The Hijab Jab

To steal a gag from the mighty Horwitz brothers (and Larry Feinberg): Hasan Ben Sober. Eric Fanning’s model soldier.

In a last-minute strike at the service he worked tirelessly to undermine and disrupt, outgoing Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning issued a rule subordinating Army uniform regulations to mohammedan dress codes. Now commanders must allow scruffy beards, turbans, hijabs, and other ancient Arab dress affected by extremist moslems.

Brigade-level commanders now must grant religious accommodations to any soldier seeking to wear a religiously mandated beard, turban or Muslim hijab while in uniform with only a few exceptions, Army Secretary Eric Fanning wrote Tuesday in a memorandum. Previously such uniform exemptions had to be approved by the secretary.

“The soldier’s brigade-level commander will approve a request for a religious accommodation …unless the commander determines the request is not based on a sincerely held religious belief, or identifies a specific, concrete hazard that is not specifically addressed in this directive and that cannot be mitigated by reasonable measures,” Fanning wrote, noting the new policy would be added to Army Regulation 670-1, which defines the Army uniform appearance standards.

Supporters of the “Social Justice Secretary” have been spinning the rule as an accommodation for the handful of unquestionably loyal Sikh soldiers that the Army has been blessed with over the years, but its real intended beneficiaries are moslems like Nidal Hassan, the failed doctor turned Al-Qaeda murderer at Fort Hood.

The Army has granted several Sikh soldiers temporary appearance waiversin recent years to wear neatly groomed unshorn beards and hair under a turban while serving in uniform. Those waivers were applied on a case-by-case basis, and most of them were granted only after the soldiers filed lawsuits seeking their uniform exemptions.

The new accommodations will be made permanent for soldiers throughout their careers once granted by their brigade-level commander, Fanning wrote in the memo issued in the final weeks of his tenure.

Meanwhile, Fanning’s office met with silent indifference the death of an SF support guy in Jordan.

A 23-year-old cook assigned to a deployed Special Forces group is the fourth soldier from that unit to die during their current mission.

Spc. Isiah Booker was operating construction equipment when he was killed Saturday in a non-combat related accident in Jordan, according to a Defense Department release. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group.

A 2,000-soldier task force is in Jordan under Operation Inherent Resolve, an amusing name for anything under the command of this waffling, trimming, difference-splitting Pentagon. The core of that effort is a Special Forces battalion, 2/5th SFG(A). Three soldiers from the unit were killed last year by a Jordanian guard in an apparent friendly fire incident. While Jordan is not without extremist elements, and the massive refugee presence is a threat to the nation’s stability, the Jordanian man in the street is far and away the most pro-Western and pro-US of any Arab nation.

15 thoughts on “The Hijab Jab

  1. Loren

    Isn’t is interesting that Sikhs are universally praised, whatever environment they are in, and Muslims aren’t worth a bucket of warm piss?
    Gotta be a research paper in there somewhere.

    1. Gray


      I think that you are being overly generous.

      Warm? Really?

      And does it really need a bucket?

    2. LSWCHP

      You got that right mate. I have known quite a few Sikhs and have nothing but praise for them. One of my best mates of nearly 30 years now is a Sikh, and he’s a Righteous Dude. I also soldiered with a Sikh, who the army allowed to do the whole beard and Turban thing in uniform, and he was a tough, smart and funny bastard. I never met a better digger.

      I also recall that at a mass shooting in the US a couple of years ago, a Sikh gentleman was shot down charging the shooter…whilst armed with a butter knife. I was not surprised. They’re a warrior race, and that’s just what they do.

      Muslims and warm piss, on the other hand? I also concur wholeheartedly. A very accurate assessment.

  2. Stacy0311

    Well since the SecArmy issued the policy, the next SecArmy can rescind, amend, modify or abolish that policy.
    It’s a policy, not the word of God on a stone tablet.

  3. Winston Smith

    I think i’ll just stay off the Inturweb until after Jan 20. Too many stories that raise my BP to unsafe levels lately.

  4. redc1c4

    i’m old enough to remember when the Army kicked all the Sikhs OUT of the Army, on the grounds that their beards would prevent a good seal on their protective masks, thus making them NBC casualties if such an attack occurred.

    everything old is new again.

  5. Therapist

    To think that they only have a few days left to accommodate all our loyal Niqab-wearing warriors.

  6. Kirk

    A… Cook… Was operating construction equipment…?

    Not sure, but I think I can pinpoint a key issue that may have contributed to his death. I would love to see the license issued to him by the Army, and find out whether or not he was actually a trained operator for whatever it was he was operating. Odds are…? Nope.

    Everybody wants to cut corners on that shit, right up until the bodies start stacking up. I’m all about OJT, and letting people learn new stuff, but… There are lines that need to be laid down, and followed religiously. Every single guy I knew on active duty who died in a vehicle or equipment accident not related to combat had some element of “Untrained dude” as a part of the accident report, and usually as a proximate cause.

    Training and licensing, folks: It’s not just the reg, it’s a damn good idea. Pains my heart to see someone go home in a box, and simply because someone didn’t bother to enforce regulation on this issue. It’s a pain in the ass, I’ll agree, but when you put MHE or construction equipment into the hands of someone who’s got no training or supervised experience running it? You’re gonna see bodies come out of it. Fucking tragic, and I’ll almost guarantee that there is some aspect of this involved.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Army machine operator licensing is largely a finger drill, completely bogus.

      In an SF unit, everybody does everything. This is especially true for the support guys. Cooks might well pack resupply bundles under the supervision of parachute riggers, run a skid-steer to fill HESCOs, or get stuck driving an LMTV or MRAP. (When t-rats are provided there is little actual cooking for them to do). Along with the cooks, the intel analysts, motor pool crew, and every other support guy pitches in, as do all the A-team guys who are in the rear area for a while. Just the way we do things. And nobody runs a vehicle or machine without being taught.

      An Army Operators license means some boxes were checked, not that you can trust the guy to run the piece of equipment in question.

    2. 11B-Mailclerk

      I was tasked with driving the Adjutant’s jeep, thus off I went to Jeep school. Alas, most of our Jeeps were deadlined that week, so Jeep school was about 75% conducted in 2-1/2 ton and 5 ton trucks.

      I learned to drive Mom’s Datsun B-210, which makes a Jeep look huge. I (twice) drove a 15 passenger van for a few hours, for the Fencing team in College.

      So my -first- Army actual driving lesson, was to make a Deuce-n-a-half go vroom vroom around tank trails and offroad. Once we got past the PMCS, start it, double clutch, etc, off we went.

      Oh. My. God.

      At one point, while I thought I was doing fairly well, I was driving along a tank trail on top of a fairly steep embankment to the left. The SSG instructor bluntly said “turn LEFT here.” “-Here- Sargent?” “Yes -HERE- dammit!” “Here?’ “HERE dammit!”

      Hard left, down the slope kinda-sorta diagonally, about 50 meters before the cross-trail he meant. oops.

      Sliding and tipping, between trees, mostly leftwise sliding, down what looked like 100m of hill but was probably no more than 20-30 feet of loose dirt and whatnot. Got that sucker all the way up on left wheels only, and side-slipped it all the way down.

      As we tipped over that hill, SSG ‘Blunt’ went cat-in-a-bathtub on the right seat, door, and dash, and went from “Coffee, little cream” to “Paler than Casper”. Said he in a low moan… ‘….nnnnnoooooooooooooo………..”

      At the bottom, the right wheels dropped back onto ground and bit in. Off I went, slaloming through trees, up the slight grade to the cross trail, and on my way. I found my way back to start point. SSG Blunt held pose and color the rest of the way.

      Along the way I may have cackled with glee, and said “This is FUN!” A few times. At bad times.

      Stopped it and shut down. SSG Blunt croaked “..get out… you pass. get the f### out of my truck………”

      The left wheel rims in the back were packed full of dirt, and the front left fender had …stuff sticking to it. Shubbery I think, and more dirt..

      Sincerely: “Can I drive again? I need the practice.” SSG: “get away… just go over there and tell them you passed.”

      I was then tasked to drive a working Jeep for a bit more, which was cool, but it was not nearly so… surfable.

      So, yeah. untrained operator of Big Army Machine is a likely source of “How to you write -this- up?”

  7. staghounds

    Given this order, shouldn’t we call it Army similar, or coordinates, rather than uniform?

    “Fall out in fifteen minutes in fatigue coordinates.”

    “I want those similars to sparkle.”


  8. staghounds

    Also, for brigade commanders, for the guidance of, regarding a specific, concrete hazard that is not specifically addressed in this directive and that cannot be mitigated by reasonable measures:

    Isadora Duncan.

  9. jim h

    what’s next, Rastafarian dreads? Jewish headgear in lieu of uniform attire? appearing to morning formation stoned out of your mind because your “religion” mandates it? purple smocks and Nikes because after PT you’ve gotta go find that spaceship behind the comet with your “away team?”

    Sikhs I have NO problem with. served with a few, and to a man they were awesome. but this, as noted, isn’t about Sikhs, because the administration isn’t concerned with Sikhs, it’s all about appeasing a cult of slavery and death filled with unhinged poster children for post natal abortion who venerate a 7th century baby raper as a holy figure.

    Stacy noted about the new SecArmy coming in and making changes. Personally, im looking forward to that. I’d like to see Major Viola make some more actual – and not social justice – warrior changes across the board. Putting a grunt with a tab in the position to make changes is a Good Thing.

  10. Fuel Filter.

    Like I’ve been saying for years:

    We bombed the wrong fuckers when we went into Iraq.

  11. Aesop

    And as an added bonus, we’ll be notifying them that in any environment requiring the wear of the issued gas mask, they’ll simply die in place, until they can get all our notional enemies not to gas the little snowflakes out of respect for their religion. NBC training for them should be to simply face east when they hear the warning, and begin the Call To Prayer. (Should make the tear gas chamber training a hoot – for everyone else.)

    Apparently, anyone in the Army above-7 is lobotomized, above 0-3 has their testicles cut off with a stamping press, and anyone rising to 0-6 or better (and all civilian DoD staff) is put on mandatory female hormone replacement therapy.

    There is no other rational explanation for this sort of happy horseshit.
    What a bunch of goddamned idiocy.

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