Dual-Wielding Bozo Meets Trained Shooter w/1911

The event took place at Dixie Gun and Pawn, in Mableton, Cobb County, Georgia, on Boxing Day. The day after Christmas is apparently just another work(?) day for the criminal element.

Here, the owner Jimmy Groover (white haired guy) and his employee (blue sweatshirt guy) are confronted by two masked bozos, one of whom has one pistol in his right hand, and pulls out a second with his left to really threaten Groover.

Who shot him dead as a mackerel, and chased the other crim out with rounds flying.

The criminals in Georgia, in particular urban crime gangs, have been making an intensive attack on gun shops for several years now. Groover has been burgled and robbed before, and so he prepared.

John Correia (who has yet to weigh in on this, we think) normally tells you not to draw on a drawn gun — wait for your chance. But the criminals’ own self-absorption was exactly the distraction the shop owner needed to slab the two-gun robber.

Hat tip, Peter Grant, who also has a news video in which a customer of the shop, Terrance Coner, dryly notes, “It was amazing, to see someone come into a gun store, to rob a gun store. I mean, that was a really un-thought-out plan.” Yeah, well, Terrance, criminals don’t tend to think things out like you and the rest of us do. They tend towards the impulse decision.

Peter also does his own analysis, concluding:

Nice work, sir!  That looked to have been a head shot, too, on the fallen robber, or perhaps a hit on the spinal column.  One doesn’t collapse so suddenly unless the central nervous system is taken out.  A heart shot wouldn’t have done it.

Yep. He went down like he was poleaxed. Or like he suddenly got a 230-grain headache pill at about 950 feet per second. An impulse response to an impulse decision, as it were.

Also, see how the robber’s two guns slide away from him when he falls? Doesn’t matter in this case, as he was already learning the bitter fact that his name was not written in the Book of Life, but had he been alive and inclined to resist, a nice polished floor makes a dropped gun scoot away out of reach. Bet you never thought of that as a crime-fighting tool.


34 thoughts on “Dual-Wielding Bozo Meets Trained Shooter w/1911

  1. redc1c4

    Home Slice was DRT.

    has the family come out to complain that young Dindu Nuffin was murdered in cold blood, and that this racist vigilante snuffed out the life of aspiring artist who was turning his life around, for which he should be arrested, as well as sued?

    if not, give them time.

    1. jim h

      I live here, 3 miles from that. no, there has not been much of a fuss about this. it should be noted that Dixie is on bankhead/veterans/memorial/donald hollowell, and is most decidedly not in a good part of the world. bankhead, six flags drive, shenandoah trail, Mableton parkway, etc., are full of Dindu Nuffins here. robberies (armed and otherwise), home invasions, murders, etc.

      it is eerily quiet down here as far as the crazed mobs go. it’s about as much a threat here as the dudes attacking the texas draw mohammed party were.

  2. Dyspeptic Gunsmith

    By slowing down the playback to 0.25 speed, it appears that the store owner’s shot caught him right under the chin.

    Then, looking at how the perp collapsed backwards, it certainly appears that he was nerve-dead on his feet from the very first shot.

    Excellent shooting by the store owner. He reacted calmly, efficiently and made his first shot count.

  3. Scott

    I didn’t go frame-by-frame, but I think 3 shots at each perp. The employee must’ve moved out of the line of fire to allow those shots at the second guy.

  4. Wichitaguns

    Just curious if anyone noticed what made the glass in the display case shatter.
    I watched the video a couple of times but can’t say for sure.

    1. james

      shot#1 cleared the counter, hit him under the chin as described above. pistol continues tracking the BG as he falls. shot#2 broke the glass and scored another hit, I think mid right torso. shot#3 broke glass/shelving (much less noticeable) and scored another hit. on to the next BG.

      what were they saying about 9mm being more controllable?

  5. TF-BA

    “a nice polished floor makes a dropped gun scoot away out of reach. Bet you never thought of that as a crime-fighting tool.”

    Correct. I never expected that the absence of a welcome mat on a cold day could thwart an entire FBI SWAT team either, color me amused on both counts.

  6. Steve M.

    I’m sure the crooks were trying to get their lives back on track.

    The store owner deserves an award as taxpayers were saved some serious ching.

    Good shooting.

  7. Jim Scrummy

    Poor poor dindunuffins. They chose poorly. Didn’t some youtube nitwit recently say something about .45 acp not being a good carry option? Whatever. Carry whatever you like, just remember the important part, training (legal, emotion, physical, and with the pew pew).

    1. John M.

      The Yankee Marshal’s thesis was that between 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, .45 ACP offers the least advantages. That’s not a thesis I agree with, but that was his thesis.

      -John M.

      1. Toastrider

        I would say ‘advantage’ is a relative term, as catching a .45 ACP round in the neck pretty much renders the question moot.

      2. Paul Kersey

        The Yankee Marshall is a fool. During the sham trial of George Zimmerman, TYM took the side of the media and repeated the lie that Trayvon Martin was “a little kid” and that Zimmerman should have been a better fighter.
        The prosecution of George Zimmerman was an assault on the rights of all law abiding gun owners. At a time when it was important for everyone with a public forum who cares about gun rights to stand up for the truth, this moron took the side of black lives matter and the media.
        He has admitted to being a Democat which explains his position on the Zimmerman case, it is beyond belief that this guy who holds himself out as a gun afficianado would be a Democrat in the first place, knowing that the DNC wants to outlaw AR15 rifles, have magazine limits and a national registration for all gun owners among other infringements on our Second Amendment.
        I have no idea who he voted for in the recent presidential election, but it wouldn’t be a stretch that it was Hillary Clinton.
        The Yankee Marshall is a complete douchebag.

  8. 6pounder

    Well done indeed. The owner mentally shifted immediately from the task he was doing and smoothly drew and fired accurately. Very well done. I think I’ll keep this one for an instructional video.

  9. Joel

    Awfully smoky in there. Maybe he was firing home cast H&G 68s over Unique. In any case, looks like he aced a placement or two, so terminal performance was moot (and BG1 was muted).

    1. Al T.

      Ditto – my first thought as well. Those 200 grain LSWCs work way better than folks realize.

    2. Larry

      I was wondering if someone out of view was firing a damned black powder revolver. That much smoke out of a ‘modern’ pistol seems a mite ridiculous.

  10. Jesse Bogan

    Look carefully at the dindu as he walks in. Did he drop a magazine? You see something between his feet right as he steps backwards, then the crazed glass of the case obscures it.

  11. LSWCHP

    Jimmy Groover. Heh. When I’m reincarnated I want to come back with a name like Jummy Groover, and own a gunshop and react and shoot under pressure like he does.

    Hats off to Mr Groover from the other side of the world.

  12. Tom Stone

    Nicely done.
    One thing I like about the 1911 is the ability to get off an accurate shot quickly.
    It’s a damn shame the second robber didn’t get an opportunity for reincarnation at the same time, hopefully the local Polizei will give him a chance to become reborn in a higher form soon.

  13. Brad

    Hard to judge the target distance, but looks farther than I first imagined. Perhaps 5 yards? 7 yards?

    In any case a lot farther than I’m used to seeing in these sorts of indoor gunfights caught on video.

  14. Trickworm

    I’ve done a good bit of business with this dude going back years.
    Robbing crews have been butt raping businesses along the us 78 corrider in Mableton. Of all the places these idgits could’ve picked, this was the last one they should’ve picked. Groover is a badass.
    What’s next? The American Legion?

  15. looserounds.com

    What was that Blog owner said earlier about a DA/SA trigger and that first shot ? haha Just kidding

    Obviously this video is BS. good guy could never had won that fight. He wasn’t using a glock or 9mm. Obviously this video footage was hacked by the Russians to make us all think its still ok to use ancient weapons that are so obsolete it doesn’t even have an polymer in it.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I just watched that video again just for the cruel delight of seeing the Wealth Redistribution Specialist going all wire-cut marionette when that slug punched through his brain stem.

      1. Toastrider

        I admit seeing the guy drop was a trifle chilling. I’m no soldier or hardened badass, so it did give me an internal wince.

        Then it was followed by ‘Oh good, we won’t have to put that piece of shit on trial’.

  16. Trone Abeetin

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim.

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