL Governors, MA State House and State Senate leaders, etc).

As a general rule of thumb it’s best to devolve as much power as possible to the lowest level possible, but what do you do when the States abuse that power? We’ll have more to say about this, this coming week. ¬†Yes, it’s a political question, which we’d usually let others cover, but as we see it it is more of a policy question. Consider this: four States have constitutional carry: VT, AL, AZ and WY (in order of their adoption of this policy. WY only applies to state residents). The only one that has had a mass shooting lately? AZ. From before the effective date of the law. Food for thought.

Now, for those of us in the USA, the clocks rolled back last night, so we got an extra hour of sleep, ceteris paribus. So our brain housing groups should be better able to cope with issues of weighty public policy, or with getting a sit-down with someone at SIG to talk about the new SIG submachine gun. We know you’d probably rather hear about the gun, eh?