Dancing with a Wounded Warrior

When this picture plonked into our inbox, we didn’t get why the retired SF lieutenant colonel had sent it to his friends, one of whom, a retired SF colonel, sent it to his friends, including a lowly Weapons Man or two, with comments indicating that these crusty old warlords had actually been moved by the image.

Then we scrolled down. OK. Got it.

Most people don’t know that this guy hosts Wounded Warriors regularly at his Texas ranch. We knew about it (friends have been. We’re kind of glad that we don’t qualify). One leg or two, he can still mountain bike a lot of much younger guys into the Texas clay.

Thing is, he reportedly feels a heavy burden of responsibility for those who went into the fire pursuant to his orders. We saw that with the letters and meetings with KIA families, when he was in office. What’s odd is that the media was crucifying him for callousness, but those of us in the arena knew exactly what he was doing for our fallen comrades, and we had a pretty good idea what it was taking out of him.

Why didn’t the media know, when certainly everyone in SF knew, and probably everyone in the whole military knew? We can only speculate that the small clan of people who man the ramparts of the media have little connection to and less interest in the small clan of people who man the actual, you know, ramparts.

Anyway, this picture was taken during one of those low-key, unpublicized wounded warrior weekends.

One thing we particularly like about the picture is the way that confident, pretty young lady shows off her beautiful legs. Mr Bush is a fortunate man to have snared a dance with her.

2 thoughts on “Dancing with a Wounded Warrior

  1. Badger

    There’s ass & there’s class. Who care’s wear the former is livin’ – the class is dancing with the good lookin’ lady.

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