When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Child Services (again)

Mother Of The Year™ contestant Sara Packer

This is one of those cases that’s so depressing that it seems like the only solution is more bleach in the human gene pool. One more Mother Of The Year™ story, although the year was probably 2016.

Mom — an adoptive mom — and her new boyfriend (her husband went to prison for previous child abuse) plotted for over a year to rape, kill, and dismember her daughter. Then, they did it. 

Tell us again why society does not need the death penalty. What lesser measure will rid us of these mutants? The Morning Call (annoying autoplay video):

Sara Packer, the adoptive mother of 14-year-old Grace Packer, is charged in Bucks County along with Jacob Sullivan, Sara Packer’s boyfriend, in the brutal death of the teen who had been reported missing last summer. Prosecutors said Packer and Sullivan acted out a rape and murder fantasy when they killed her in Richland Township last summer and dismembered her body.

They did just about everything but eat her. That’s against the law.

Needless to say, so is all the stuff they did, and they’ve got charges to match.

Sara Packer, 41, of Horsham Township in Montgomery County, was charged Sunday with homicide, rape, conspiracy, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Authorities also charged Sullivan, saying he and Packer plotted for nearly a year before the girl was killed in July.

Northampton County officials issued a news release Monday stating Packer worked for the county from 2003 through 2010, but did not include further details. “Regarding the charges against Ms. Packer, the county cannot comment regarding ongoing job investigations,” the statement read.

Victim Grace Packer

Yes. Sara Packer was the county adoption coordinator, who apparently had many foster and adoptive kids over the years.

And they couldn’t give two farts in a diving bell about the kid, but they’re concerned about the killer’s privacy.

District Attorney John Morganelli said his office is not investigating Sara Packer because there are no allegations against her at this point.

County Controller Stephen Barron Jr. on Monday said Packer worked as a supervisor of adoptions in the county’s Children, Youth and Families Division. He said Packer last worked for the county in January 2010.

Packer’s employment status was listed as “suspended,” but Barron said he had no additional details why she had been suspended. Packer’s salary was $44,600 at the time, he said. Barron, the elected controller, said he spoke out because the public deserved to know about Packer.

Hey, there’s nothing more sacred to a payroll patriot than the privacy of another payroll patriot, even a murderous one.

She left that job nearly a year before her husband at the time, David Warren Packer, was charged by Allentown police in the first of two separate child sex abuse cases.

On Sept. 23, 2010, he was charged with indecent assault of a victim under age 13 from a 2006 incident. On Nov. 24, 2010, he was charged by Allentown police in a separate filing of statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of someone under age 16 and corruption of minors from a 2008 incident.

via Woman charged in killing, dismemberment of daughter worked for Norco child services, had foster kids – The Morning Call.

Prediction: even the kids who weren’t actually killed by these crumbs have a tough road ahead.

14 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Child Services (again)

  1. jim h

    Wow. My soul hurts when reading stuff like this. But at least poor Grace can’t be hurt by her anymore. The Man Himself said it’d be better to tie a millstone around your neck and hop into the ocean rather than appear before him with that on your record…..judgment awaits.

  2. Sommerbiwak


    how was it possible that Packer became the *adoption coordinator* with that history and people she likes to surround herself with?

  3. Kirk

    If I were to detail some of the things I’ve heard from kids and women who were in the foster care system, you’d probably think you were listening to the ravings of the deranged. Seriously–I have heard stories about what went on that would destroy you, and what’s worse is that you can’t separate the fabulists from the truth-tellers. Some of the fabulists are actually more believable, because they’ve couched their tales to be believable. The truth-tellers stories are so far out of whack with what we want to hear as a reality that you almost automatically discard them…

    As Willie Sutton put it, when asked why he robbed banks: “…because that’s where the money is…”, you might want to consider why someone might go into a career in child services. The answer ain’t that all of them are there because they love kids in a platonic, innocent sense, either…

  4. Scott

    I regret to say that I suspect there would be more outrage, amongst the public and public officials, if the victim had been a dog or a cat. Instead of a person.

    1. Ken

      There absolutely would be. I can plead guilty to this myself. My wife and I both will grab for the remote if they show sad dogs on an ASPCA commercial. Kids with cancer? No problem.

  5. Inventive

    My wife runs a Christian outreach for foster kids… Some of those kids hop from the frying pan into a loving home… and some from the frying pan into the fire.

    There are some crimes that are deserving of “cruel and unusual punishment”…

  6. Josey Wales

    Anyone sick enough to rape, torture and kill an innocent teenage girl (or anyone else for that matter) needs to be fed feet first into a wood chipper at a rate of say, 2 inches per minute, with whatever techniques can be used to make sure they stay conscious as long as possible. Some real “Law Abiding Citizen” stuff.

    These people are pure evil.

  7. Aesop

    Lynch mob. Torches. Pitchforks. Sharpened farm implements. Miscreants.
    Some assembly required.

    Recidivism rate: zero.

    This is one of those far-too-common cases where a mature appreciation of the needs of human civilization dictates that the guilty should be driven to jail chained by the heels to the bumper of the black and white, for the ten mile trip to jail, their belongings burned to ashes, and all mention of their existence stricken from the rolls of society, wherever found, back to their birth.

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