Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2017 Week 08

Tour d’Horizon is more honestly a tour of open tabs that have been annoying and irritating us.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Copper Alloy Hunting Bullets

Very interesting link sent in by a reader, showing these remarkable hunting bullets made by Lutz Möller. They are available in Europe, and these particular ones are for the Continental big-game caliber, 9.3 x 60 mm. The hybrid design produces fragmentation (of the point section only) and also penetration (of the main slug, the base of which is hollow to control for weight and stability). Note the five narrow driving bands, and how they alone are marked by the rifling lands. The Möller site is fascinating and full of things we did not know, like the European CIP playing games with throat sizes for the .50 BMG (12.7 x 99) cartridge. (Möller, cued by one of his customers, calls it “castration” of the round, as the oversize throat CIP specifies ruins accuracy). The bulk of the site is in the Awful German Language®, so know that tongue, or (shudder) pop the URL into

DeLisle for Our Euro Friends

We’ve covered a couple of the DeLisle clones made in the USA, but they’re scant consolation to our European friends, who may have difficulty importing firearms from the New World (their authorities seem to see the United States as something like Isla Nublar, home of Jurassic Park).

The Firearm Blog has found a Scots manufacturer, Shandwick Engineering, that clones the silenced carbine in regular or folding-stock, and firing or display, and such a thing may be an easier import to the Continent — at least, until Brexit. More pics at the link.

In the States, unfortunately, Special Interest Arms is discontinuing their less accurate copies, citing a lack of available actions and parts

ARs, Ammo, and Accuracy

Herschel Smith takes a deep dive into accuracy and what it means for the practical AR or military rifle/carbine shooter. He concludes that M855A1 has been oversold, but that any decent AR with decent ammo with a bullet that is matched to its twist rate can probably outshoot most of the guys who shoot it.

Therefore, the best thing any of us can do: buy quality ammo, and practice more. Sounds reasonable to us, but you will want to Read The Whole Thing™ and watch the videos and follow the links he had provided in this most thorough post.

Gun Stocks update NEW-ish

Anyway you want it: we have the table, our analysis, and the popular chart.

Gun Stocks since the Election
11/8/16 (pre-election) 64.40 28.45 38.94
11/18/16 53.20 24.13 40.02
11/25/16 52.50 23.82 41.05
12/2/16 50.25 21.10 39.66
12/9/16 51.90 21.07 38.62
12/16/16 53.45 21.59 36.81
12/23/16 54.05 22.11 38.03
12/30/16 52.70 21.08 36.90
1/6/17 54.15 21.00 38.08
1/13/17 51.35 20.60 28.70
1/20/17 50.65 20.13 27.78
1/27/17 51.90 20.58 28.33
2/3/17 50.05 20.12 26.18
2/10/17 50.15 21.08 21.58
2/17/17 49.70 19.22 20.89
2/24/17 (2/23) 50.15 19.40 20.19

Everybody’s down this week, in the absence of concrete news, some approaching or achieving 52-week lows. Ruger released its Q4 and year-end 2016 financials Wednesday. The numbers were good: sales were up over 20%, Earnings Per Share over 40%, and sell-through (from RGR’s distributors to retailers) up 12%, while NSSF adjusted NICS were up 10%. Taken together, this suggests that inventory may be starting to build up in the channel, but Ruger also noted that what was driving sales and revenues (both of which beat Wall Street estimates) was primarily new products sales. AOBC was up a little, and VSTO continued a slow decline. (needs new chart below)

Disclaimer: Your Humble Blogger holds RGR, bought at about 56.40 on 9 Nov 16. It bottomed in the 40s later that day. We do like the dividend, as mentioned before; we received 44¢ per share for Q4 2016, announced Wednesday.


  • Sumdood 3D Printed a Suppressor, after getting an approved Form 1. He used a threaded insert to increase what would otherwise be the butterfly life of this thing.
  • Cheap .303 British, on sale for $81 a can from Midway. Stuff is nasty: dirty outside, corrosive primed, nonreloadable brass, Pakistan production. But it is cheap. Do not tumble these rounds as the filling is cordite and 40 or more years old. It’ll shoot fine with tarnish on it, it will not shoot fine with the cordite propellant replaced by little random sized flakes.
  • Gander Mountain to File Bankruptcy Case. TFB is reporting (as are financial sites) that the hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation chain is deep in the hole. If there’s any hope for the chain to pull it out, the filing will be Chapter 11; otherwise it will be a Chapter 7 liquidation.

Gun Poly-Ticks

Appeals Court Erases 2nd Amendment

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has, in a new ruling, made the 2nd Amendment null and void by ruling that, we are not making this up, it doesn’t apply to any weapon having a military use. (Yes, this is a complete reversal of the ruling in Miller, the 1939 Supreme Court case that was about half of all 2nd Amendment case law until recent decades, not to mention Heller and McDonald). Sebastian explains:

[T]he 4th Circuit sitting en banc, in a 10-4 ruling deciding the fate of Maryland “assault weapons ban” have held that weapons that are “most useful in military service” are simply categorically unprotected. Because almost all modern firearms have a military pedigree, this interpretation would allow nearly any firearm to be banned.

The ruling was 10-4. Just let that sink in. That’s not even close. We have had to convince four additional judges to prevail here.

Sebastian goes on to show how this decision was the consequence of, primarily, two two-term presidents packing the court with liberals. (Some judges don’t dance with the party that brung ’em; the worst judge on the 4th Circuit for 2A is a Reagan appointee, and the author of the stinging dissent was appointed by President Clinton. But by and large you can predict a judge’s vote if you know who appointed him).

Guy Goes to Prison for Sharing His CNC Machine

Once again, Sebastian has the basic facts of the case. By his conduct and attitude this guy, Daniel Crowninshield aka Doctor Death(!), made himself a target for the ATF. With more violations found when the warrant was served, he wound up with him pleading out; a cleaner suspect might have won on the manufacturing charge (he essentially talked customers through operation of his CNC. ATF says that’s manufacturing w/o a license) but a guy looking at an unlicensed MG rap had better not.

This ATF case was enough of an overreach that mild law professor Glenn Reynolds called for the agency to be disbanded: “Abolish the ATF.” The libertarian-leaning Reynolds is pro-gun, but not the sort of Establishment figure who declares war on Federal agencies.

And then, ATF Had this Slush Fund… as we reported yesterday.

Virtue Signaling Costs Money

And The National Shooting Sports Foundation has quantified it for the innumerate Governor of Connecticut (.pdf), Dannel (“Mom was too baked to spell ‘Daniel'”) Malloy. NSSF:

During a period of strong growth in other states, companies have left the state and shifted new production to other states after Gov. Malloy’s public attacks against the industry.

Over 3,000 jobs lost, in-state wages down by 36%, state taxes paid declined by 37%, contribution to state’s economy down by nearly $700 million.

Geez, NSSF. Didn’t Napoleon tell you never to interrupt an enemy while he was making a mistake?


Usage and Employment

 The hardware takes you only half way. Nothing this week. 

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment. Lots of Cop Was a Crim this week.

Assault Rifles? That’s Not How People Get Killed

In 2014, you are 67% less likely to be murdered by an assault weapon or rifle than you were in 1995

Revolving Door, Pardons and Commutations Dep’t

President Obama freed thousands of violent criminals and drug dealers, causing cynics to predict that they’d be doing new crimes in no time at all. So far, the crims are not letting cynics down. You heard about the guy that got whacked right after his release. Well, another coke dealer whose life sentence the last President had erased, was just recaptured after a violent vehicle chase — with a kilo of coke. The guy is 68 years old, and now he’s back inside for a while — at least, until the Democrats get back in.

Huh, This One Didn’t Fight Deportation

Why did criminal alien Abdulrahman Abduljalil stop fighting deportation? While he was likely to be released under the ancien régime, he was probably going to prison after the administration change: he is a kiddie diddler who raped two children in Weymouth, Massachusetts. (They were a boy of 9 and his younger sister, whose age wasn’t reported).

Abduljalil was deported by immigration officials on Jan. 24, a day before he was due in court for a pre-trial hearing.

The mother of the victims says she was shocked to hear he was sent home and is now looking for answers.

Under Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi version of sharia law,  there’s no crime in what he did, as long as the victims are of a lower social class, female, or non-moslems.

The Perils of Kathleen: Send in the Clones!

We should have known that the anti-gun felon AG’s absence from the news last week was only a tease. She’s baaaaack  — and there’s a clone growing in the test tubes of the AG’s office. .

  • Item 19 Feb: A New Rising Star in Kane’s Image is new deputy AG for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Michelle Henry. Like Kane, the new deputy was a prosecutor before taking on this political role (her boss, Josh Shapiro, is a career politician bereft of courtroom experience). Like Kane, her last be case was the Kane case — but Henry was the prosecutor.

We’re getting a strong signal that Oennsylvania law is not going to settle down and fly right under the nouveau régime any more than it did under the last.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town, and One Crooked Card Game Just Closed

Chelsea Clinton’s in-laws are both former Congressthings, but one in-law is an outlaw, too; her father in law Edward Maurice Mezvinsky wore Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate number 55040-066 on his orange jumpsuit for five years, for running a crooked hedge fund and cheating his investors. (Somehow, the investors never got made whole, but the Mezvinskys stayed rich).

Her husband, Mark Mezvinsky, is a chip off the old block, running a hedge fund that lost vast sums, but looked an awful lot like a marketing scheme for access to the Clinton (H.) Administration. For whatever reason, Mezvinsky’s top cover from the White House and the DOJ having ended on or about 20 January, his hedge fund Eaglevale Parters is now being liquidated, and what remains of would-be influence buyers’ money is being returned, according to Bloomberg.

The decision to liquidate Eaglevale was taken after the election.

Speaking of Fraud Dep’t

An Iranian scammer who bilked investors of $300 million, including investors in two paper mills here in New Hampshire, is about to be released from prison after serving a fraction of his Federal sentence — and Mehdi Ghabadazaydeh’s health, which always plagued him at convenient junctures during his trial and incarceration, seems to be looking up as he gets closer to freedom — and to the money, which was never recovered.

He’s clearly not a good citizen; if we’re not going to keep this rotter locked up, shouldn’t he get to enjoy his money amongst the mullahs and chadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Don’t do the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time Dep’t

Call him a Waaahmbulance: also here in the ‘Shire, murderer Alberto Ramos sued NH for shipping him out to a Florida prison, on the interesting claim that he had ineffective assistance of counsel, since the then-mouthpiece didn’t tell the minor-tried-as-an-adult he might get a prison far away from his friends. (Like his special prison pal, the pedo priest). He lost [.pdf]. Sad!

Shorts (none)

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

The Nature of Islam is Political Islam

At his own blog, where he’s normally focused mostly on human biodiversity, polymath Razib Khan makes a good-faith effort to understand Islam — he himself is of Islamic extraction but apparently no personal religion — and points out several instances where other analysts either helped him along, or fell short.

Some of these fell short of good-faith; others fell short of effort. Razib’s attempts are a model we might all benefit by emulating.

This Doesn’t Mean He’s Going to Fix Windows Security

Bill Gates has decided that bioterrorism is bad, m’kay, and he’s going to stand up and warn us all about the dangers of viruses.

Trust us, Bill, any of the sad sacks who bought a computer with one of your operating systems any time in the last thirty years is all spun up on the dangers of viruses. First hand.

You know, when facing a thorny problem, the first thing everyone thinks is, “we need the input of a rich lawyer’s son who got fantastically richer by cheating an inventor out of his product for $50k.”

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to o disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™? 

Hundreds of VA “Employees” are Paid by Taxpayers, but Work for Unions

The VA actually pays union representatives to negotiate against it. About 350 of them work full-time for the union representing bad employees and negotiating for even plusher pay and benefits, while being paid out of money that was appropriated for veterans, not pinky-ring union bosses. Thousands more work part time for the union, but still on the taxpayer dime.

Is it time to disband this thing yet? It only runs for the benefit of the insiders, not the ostensible beneficiaries.

Health & Fitness

Back on a Cardio Schedule

Finally. That’s in addition to to strength training with Jason Gould of Seacoast Strength. We’re ramping back up to our status-quo-ante objective of 1000 kcal/day per the machine readouts (which, we know, are somewhat bogus. But it’s a goal that will get our carcass onto the machinery).

About Strength Training & Seacoast Strength

Two words: highly recommended. Just this evening (Friday) we were walking the edge of the (unfilled) Endless Pool that’s part of a family member’s home addition, swinging around stairs and scaffolds over a bone-crushing drop with the agility and confidence we haven’t had since before another bone-crushing drop (that one, involving a parachute, a hook turn too low, and a paved taxiway) in January, 2004. Actually, the drop wasn’t bone-crushing at all, but the sudden stop at the end…

You may laugh, but the ability to stand on either foot, over a decade after being assured by orthopods, podiatrists, and physical therapists, that that was over, is an absolute freaking joy. 

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to.

Chinese Catholics Fear Betrayal


Members of the underground Catholic church in officially-atheistic China hold Mass in secret, and fear betrayal to the authorities, with all the consequences that can bring. What has changed is who they see as a threat — “liberation theology” Pope Francis.

And to Close on an Upbeat… literally.

As recommended by another guy on Gab. Classic rocker Rick Derringer is a gun guy (with a name like that, naturally!) who always travels with a gun… some 50 times on a commercial jet. Well, Time 51 and the TSA caught him, and he has entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge and paid a $1k fine (and TSA gets to show off his pistol).

You may not remember Rick, but he’s probably best known for two guitar outings — the solo on the sappy 1960s pop hit, Hang on Sloopy, and his own Greatest Hit, performed here in 1973 with his buddy Edgar Winter’s band.

We saw Winter live (can’t remember with or without Derringer) in college in 1977 and it was a hell of a show.

32 thoughts on “Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2017 Week 08

  1. LFMayor

    That Gander Mountain news saddens me. I used to love getting their catalogs, they were sorta the poor and average guys supplier. Bought my first ram line 30 round mag for my newly acquired 10/22 from them at age 12. I had to pay Granny from my beanwalking stash and she provided the check to send! This slipped it past the illicit arms and accessories sanctions that might have been imposed from the parental oversight committee. That mag lasted for damn near twenty years, finally cracked a feed lip about 2001 I think.

    1. LSWCHP

      I was thinking the same. I still have some cold weather clothing and gear in good condition that I bought at the Amarillo Gander Mountain store over ten years ago.

      Very sad news.

  2. Clarence Chen

    The 4th circuit nonsense is truly alarming. Hopefully if Gorsuch is appointed, the Supreme Court will start hearing 2nd Amendment cases again, as the grapevine says they’re currently not. Heller was clear, and the 4th circuit decision should easily be overturned if the Supreme Court hears it.

    1. whomever

      ” Hopefully if Gorsuch is appointed, the Supreme Court will start hearing 2nd Amendment cases again”

      Gorsuch just replaces Scalia, so after his confirmation it’s just back to the while-Scalia-was-alive status quo (and that’s assuming Gorsuch is even as 2A friendly as Scalia). It will take replacement of one of the Heller dissenters to move forward.

      1. Clarence Chen

        I thought the court merely needed 4 judges to hear a case, and 5 to secure a majority. Assuming that Gorsuch is Scalia, and the other majority voters vote the same way again, isn’t Gorsuch enough? Assuming the court continues the rule of 4, of course.

        1. whomever

          Yes as to 4 justices to hear a case. Here’s my IANAL understanding or the politics: Let’s imagine you’re a very 2A friendly justice – Justice Scalia, maybe, or Justice Hognose. The Heller case comes along. You think that you can get Kennedy to vote to strike down the District’s categorical ban, especially since Dick Heller – an armed guard for the DC Federal Courts – is such a sympathetic plaintiff. You and the other three 2A friendly justices vote for cert for Heller. Later the same logic works for MacDonald to incorporate the Heller decision (i.e. make it apply to the states as well as the feds).

          Now along comes one of the other cases – Joe Schmoe objects to an AR-15 ban. The four 2A friendly justices, maybe, would love to hear the case and have the 2A cover AR-15’s, but they count noses, and Kennedy looks iffy – maybe he will support Dick Heller having a revolver, but not Joe Schmoe having an AR. If you take the Schmoe case and Kennedy votes against Schmoe, then you have binding precedent that AR’s are unprotected.

          So that’s my guess why the Court hasn’t taken any additional cases to clarify the reach of Heller – both sides are afraid they might lose and have unfavorable precedent set, and prefer to wait until they are sure they have a majority. Whichever side gets another vote first (and remember, Gorsuch just replaces Scalia; it’s still a 4 conservative + 4 liberal + Kennedy court) will promptly hear cases, and Heller will be extended, or rendered a practical nullity.

          I also wouldn’t necessarily predict that any likely 5 justice bloc would throw out an AR ban or mag ban or whatever. Lots of folks who are really into guns think (IMHO correctly) that AR bans are silly, but you’re really not going to get 5 justices who are three gun competitors or whatever. They have a lot of incentive to defer to congress or the state legislatures or whatever. Long term, the courts don’t trump public opinion. The long term depends on educating our fellow citizens more than court cases.

        2. Hognose Post author

          Yes, but if they hear the case before Gorsuch is seated, a 4-4 tie leaves the appeals court decision in place. High stakes!

          1. John M.

            Supreme Court ties leave the lower court ruling in place but have no precedent value, and therefore no sway anywhere.

            I actually think there’s a lot to be said for an even number of justices.

            -John M.

  3. Tennessee Budd

    “Assault Rifles? That’s Not How People Get Killed”–I think the stats are about to change, at least in a minor way (considering one city [for now] vice national numbers). I saw a story today saying that the gangs of Chicongo have discovered the utility of the rifle & its higher-velocity ammo. I’m sure they’re still sketchy on marksmanship & the manual of arms. Still, having found the efficacy of such weapons, it’s a matter of time before it spreads. Hell, Mexican crims have known this for some time. If I lived near a major city, I think I’d look at an SBR for my truck gun. I’m 20 miles or so from Trashville, hardly a teeming metropolis, & I’ve been considering just such an upgrade in standard vehicle equipment.
    “You may laugh, but the ability to stand on either foot…” Hognose, no laughter from here. After my 2008 wreck, it took the docs a month to definitively tell me I’d keep my right leg, that it looked like they’d be able to salvage it in some form. Still doesn’t work as it did in its Mod 0 form, but I’m daily (well, nightly, when I say my bedtime prayers) grateful that I can feel the ground through the soles of BOTH feet. Congratulations!

    1. John M.

      My understanding is that the majority of gang-type killings are crimes of opportunity. The shooters keep their guns stowed on them until the opportunity arises. Sometimes they actually stash the gun in a handy nearby bush or other hidey-hole near the open-air retail pharmaceutical market in case the cops come and frisk them. The AR-15 isn’t a great fit for that role, thankfully.

      -John M.

  4. Cap'n Mike

    After reading the 4th circuit ruling, i decided to brush up on US vs Miller.

    Three Interesting facts struck me.

    1. Miller was shot to death before the Ruling in his case came down.

    2. The Government argued its side of the case, but Millers Public Defender declined to argue the other side side, claiming he couldn’t afford the travel expenses.

    3. Miller tried to plead guilty to the charges, but the federal judge wanted to T the case up so the SJC could rule the NFA constitutional.

    Justice Scalia cited this Essay in the Heller decision.

  5. Badger

    The practice of using existing employees payrolled by the taxpayer allowed to be “union reps” is nothing new and is widespread, including DoD. The other edge on the blade for the agency is that, because that slot is filled (by someone who spends their day over at the union office drinking coffee & imagining monkey-wrenches), they can’t actually hire someone to, you know, do the work.

    The President’s Labor Secretary perhaps needs to get Scott Walker in for a bit on an invitational TDY to clean that up.

  6. John Distai

    Now that you can stand on one foot, try standing on one foot while standing on an “Airex” pad. Then close your eyes for a moment. The body’s balance and stabilizing systems are quite remarkable.

  7. James

    Nice Friday writeup,but disagree that AR sales increase yet their numbers killing people has gone down due to owners less likely to be murderers.The fact is,guns kill people,not people.The AR owners are just more likely to take their firearm out and use them/clean them/perhaps work on them and improve them some way.The important thing is they spend time with their AR’s and thus the AR feels loved and part of a family,just a proper upbringing thus the AR does not feel alone/angry and thus just wanting to go on a killing spree,congrats to all the folks who share a home/time with their AR.

  8. Kerry

    As an FCC, (fanatical Catholic convert), I take umbrage at the use of the vile phrase, “pedo priest”. (The slur might be similar to yours and many commenter’s here reactions to the ‘phony soldier pretenders and stolen valor vile slimes. Or perhaps to the slander that “All returning vets are crazy”, “psycho-soldiers”.) In the first place, those (properly) incarcerated for said offenses were homosexuals preying not on children, but pre-teens and teens. (As an aside, the percent of teachers sexually abusing students, IIRC, is about 3%, and Priests 1-1.5%.) Priests are not saints, but fallen man as are we all, in a fallen world. God chooses whom He will to offer the sacrifice of the Mass. The vile attacks on the Catholic Church, (I am not including you in that statement, dear host), only indicate that what the Church teaches is true. Who bothers to viciously attack the Rastafarians, Scientology, or the UFO cultists? (Though didn’t we cheer the scene in Independence Day when the alien lovers atop that building were blown to smithereens?)
    If readers here want to see an extraordinary Priest, now Canonized, who bore the wounds of Christ from about 1919 to his death in 1968, look up Padre Pio. Just for fun, add the term, US Army Aircorp.
    Benedictum sit nomen domini nostri Jesu Christi.

    1. James

      Kerry,while I realize all priests are by no means pedophiles,I do hate the catholic church govt. body/vatican ect.I watched in horror as law and mcormick tried to hide decades of abuse and were rewarded with law getting vatican post and mcormick being bishop of N.H,.personally,I feel they and others involved world wide in cover ups/passing around pedo priests should be killed.

      I do not hate catholics but do hate their leadership.As a personal survivor of child abuse(not a priest)have absolutely zero tolerance for this bullshit whether church or the many other monsters out there,the church is still encumbered with pedophiles and those who helped em so feel insult pedo priest is low on their levels of worries.

    2. Y.

      Where to start? Priests are universally thought to be 50% gay, whether in denial or not. The Pope is a communist, unlike the last one.

      If it fixed it gay & commie problem, might be worth thinking about.

  9. Winston Smith

    Another caution on that 303 Pakistani: a fairly hi percentage (the great majority ime) of it is going to go

    CLICK…….BANG instead of the preferred CLICKBANG of decent ammo.

    I shot from 3 different cans with the same results (different years on the cans) before I pulled the bullets and tossed the rest of the round. I now subscribe to the old maxim that you shouldn’t shoot surplus ammo thru your guns from a country that you wouldn’t drink the tap water in.

  10. Bill Robbins

    Some thoughts about gun stocks:

    About five years ago, while running an outdoor gear business, I walked into a Gander Mountain store outside Minneapolis. The place had the look and feel of retailer going nowhere, fast. Downright depressing. About two years ago, I roamed around a Cabela’s, also outside Minneapolis. The place had the look and feel of a retailer in need of strategic re-organization (no surprise, Cabela’s got acquired).

    Retailers going out of business or getting acquired due to negative market trends is not good for gun stocks. Not good for outdoor gear, either–unless sold online, and running on batteries. So, why are gun manufacturers in such a rush to be “outdoor” companies? Personally, I would stick with Sturm-Ruger (RGR). At least they have stuck to their guns, rather than caving-in to the investment bankers and the consultants and “diversifying” into yet another growth-challenged industry. Plus, there’s the dividend, which buys you time to figure out where else to put your money.

    1. John M.

      Wall Street craves growth above all else. Once your product has hit its natural spot in the market, that’s very hard to do. The the MBA wunderkinder come in and tell you it’s time to diversify.

      -John M.


    QUALIFICATIONS: ZERO/NIL/NO SF/SO training or experience, but 51 months Jump Status in “America’s Guard of Honor”, the elite, legendary, near-mythical 82d Airborne Division, beginning in the Mr James E (“Jimmy”) Carter-era “Hollow Army”.
    COMMENTS RE: UK DeLisle .45ACP Silenced Carbine: When we trained in UK with British Airborne, we got to fire their silenced weapons: MK II(S) STEN (a few remained from the War); current-manufacture silenced Sterling; and the DeLisle. The DeLisles were, mostly, fitted with a “yuuge” First-Generation Starlight Scope (similar to US AN/PVS-2). The were absolutely silent and could be guaranteed to make a 50M headshot on a moonless night; the British said that 100M headshots had been made with this system in Northern Ireland, against IRA. A 50M to 100M headshot, at night, is a great capability to have.

    A couple of the MKII(S) STENs had been re-chambered (experimentally) in .380ACP (9 x17) as well as .32ACP. We did not fire these. The British said either one of these modifications permitted silent full-auto fire, wheras the 9mm MKII(S) STEN was only intended for semi-auto fire.

  12. Y.

    De Lisle is, I’m sure, completely restricted outside of the UK. UK has shit gun laws but allows suppressors without onerous permits.

    All other places I know of, suppressors are harder to obtain legally, if available at all to citizens..

    1. Hognose Post author

      I think they’re easy in the nordic countries. I have Norwegian hunting magazines with advertisements for suppressors in them.

  13. Fred

    I saw Rick Derringer live at what was then the ‘Capital Center’ where the Washington ‘Bullets’ (oh the horror, how scary) and the Capitals used to play (not each other). I think Molly Hatchet headlined but the outlaws blew them away. It was hours long with several bands. I seem to remember a lot about it, I must have been driving that night.

    Plus, I mean, hey, he’s Rick Derringer, he needs some protection, a deranged fan might recognize him and try to… Oh, wait… never mind.

  14. James

    Derringer was the back up act for Zepplins last US tour in 1977,though as a kifd going to concerts at young age missed it,had tix for them in 80 but,well,Bonham died,had tix for Skynard when the plane went down,bad day in rock history.

  15. Jim

    I saw Rick Derringer open for Aerosmith during the “Rocks” tour at the Spectrum in Philly, would have been ’75 or ’76, if memory serves (those old concerts are hazy in more senses than one). He tore it up onstage. Great show; I also saw both Johnny and Edgar Winter at various shows back in that era. Those were the glory days of rock in my mind.

    On another topic – wondering if you have more insight into Michelle Henry than I do. I live in the Bucks County area, and from what I’ve seen she’s actually been a solid prosecutor and has not (yet) shown either the Titanic-sized ego or tiny intellect of Ms. Kane. Henry also seems relatively apolitical, my understanding is she’s a registered Republican but is not a creature of either party. Now Josh Shapiro, on the other hand, he’s a typical Democrat politician through and through. So the fact that he appointed her does give one pause, but I’m hoping her professionalism wins through and she sticks to trying cases without fear or favor to either party.

  16. Joel

    Overstabilization is likely a more common issue, but not for the reason highlighted on the other blog.

    Consider the standard 1/7 twist barrel. It stabilizes tracers and higher BC bullets, like the 77 grain OTM, just fine. However, it spins a lowly 55 FMJBT much more than is necessary. That is, it puts too much spin energy into the lighter weight and more common bullet. Now consider that some manufacturers do, from time to time, have substantial quality issues with their low cost, high volume bullet manufacture. I have purchased, unwittingly, 55 FMJs whose bases had very asymmetric lead distributions. These shot like heck in my 1/7. They were more accurate (less inaccurate) in my 1/9. The reason was likely that the 1/9 put less energy into this unbalanced system.

    Others have also seen problems with 55s.

  17. Fuel Filter.

    One  of the absolute *BEST* concerts I have ever seen was at the Hollywood Bowl. Here’s the lineup:

    Edgar Winter’s Whit Trash (with Derringer, of course)

    Then on to Humble Pie (when they still had Frampton). They absolutely KILLED IT,

    Headline act: Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

    I dare anyone here to beat that one. And no, I was not wasted, although I was a working musician at the time.

    Now, onto other things.

    “Ghabadazaydeh”? “Abdulrahman Abduljalil”?

    Yeah. Absolute Pictures of Assimilation.

    Where do these bastards come up with these names? In an opium stupor or just after they buggered some young boys and are basking in the afterglow?

    Fuck them all.

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