When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cameras

Of the sixty or so nations we’ve been to, the most violent was unquestionably Jamaica. To say “life is cheap” there just understates the degree to which Jamaicans will settle trivial disputes with gory homicides (or running gun battles, but there are no guns in this crime). In this case, the guy had a camera and was filming two other dudes… some words were exchanged, and then the cameraman went all stabby on the objector.

The accused Alrick Haynes, a St Mary resident, was charged with December 2015 murder of 53-year-old Fredrick Lewis, otherwise called ‘Chupsy’, of Heywood Hall district in the parish.

Reports are that Haynes, reportedly stabbed Lewis to death during a dispute over a videotaping incident.

Gotta love Caribbean English: “repeatedly stabbed Lewis to death” suggests he stabbed him to death multiple times, but we know that’s not possible: everybody only gets one death. So he stabbed him multiple times, resulting in the guy’s demise; but we have to admit, we like the Jamaican reporter’s word order better, in part because of the ambiguity.

“And when I got done killing him, I killed him again!

Allegations are that at about 1:30 am on the day in question, Lewis and another man had a dispute with Haynes in Heywood Hall, St. Mary because Haynes was allegedly videotaping both men.

Ah, this happened at 0130. What did your sergeant major tell you about 0130?

Maybe that’s why Jamaica is so violent: not enough sergeants major.

During the dispute, Lewis and the other man reportedly hit the Haynes several times, and it is alleged that a knife was used by Haynes to stab Lewis multiple times. He was taken to hospital, where he died while being treated.

Haynes later turned himself in at the Port Maria Police Station, and was charged with murder.

At a bail hearing in January 2016, his attorney submitted that Haynes was defending himself, highlighted that he was attacked by Lewis and another man.

via Murder case over videotaping incident postponed for case file to be completed | Loop News Jamaica.

Gotta love the self-defense claim. “He kept attacking my knife with his chest.” Good luck with that one. One of the few places in Jamaica where people are not just going through the motions is the justice system.

But the court case has to run its course, and Haynes gets his civil rights. (In Jamaica, if he’d used a gun instead of a knife, he’d be in the “Gun Court” and his civil rights would essentially evaporate. That’s just a further station on the Gun Control Light Rail that utopias like California and New Jersey haven’t yet gotten to; when gun control doesn’t work, its advocated double down anew after every failure).

Last we knew, Jamaica still hangs people, but not a common, retail murderer like this clown, so he’ll be going to prison.

11 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cameras

  1. Scott

    An antithesis of a typo, methinks.


    Reports are that Haynes, reportedly/ stabbed Lewis to death during a dispute over a videotaping incident.

    Then reportably is read (quicly?) by our humble blogger as repeatably.

    Gotta love Caribbean English: “repeatedly stabbed Lewis to death”

    Unless I miss something myself here, badly.

    Whether correct or now, feel free to expunge my detritus.

      1. Scott

        It’s a valid complaint about lots of what passes for journalism, needn’t be limited to Caribbean origins. But in keeping with the motif hereabout, perhaps this was just an instance of Fire! Ready, Aim… ;)

        More seriously, you can just delete my comments of an editorial nature. I won’t mind.

  2. John M.


    Uh, Hognose, that’s a great discourse on Caribbean English, but I think you want to read the original news report again:
    “Reports are that Haynes, reportedly stabbed Lewis to death…”

    The report says that Haynes -reportedly- stabbed him to death, not that he -repeatedly- stabbed him to death. Now, reports saying that something was reported are also, in fact, a funny turn of phrase, just not the one you saw.

    What’s not in dispute however, is that Haynes fatally killed Lewis to death.

    -John M.

  3. Loren

    “Maybe that’s why Jamaica is so violent: not enough sergeants major.”
    Oh, I think we pretty much already know what causes Jamaican violence.
    It’s da rum man,

  4. gebrauchshund

    Kinda funny when you think about it. Ganja is supposed to mellow people out, and reggae is the essence of laid back cool, but the land where one was born and the other is celebrated is one of the most murderous, violent shit holes on earth.

    While Death Metal tends to be a kinda Norse / Scandinavian themed thing.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Yeah, and Scandinavian Metal is about the only sign left of Vikings in those places. It’s like Minnesota, up to and including murderous Somalis….

  5. Nick

    I remember my ex wife picking Jamaica for a honeymoon,when she could have picked ANYWHERE in the world to go.
    I triple begged her to change her mind.
    First word’s out of her mouth was ” is the A/Canton broken in the airport”
    Next “honey why do the policemen have automatic guns?
    Because, I tried telling you,Jamaica is a shit hole.
    What took the cake was the ride to the resort.
    Honey,is that guy really pooping in the street?
    The resort really was nice,but as all things Jamaica it was fenced in with security 24/7.

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