When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Bozo Surgeons

As God is our witness, we thought that these guys –> were fictional characters. But it sounds like someone’s really calling Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard.

In England. Where guns are outlawed.

A woman died after doctors placed a heart valve upside down during surgery. Sheila Hynes was being treated at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The 71-year-old great-grandmother suffered severe internal bleeding during the operation, which caused major damage to her heart. The procedure was led by Asif Raza Shah.

Really, there’s no limit to the many contributions of the many generations of the Shah family to the history of Great Britain. Like this one.

She never came round from the operation despite doctors’ efforts to get her heart working again. She died in intensive care one week later, the Press Association reported.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust confirmed that the mistake had caused Hynes’ death and that Shah still works at the Freeman.

Hey, a guy shouldn’t lose his job, just because he’s incompetent at it. This is government medical care!

Hynes’ daughter, Jan Hopper, 55, said the family were still distraught over the death. She told PA: “My life has been destroyed by what happened to my mother. ….

Hynes’ initial operation was on 26 March 2015 and she died in April of that year. An inquest has been scheduled for later this year. She left behind seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She was having surgery to improve her breathing, which was being restricted by inadequate blood flow.

Her daughter Hopper said: “I told her I loved her and said I would call later that afternoon [the day of the initial]. When I rang the hospital at 5pm they said she was still in surgery and to ring back.

“I rang back about 6pm and straight away I knew something was not right. Staff were not clear in what they were saying. They said there had been complications and to come in.”

Passing the buck. It’s what government anything does, and why it’s especially lousy at things that are matters of life and death. No accountability, no consequences, no improvement. But Britons tend to believe that without the National Health, they’d be back in the dark days of barber surgeons.

Instead of public employee surgeons, which is kind of like letting the Registry of Motor Vehicles do your heart surgery.

When they arrived at the hospital the family were told by an anesthetist that Hynes had suffered a huge amount of bleeding.

Hopper said: “The surgeon came in accompanied by a nurse and when we asked why she was bleeding so heavily, he said he didn’t know and there had been problems with the left side of her heart.

He probably didn’t know. Hey, he’s a doctor, Jim, not a heart surgeon. Oh, wait….

“They hardly told us anything and as a family we felt completely ignored and left in the dark.”

via Great-grandmother Sheila Hynes killed after surgeons put her heart valve in upside down.

Great, killed the patient, and then lied to the family about it.

And he’s still on the job. That’s the NHS for you, although to be fair many of the people it hasn’t killed yet love it.

Then again, why would they tell anything to the patient, or her grieving survivors? They’re not the customer. That would be the Ministry.

Its most near parallel in the dog’s breakfast that is American medicine, the NHS’s nearest cognate, is the Veterans’ Administration. Same dead patients, same incompetent doctors, same lack of accountability, same prioritizing the incomes of employees over the lives of patients.

14 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Bozo Surgeons

  1. Alan Ward

    Our version tends to be a little better as we have a system where the Feds set standards and provide some of the funding but leave the administration to the provinces.
    Also our doctors are private practitioners who are paid on a fee for service basis.

  2. Aesop

    Yes, but your overlooking the most important thing to socialized NHS care: they finally capitated grandmama’s care.

    Which was ever the point of he exercise.

    Execution by surgeon: how…civilized, no?

    And the Republican f**ktards want to give us ObamaCare-lite? Genius!!
    Torches and pitchforks, tar and feathers, ropes and lamposts, sez I.

  3. Trone Abeetin

    We got the same deal with cops in this country, grease somebody in a brazenly bad shoot and look at the schedule for your next shift.

    1. redc1c4

      or, better yet, make a righteous shoot, and be crucified by the MFM and a howling mob of fascist thugs.

  4. Eric

    I would not be shooting at those who shoot back… “Republican f**ktards” are the ones who legally have guns. Keep cool people.

    “Its most near parallel in the dog’s breakfast that is American medicine, the NHS’s nearest cognate, is the Veterans’ Administration. Same dead patients, same incompetent doctors, same lack of accountability, same prioritizing the incomes of employees over the lives of patients.”

    I wonder of the VA pays huge bonuses like the USPS does? Remember when you used to mail a letter and it got there the next day or two? Now it takes a long long time. Well… your local PO sorts mail, included in house mail, and sends it to the next PO up… that PO counts all of it to include the same mail they sent previously, then sends the PO that sent their mail to them, back, then the PO that gets their mail back, counts that mail AGAIN… see, we are making sure we have increased piece counts over the same week/month as the previous year… then they get paid get performance bonuses YAY! How can the USPS be responsible for INCREASING piece counts over the previous year in the first place? :p

    Ya I am sure the VA has a similar scam running on us taxpayers.

    1. Aesop

      I was referring to the 294 Republican f**ktards of the 114th Congress, House & Senate.
      While some of them may legally have guns, if subjected to a plebiscite properly armed with tumbrel carts, recourse to arms on the part of the accused would mainly egg the mob past mere neck-stretching, right on to outright dismemberment.

      I’m still looking for a down side there.

      At this point, distasteful to them though it may be, their only defense is to actually live up to their campaign promises, and dismantle the abortion created in 2009, just as they voted to do as gutless b******s, when they knew it would never be enacted into law.

      1. Eric

        All politcos are f**ktards… but only one party worked for over a hundred years in the slavery trade, founded and nutured the KKK, and kept the Emancipation Proclamation from passing for ten years… but somehow they lost establishing the Caliphate of O by losing in 2016. But true… the GOP needs to have balls the size if an elephant’s if this Country is going to exist any longer.

  5. Simon

    Study Suggests Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.
    Physicians advocate for changes in how deaths are reported to better reflect reality

    I do not honestly think it has anything to do with the single payer systems in use in most European countries. I see more and more doctors who have become doctors because of the high salaries and high prestige – not because they particularly wish to be doctors. I don’t think this development helps survival rates in surgery or general medical care.

  6. docduracoat

    Medical errors are also made by nurses, techs, physicans assisitants and midwives
    None of whom are doctors
    I can remember every single patient of mine who ever died
    The most recent was a 90 year old woman who suffered a marrow embolus during hip replacement surgery
    It is a known complication of hip replacement
    Here in Broward County, Florida we have a medical model that should be adopted by the entire country
    The homeowners pay a tax to fund a system of 7 public hospitals that treat all comers
    We take care of indigent patients and the health care district pays us for them
    Patients with insurance are billed in the usual way
    It does make real estate more expensive
    We have state of the art facilities and people get world class care, does not matter if you are rich or poor, insured or not
    We review complications
    We educate providers for errors and fire the incompetent

  7. Y.

    Instead of public employee surgeons, which is kind of like letting the Registry of Motor Vehicles do your heart surgery.

    Do you really think Germans, Norwegians or Czechs or Austrians are letting anyone be a surgeon? Or practicing affirmative action? Do you think a German surgeon is less qualified than a US one, purely because the state is who he works for?

    Look at actual statistics of malpractice.

  8. Simon

    There used to be problems with hospital doctors drinking and operating, but I doubt that is restricted to Austria. That has changed as well. To be honest, I do suspect that doctors are responsible for a large proportion of the errors. The others tend to do as a doctor says. Last time the missus was in the workshop I was impressed at the new safeguards against mistaken identities and other simple whoopsies.

  9. Fuel Filter.

    Khan + doctor + NHS = death.


    And that’s what Soetoro and Ryan wants for all of us.

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