Sorry for the Day Off

Due to an error by our hosting provider, and their very friendly but almost powerless tech support people, we (and you, if you were inclined to comment) were locked out of the site for 26ΒΌ hours or so.

Please bear with us as we slooowly get back to normal after a day spent on the phone, mostly on hold.

One post that was in the queue for 1100 yesterday finally went up just before 0200 today. It was that kind of day

20 thoughts on “Sorry for the Day Off

  1. Simon

    Nice to have you back again. We did notice the absence, but the time difference meant that a lot of it was sleeping time here.

      1. Hognose Post author

        The hilarious thing is that I turned off the game before the home team began winning! We were watching a disputed Italian air disaster case instead.

  2. jim h

    that makes more sense – I was trying to post a warning to avoid “code of honor” by seagal but couldn’t seem to post…..very glad you’re back, im jonesing for a fix from my favorite blog and posters. and my daily diatribe from kirk, of course!

    glad you’ve got it all worked out, HN. LSWCHP spoke for me too.

  3. John Distai

    HN, thank you for your efforts to publish this blog. Thank you for spending the time to fix the issues. Thank you for the interesting writing and other non-tangible benefits that it provides guys like me.

  4. James

    This is much nicer then reading about “technical issues”on WRSA.I really do not understand why in challenging economic times but seems all companies customer service/tech support ect. seem worse then ever,good way to lose customers.

    On a side not would look at alternative hosting sites if needed due to future “issues”.I hope you have all necc. info. backed up elsewhere and if not,well,you now know why,good to see you back!

  5. Cap'n Mike

    I was afraid you had become yet another victim of the International Chinese Communist Conspiracy.
    Glad you are back.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I like the Communist Chinese. If not for their preference for sons and 1-child policy, I wouldn’t have an awesome niece.

  6. TBoone

    Glad to have you back! Thanks for all your efforts in writing/research/awful movie endurance and such. Superbowl Hangover was my initial suspicion, but was soon overruled. Now, in the days of your ‘youth’……..


    Jesus! Don’t let this happen again!

    I had to actually go work on my own website since I couldn’t do anything over here all day yesterday. That is just not acceptable.

  8. John M.

    That’s funny, the twitch that I developed yesterday at about 10 am local time went away when I woke up to new Weaponsman posts this morning.

    I’m sure your customer service reps were werywery sorry about your problems. Thanks for all you do to keep us entertained and informed!

    -John M.

  9. Scott

    Not a single typo nor (unusually punctuated parentheticals) for 26 hours.

    I was in withdrawal.

    Glad you’re back.

  10. James B.

    I had awful ‘net issues the last 24 hours. too. – glad that you’re back, was afraid you’d OD’d on spring rolls and been eaten by Small Dog.

    1. Hognose Post author

      True story. I was rather grumpy that there were only X spring rolls in the three plastic bags in the box. Ignored the box when it fell on the kitchen floor.

      Came home to find that SD MkII had eaten some of the plastic bag and about half of the spring rolls in the fourth plastic bag. He’s still turning up his pointy little nose at Purina.

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