When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Sex Toys

The fashion-accessory baby of two gay guys died, essentially, of rape. Apparently with “marital aid” male, uh, objects, as well as male, er, organs. Violent internal injuries went untreated, and she bled out.

Now Dad Of The Year™ and DOTY™’s partner are pointing fingers at each other for the fatal buggery.

Kyhesha-Lee, three, died in 2013 after being subjected to prolonged sexual abuse so violent she bled into her nappy.

The toddler complained about pain to her dad, Matthew Lee Williamson, who claims he ‘didn’t think anything of it’.

Williamson has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his daughter, but denied fatally harming the child in Brisbane Supreme Court.

Williamson admitted using a rope to keep Kyhesha locked up but denies accusations of horrific abuse, including using a large sex toy on the girl, punching her in the stomach, posing with her while naked and pulling her ear until it bled.

In his testimony, Williamson said he did not take his daughter to a hospital despite her throwing up green vomit for days, visible bruising on her face and the blood in her nappy.

Kyhesha suffered an internal injury which became infected, the court was told this would have been so painful it’s likely she would not have been able to eat, drink or even move in the 12 hours leading up to her death.

She showed her father that she was bleeding from her genitals and said she ‘didn’t want any fingers up her bum anymore’.

Williamson said he didn’t seek medical attention for his daughter because he was concerned doctors would alert the authorities.

‘I was afraid I’d lose her to welfare… because of the state she was in,’ he said.

Not that that would have been a better outcome for the kid.

Prosecutor Phil McCarthy claims Williamson is lying to hide that he sexually abused his daughter – an accusation he denies.

When she died, Kyhesha lived in a flat with her father, Williamson, and Christopher Kent. The two men would engage in ‘unorthodox sexual conduct’ together, a court heard.

Kent, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a two-year suspended sentence, told the court he witnessed Williamson abusing his daughter.

So how jacked up is Once Great Britain? The outcome of this case tells you:

  • Verdict: Guilty, Manslaughter.
  • Sentence: Two years. Suspended. 

But hey, guns are outlawed, so there’s no evil there… apart from these two monsters. At least one of whom will be back threatening children no later than 2019.

While Williamson says Kent is responsible for the abuse.

We say: believe both of them. And there is no sentence appropriate for a child sexual abuser but death. (Well, if you know the old joke, Death By Bongo).

The father’s case has been unexpectedly adjourned after Williamson’s defence barrister Michael Copley requested an investigation into a ‘psychological abnormality’ could have contributed to his conduct towards his daughter after she warned his of the pain after abuse.

via Dad admits killing daughter, 3, after sexual abuse so violent she bled into nappy | Metro News.

There is no “psychological abnormality” that can excuse, ameliorate or mitigate a father who, in conjunction with a partner, rapes his own child to death. That’s cognitive malfunction in must-be-turned-in-for-dismantling proportions.

37 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Sex Toys

  1. Topbuilder

    There is a special place in hell for these types. Has to be. They will get a taste of their own medicine in prison.

  2. Alan Ward

    I think the story originated in Oz. Metro just picked it up from their world feed.
    Brisbane Supreme Court? The only Brisbanes I know of are in Queensland and California.
    This story seems too messed up for even that state.

  3. Alan Ward

    Edward the 2nd’s purported fate comes to mind. It might give these two jackals a brief taste of the pain that little angel suffered prior to her return to Heaven.

  4. Aesop

    But of course, this isn’t something that should be medically catalogued in the DSM, nosiree. That would be barbaric.

    And for reference, death by impalements (plural) in this case is neither cruel nor unusual; just slightly too far historically removed from modern practice to suit me.

  5. Jim Scrummy

    So, when do we start thinning the herd in western civilization? These two POSs are prime candidates for thinning. I’m partial to some medieval methods, but I can up my game to biblical if need be.

  6. JoeFour

    I saw a bumper sticker once that immediately came to mind as I read this post….”Some People Are Alive Only Because Its Against the Law to Kill Them”

  7. Keith Z.

    I would like to think that in the United States the starting position of the DA would be first degree murder with special circumstances.

    1. BT in SC

      Why call them dogs?! Dogs would never do what these two sick, twisted, perverted limp-dix did!! Please leave the innocent dogs out of this. Isn’t it bad enough that we’re seeing so many “beastiality” cases, lately? You think the dogs want what they’re getting, in that regard [or sheep, goats and camels]? No. They don’t want it.

      I am of the opinion that as God has been removed from society and progressives / liberals everywhere have been able to both freely and by force inflict their causes and “mental illness” issues on the masses, who, for whatever reasons, have allowed themselves to be so easily led astray, much like the proverbial lemmings off a cliff… And, thus believe that their abnormal, unnatural ways of physical expression are perfectly acceptable. Whatever GROWN-UPS [ha!] want to do in their own closet is okay, but don’t inflict it on the rest of us – those of us who do NOT choose “that” lifestyle and the bakers and the florists, and for the love of !! Leave THE children out of it!!

  8. Combat Adj

    Yep, this is from Brisbane, Australia (I now live in Sydney).

    Truly disgusting. It’s cases such as this that remind me why I am an unapologetic supporter of capital punishment.

    To the gallows.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks for the correction, C.A.

      It’s amazing that the one who’s convicted got off so lightly. Perhaps there are circumstances… no. Certainly not. What could be said in mitigation of such barbarism?

  9. Combat Adj

    For the life of me I cannot understand how judges can be anything but repulsed by these crimes, and impose anything but the maximum penalty available under the law. And if that maximum is still morally inadequate, how there is not a public outcry to change the laws.

    But then, I am no expert in contemporary British Commonwealth criminal law. It’s really puzzling, given the British roots of the American system of laws.

  10. James

    A quick death,keep society a smidgen safer.I know some feel a long death/torture/rape ect. appropriate and though understand we need to not become the monsters we so rightfully are repulsed by,just clean up the mess quickly.i would say though someone in the judicial system there needs to be removed quickly.

  11. Tennessee Budd

    I can’t say I’m shocked, only because shock would require my thinking that there’s depravity of which humans aren’t capable. Revulsion, yes, in spades. Loathing, inexpressible.
    I couldn’t willfully mistreat a possum, although I’m willing to shoot them & not blink just for eating my cats’ food. I cannot quite wrap my head around people who would do horrific things to a helpless child, and “why” is a pointless question. I think of the animal who microwaved a cat belonging to someone she didn’t like, and in the courthouse expressed confusion at her punishment, saying “it’s just a cat”. Some bipeds don’t get that other living beings’ suffering is the same as when they themselves suffer.
    Ordinary execution is too mild (and Oz doesn’t do it anymore, it being “uncivilized”, or something).
    I think Alan Ward had the right idea, except that let’s not have the poker quite RED-hot–that might cauterize. These boyos need some suffering. Where is Vlad III when he might be usefully employed?
    That is wrong of me; they are going to receive a just punishment from a far higher level than my own. I almost wish I didn’t find that comforting. I am not as good a Christian as I am bidden to be.

    1. Dienekes

      Likewise–I’m not sure if I want to be beyond shock in these cases; banging my head against the doorframe is sort of a middle way. “Two years, suspended” is an obscenity.

      And at the risk of being “judgmental”, the sophistry in “legal” abortion does us no credit either.

    2. James

      Tenn.,though I understand your feelings still quick death is the way to go.

      I am speaking as a survivor of molestation,fucked me up in many ways for a long time in me life and will always be a ghost for me.That said,have moved forward with my life,unfortunately this child didn’t have that opportunity.

      You want to do good for these kids,yes,kill/remove the molesters that are proven,no doubt.The thing that will really help though is to help the kids,get them through a door beyond what they had to endure.While most victims not molesters about 90+% of molesters victimized themselves.I do not understand the psych behind that,tis like folks bullied becoming bullies.This can be dealt with and thus cut down hugely on the future molesters.Help out adults who need a ear,suicide rate is high for those who do not get some help.I think a large part of that due to them not wanting to repeat what happened to them and seeing no other door to avoid it.,Kudos for that in wiulling to sacrifice themselves to not harm others but they can be helped,they didn’t cross the line and could have had good lives with some help.We do as I mention will go a huge way towards ending this insanity,probably the best we can do for remembering this poor girl.

      1. Tennessee Budd

        Perish the thought, sir. My felines are more spoiled than I. Then again, I’m a hillbilly, & I was a sailor–I’ll eat damned near anything (except possum; I haven’t gotten that hungry, YET!).

  12. Tennessee Budd

    Okay, the red curtain has faded a bit, and my usual reaction has set in. I can joke at a loved one’s funeral (and have done it more than once).
    So what do we say; may we agree that justice would be in the nature of a (brown) eye for an eye?

  13. nick

    A slow death would be fitting.
    It’s cold here in the north,so just take them out in the woods far from civialzation.
    Strip them down, then duct tape them to a tree,see ya in the morning.

    1. Dave

      I’d be quite willing to take care of the job myself, 9mm style, I’d even provide my own ammo. Let’s see – – at five minute intervals – – once in each ankle, each knee, each wrist, each elbow, each shoulder. Probably eight or ten in the crotch. Then stake them out in the North Woods. For the wolves. Then treat the wolves for any disease they get from the two scum bags. Seems fair.

  14. Anonymous

    If you form a government to protect children from bad parents, it will grow to confiscate guns from the commoners. The harms done by governments are far more numerous than the harms by private criminals. 260 million murdered in the 20th century alone.

    1. Hognose Post author

      You can’t protect the children from perverted murderers. That’s logically impossible. You can, however, visit the mighty thunderbolt of retribution upon the murderer.

      1. Anonymous

        The sales pitch for government claims “protect” — prevent the harm in advance of it occurring — inspect and monitor for pre-crime sufficient to stop bad behavior at the first symptoms. That approach to government grew to confiscate guns.

        What government is small enough and limited enough, permanently, that it will never grow to do things it shouldn’t? Not even Switzerland qualifies. Considered as a medical treatment, the medicine of government is worse than the disease of child murder.

        First, do no harm. Solution is that human beings who have not yet set up independent households are property of their parents, and attacks by parents upon children generate no response from the legal system.

        Set aside the emotional response for a moment, and tell me exactly what your revolutionary new innovation is to prevent your government from growing to confiscate guns? If your innovation works, it should work at shrinking presently existing gun confiscating governments.

        1. John M.

          Ah, “limited government.” You’ll find it in the book of oxymorons between “kosher ham” and “military intelligence. Governments do what they desire to do and can get away with. They always have and they always will.

          -John M.

    2. John M.

      Call those men what you will, they weren’t “her parents.” It’s a biological and logical impossibility.

      -John M.

  15. 11B-Mailclerk

    There are things that walk the earth, human in form only. The term “otherhuman” fits. They look and sound like us, but there is an essential part missing.

    Civilization thrives to the degree that “otherhuman” is constrained, or exsanguinated.

    Barbarism trimphs where Otherhuman stalks, unopposed.

    -No- culture can survive when those Othehumans feed on chidren, without meaningful sanction.

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