When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Escalators

Last time we had an escalator death, if we remember right, a Chinese guy fell halfway through one and it went all Cuisinart on him. This time, it’s a relatively routine case of falling off. Of the escalator pictured right, down to the nice hard floor.

As is usual in these cases, it wasn’t the fall that hurt her, but the sudden stop at the end.

An adventure-loving substitute teacher from New Jersey fell to her death in the World Trade Center’s Oculus transit hub — toppling off a high escalator while reaching for a hat dropped by her twin sister.

Tragic twins Jenny and Jessica Santos, 29, had been heading for a PATH train home to Kearny, NJ at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning after a night of partying in the city, law enforcement sources told The Post.

0530. “After a night of partying.” Would it be churlish of us to suggest the presence of Judgment Juice™ in the decedent and her sister?

The two women — described by friends as inseparable — may have been jokingly playing with Jessica’s hat as they rode the escalator down to the concourse level.

But when Jenny grabbed for her twin’s hat as it began to fall, she lost her balance, sources said.

As Jessica watched in horror, Jenny plummeted 30 feet, her body striking the white marble of the concourse floor.

Jessica ran screaming to her sister, but her twin died instantly, a shaken witness recounted.

“There was nothing you could do. She wasn’t going to make it,” said a construction worker, who had been heading for work at 4 World Trade Center. “There was a lot of blood, and the way she was laying … That was it.”

The surviving twin was taken to a nearby hospital for trauma, sources said.

via Woman falls to her death from Oculus escalator | New York Post.

Anything can kill you. Anything. And if you make a habit of sashaying around public places after all-night parties, probably with a skinful of OH radicals, anything probably will.

8 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Escalators

  1. Keith

    30 years ago I worked security at a local 1.8 million square foot mall with a 110 acre parking lot. The stupidity I saw there would fill this page and many more in the 7 years I was there.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  2. Nick

    I read about this after it happened ,the comments were ridiculous.
    Very first one was by an attorney,”the need to raise the barriers or enclose it to protect people from Darwinism ”
    Yeah ok,sad story any way you look at it.

  3. Bill Robbins

    I had read about this when it happened. Of course, the 5:30 a.m. part was not mentioned. Humans must have an “needless death” gene which lies dormant in most people but is activated by all sorts of triggers to which only a fraction of the population is susceptible. Alcohol is one of those triggers.

    1. Loren

      I’m thinking that I’m not the only one who when they think back on all the stupid that they’ve done in life quickly think of something else.
      “There but for the grace of God”

      1. gebrauchshund

        I have learned a few lessons from the stupid I’ve committed in the past. One of those lessons is that, while the rate and severity may be reduced, the commitment of stupid is not confined to the past. Hopefully the learning continues as well.

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