Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2017 Week 01

First Tour d’Horizon of 2017, which promises to be a whole new year.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

AR-15 Kaboom

There’s a lot more pictures at TFB, where Nicholas C notes that he hasn’t “seen damage to a BCG like this before.” Here’s the BCG:

Here’s the gun in pieces. Note that the bottom of the BC is blown out:

Like we said, many more pictures. Nicholas may not have seen a BCG like this, but we have. This is actually one of the ways an AR sacrifices itself to save the shooter. Here’s a remarkably similar case:

Look here for more info and photos, but we’ll show you one more.

That one was caused by a misloaded round (commercial reloads); it had a load of mixed rifle and pistol powder (pistol powder is much faster burning).

Gun Stocks update

Pre-Election closings: RGR 64.40, SWHC 28.45, VSTO 38.94.  [8 Nov 16]
-7 week’s closings: RGR 53.20, SWHC 24.13, VSTO 40.02. [18 Nov 16]
-6 week’s closings: RGR 52.50, SWHC 23.82, VSTO 41.05. [25 Nov 16] [short trading day and week]
-5 week’s closings: RGR 50.25, SWHC 21.10, VSTO 39.66. [2 Dec 16]
-4 week’s closings: RGR 51.90, SWHC 21.07, VSTO 38.62. [9 Dec 16]
-3 week’s closings: RGR 53.45, SWHC 21.59, VSTO 36.81. [16 Dec 16]
-2 week’s closings: RGR 54.05, SWHC 22.11, VSTO 38.02. [23 Dec 16]
Last week’s closings: RGR 52.70, SWHC 21.08, VSTO 36.90. [30 Dec 16] (this was the final close for SWHC, which renamed itself AOBC).

This week’s closings: RGR 54.15, AOBC (ex-SWHC) 21.00, VSTO 38.08. [6 Jan 17]

Red means “lower than the previous week.” Two of the three stocks are higher this week on an overall rising market, the third is pretty neutral.

Disclaimer: Your Humble Blogger holds RGR, bought at about 56.40 on 9 Nov 16. It bottomed in the 40s later that day. We still think it has longterm growth potential, and we like the dividend, but we’ve lost (on paper) thousands of dollars.

Gun Poly-Ticks

A Message from Massachusetts

So a guy from another state who has two pistol permits already prepares to get the MA out of state license. He takes the class, does the paperwork, pays the stiff fee — gets told, bzzzt! You are a no-go at this station; you are DQ’d and we’re reporting you to the Feds as a Prohibited Person.

What’d he do? 20+ years ago, he was in college in MA and was arrested for a fake ID he used to get into bars. He was never convicted, but the courts didn’t retain the records, so the state firearms dweebs now say that they must assume he was convicted, and the max penalty for a fake ID (on paper) is > 1 year. Now he has hired attorneys and his license will ultimately be awarded, probably, but he’s looking at the mid five figures to exercise a Constitutional right.

Meanwhile, MA pols all agree that requiring a voter to show ID (like the college students their Party buses to NH to vote up here) is a terrible imposition on poor young black chilluns who can’t afford an ID.

First offense DUI in MA is also a lifetime Federal prohibitor, because the max sentence (which has literally never been assigned) is two years in State prison. We knew that. But we didn’t know about the Fake ID thing.

Czechs Go All Schweik on EU Gun Ban

The Brussels Imperium has demanded the peasants turn in their pitchforks and torches, and the Czechs, who survived the Austrian, Nazi, and Soviet empires, seem disinclined to submit to another.

[T]he latest Czech proposal argues that armed citizens would be the best defense against terror attacks.

…Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said that amending the constitution would reduce the chances of attacks by enabling “active and rapid defense.”

Citizens should be given the right to use firearms to defend their “life, health and property” and contribute to “ensuring the internal order, security and territorial integrity” of the country, he said.

Heydrich did his worst. Beria did his worst. Jean-Claude Juncker may harbor similar ambitions in his small, cold, hard and black hockey puck of a heart, but he isn’t fit to carry their thumbscrews. And the Czechs, of all the races of men in Europe, know it.

Švejk žije!

The Menace of Armed Toddlers

In a paean of praise to the wondrous Obama pro-terrorism policies from the Democrat-partisan Brookings Institution, one Daniel Bynum launches this canard:

The average American is more likely to be shot by an armed toddler than killed by a terrorist.

Now, his entire article is nonsense, making it a good thing that he gets to formulate policy from the outside for at least four years, but this is a fable, an untruth, and bespeaks a hole in Bynum’s integrity. His source?

The Democrat-partisan Huffington Post, in an article by gun-control activist-for-hire Ben Powers.

Bynum also expands on Powers’s little apples-to-oranges dodge: “shot by an armed toddler” (for which no statistics exist, so Powers just garbage-collects some media stories, including Bloomberg-planted “the Trace” stuff), transmogrifies all cases of children shooting or being shot into “toddlers shooting,” and then Bynum follows Powers in comparing “shot” to “shot dead,” except, Bynum then converts the “shot dead” to “killed,” miraculously reanimating, say, victims of bombings, stabbings, and runnings-over. Or at least excluding them from the data.

He also excludes ISIL self-starters from his definition of terrorism, cutting the Islamic-tax-on-America death toll to 5.

If there is a profession with lower integrity than the media (Powers’s trade), it might be the professoriat (Bynum’s).

Usage and Employment

 The hardware takes you only half way. This week the theme is Resisting Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery Resistance: No-Go

This shopkeeper tries to arm wrestle the robber for the revolver. He loses, badly (with John Correia of Active Self Protection). He is a no-go at this station.

Yes, Virginia, there are people that will kill you for the $100 in the till, and for less than that; from the signage, this murder appears to take place in Brazil, but it could be any American city, because these kinds of crimes happen in every major metro area. Being a convenience store clerk is a very hazardous profession!

This guy had a good attitude — he was ready to fight. (As John points out, any armed robber is planning to kill you if things don’t go his way). But he didn’t have the skills to fight a gun barehanded — few people do — so the plan he formed, probably in a split second, and executed, availed him not.

Armed Robbery Resistance: Go

Brazil again, an upscale store gets hit by a motorcycle-rider-dressed bandit with a Taurus pistol. (Common MO is for the gun robber to ride pillion on the bike, and dismount to conduct the actual robbery, while the getaway driver stays ready on the bike.

This one goes in the “all’s well that ends well” file.

Armed Robbery Resistance: Go Ugly, But a Go

Finally here’s proof of what the Marines say, a guy’s always a Marine. Cleveland Heights, OH.

John’s YouTube Channel is an endless font of such thought-provoking (and entertaining) videos.

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

Chicago Record Corrected

Last week we reported that box score was “793 homicides of which 713 were by firearm, with one long day yet to go. As the year ends, Chicago’s homicide clearance rate is a mighty 18.4%”

The tally is, as of 6 January, 795/713, with 36 outstanding “death investigations,” some of which will probably resolve to homicides. The clearance rate rose to 18.5%, with two more cases being called justified citizen shootings, bringing the good burghers of Chicago (or at least the justified users of deadly force in self-defense) to par with police agencies, with each group having ended 11 criminal careers in 2016.

22 down, a few thousand to go.

In the gotta-grin department, the shot-in-the-kiester and in-the-junk totals (most of whose victims, like most of the homicide victims, were fellow gangbangers) were 223 and 63 respectively, and there were 46 “selfies.”

All stats, of course, are from, which sums up the year in review with an apt term we choose not to repeat, trying to keep the blog SFW. They also have this to say about ’17:

2017 isn’t looking much better than 2016. In fact, we believe it’ll be worse as the CPD will continue to stay fetal and let the Strategic Subject List(ed) jagoffs ventilate one another. 850 homicides with an additional 3850 shot and wounded very well may be the tally come December 31st, 2017.

Bearing in mind that every month was up 30% or so from 2015, it does look like Chicagoans are in for a tough year, again. The mayor and the aldermen need the criminals and their advocates, so the odds of them taking effective action approximate zero.

The Perils of Kathleen: The Only Thing Appealing About Her…

The anti-gun, convicted felon former Attorney General hit the new year’s headlines like a felonious (but wrinkly) Kardashian. The only thing appealing about her is what she’s doing in the state court of appeals.

  • Item: Kane Files AppealShe’s basically claiming that each of nine motions her defense team was denied (including one to have all judges and prosecutors in the county recuse themselves) constitutes reversible error. It seems to be the same kitchen-sink legal approach that
  • Item: Kane Alleges She Could Have Retaliated Other Ways, Tooso she should be excused for the retaliation that she actually did do.
  • Item: Kane’s Tu Quoque DefenseHer appeal also suggests that the people she tried to frame with selective leaks had it coming because they were Very Bad People for sending or receiving “porn” (off-color memes and jokes) on their government computers, and therefore her perjury and other corruption shouldn’t count.
  • Item: Read Kane’s Appeals BriefBut, bear in mind that it’s a one-sided, deliberately slanted presentation, aimed partly at persuading the appeals court but mostly at suggesting to the public that her conviction was somehow illegitimate.

Of course, the other point of the appeal is to keep rolling the dice and hoping the public will lose interest.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

Hacking and Equivalency

ABC reporter (!) Jonathan Karl asked Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest, why the government did nothing to the Chinese when it said they hacked the 21 million detailed records of cleared personnel, but booted 35 Russian intelligence officers diplomats when it said they hacked an unsecure email server, at least one of the key accounts of which had a password of P@ssw0rd.

JOSH EARNEST: These are two cyber incidents that are malicious in nature but materially different.

KARL: 20 million people had their personal data taken… fingerprints, social security numbers, background checks. This was a far-reaching act–

EARNEST: I’m not downplaying the significance of it, I’m just saying that it is different than seeking to interfere int he conduct of a U.S. national election.

Got it? The difference, apparently, is stealing stuff from the government and exposing 21 million cleared personnel’s data including everything from criminal and financial records to fingerprints, isn’t a priority, but cribbing some emails off people who made no effort to secure their email.

The Great Gitmo Jailbreak

75% of the people who were in detention at Guantanamo Bay on 20 Jan 2009 are now somewhere else… outside .And despite letting three-quarters of these bad actors out, and pardoning or commuting the sentences of hundreds if not thousands of violent felons, want to guess the number of GIs whose court-martial sentences have been lifted?

Zero. Unless Bowe Bergdahl and Bradley Manning get theirs in the days ahead.

About All Those Intel Agency “Unnamed Sources” in the Press

“Ishmael Jones,” a pseudonymous source who was one of the increasingly rare guys who actually collected human intelligence “forward,” notes that most of the people with their noses out of joint are headquarters drones… at CIA, 95% of the headcount is headquarters drones.

The CIA is meant to spy upon foreign countries. The secrets we seek are located in foreign countries. Yet the bloated CIA bureaucracy exists almost entirely within the United States. CIA bureaucrats appear to find foreign service disagreeable. They enjoy their lifestyle and will fight with aggressive passivity to keep it that way. More than 90% of CIA employees spend their careers living and working entirely within the United States.

The incoming CIA chief, Mike Pompeo, will be astonished by how many of his senior leaders have not had an overseas assignment in decades. Brief junkets and TDY’s to foreign countries do not count.

He’s absolutely serious about that. Not only do the overwhelming bulk of personnel sit in cubes in DC area buildings (either HQ or the many leased overflow buildings), many of them have never had an overseas assignment (and that invariably under official cover), and the majority of those who have had an overseas assignment had one early in their career… or one later in their career when decades of loyal HQ toadying land someone an Assistant Chief or Chief of Station post.

And that’s at CIA. At some of the other agencies, an overseas assignment is extremely rare, and can be career damaging.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to o disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™?

The WWP Fights Back

A new manager at the Wounded Warrior Project notes that the exposure of the waste and abuse at the highest levels in the organization last year has hurt fundraising.

Cry us a river.

At that same link, the story notes that he was going to have some transparency about financials, but he’s months late.

These are not the reforms you were looking for.

And the fired, culpable managers, Steve Nardizzi and Al Giordano, got some Columbia professor to write an “independent” report[.pdf] agreeing with their point of view that, yes, charities should spend their donations on things like $150,000 to fund another nonprofit that fights against transparency and limits on “charitable” self-enrichment. You can read the report here, if you want 79 pages of self-serving bullshit in .pdf form.

We’ve seen the WWP’s fund-raising ads back on TV lately as part of this charm “don’t believe your lyin’ eyes” offensive.  (TV ads for nonprofits are a great deal — for the for-profit fundraisers, who keep 80% to 98% of the money they raise).

VA Greatly Reduced in-Hospital MRSA infections

Methicillin-Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus is a hard-to-kill bacterial infection that can spread like wildfire in hospitals. A recent paper says the VA has done an excellent job of reducing what was an unacceptably high level of Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs) with MRSA, 10 years ago. Well done, VA: credit where credit is due.

VA Trying to House the Homeless

Vets, that is. VA is gunning to place as many homeless vets as possible in residential situations in the next 30 days. If they succeed in this, loaves and fishes are next… but seriously, someone has to try these things. Most “homeless” vets are mentally ill, substance abusers, or both. But they’re still human beings.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to.

 This is Yahoo News

Lord love a duck, they really posted that. We know a lot of people want to put words in politicians’ mouths, but this is ridiculous.

Do you think they keelhauled an intern over this? And what’s the over/under on the intern being a student at or graduate of Columbia Journalism School?

25 thoughts on “Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2017 Week 01

  1. RostislavDDD

    Fresh news Russian armory community.
    In the Donetsk republic in the hands of citizens, registered 35,000 firearms. In most – Kalashnikovs 5.45, but there are also Colt 1911. Noticeable street crime is missing. The main problems – drug abuse and theft.

  2. whomever

    Hognose: Can you flesh out the details of the MA fake-ID-gun-permit story? I’d like to dig deeper, but googling didn’t turn up anything. Do you have a link, or the name of the gentleman, or something?

    Mucho Danke.

    1. Hognose Post author

      It was a guy I met in person, and I don’t have his permission to use his name. But the story was internally credible and his description of the way the MA permit process works for out-of-staters was exactly right. (It used to be run by the State Police, and was almost on the level; it was taken away from the cops and given to a political appointee shop because they weren’t denying enough people with permits in their home states, whom MA politicians blame for MA crime).

      He was mistaken about the two-year sentence, though. While mere possession of a fake ID is a misdemeanor punished by a fine, if they charge you with making the ID that’s a felony with up to five years in prison.

      To put that in perspective, in Brockton or Lynn five years might be the sentence for an armed assault that left someone crippled, or manslaughter, with the right lawyer.

      1. whomever

        Thanks! Can’t blame him for not wanting to be the poster child, as compelling as the story is.

        My favorite felony – balloon release:

        articles dot sun-sentinel dot com /2013-02-22/news/fl-helium-balloon-environmental-crime-20130222_1_helium-balloon-fhp-trooper-wood-storks

        People shouldn’t be letting mylar balloons go, but a three year felony?

        Picking up, say, a Blue Jay feather is another good one.

      2. raven

        An armed assault injures citizens. A fake ID attacks the state monopoly.
        This is normal- anything that attacks the state in any way will have penalties far more severe than attacking a mere citizen

      3. Cap'n Mike

        I have seen this used mostly for guys trying to rube up a phony auto inspection sticker after OBD2 made passing an emission test impossible without expensive car repairs like new catalytic converters.

        If your guy changed his date of birth on his license, it would fall under “alters”.
        Anything in Mass General Law that says “State Prison” and “5 years” is counted as a Felony.

        MGL Chap 90 Section 24B. Whoever falsely makes, steals, alters, forges or counterfeits or procures or assists another to falsely make, steal, alter, forge or counterfeit a learner’s permit, a license to operate motor vehicles, an identification card issued under section eight E, a special parking identification disability placard, a certificate of registration of a motor vehicle or trailer, or an inspection sticker, or whoever forges or without authority uses the signature, facsimile of the signature, or validating signature stamp of the registrar or deputy registrar upon a genuine, stolen or falsely made, altered, forged or counterfeited learner’s permit, license to operate motor vehicles, certificate of registration of a motor vehicle or trailer or inspection sticker, or whoever has in his possession, or utters, publishes as true or in any way makes use of a falsely made, stolen, altered, forged or counterfeited learner’s permit, license to operate motor vehicles, an identification card issued under section eight E, a special parking identification disability placard, certificate of registration of a motor vehicle or trailer or inspection sticker, and whoever has in his possession, or utters, publishes as true, or in any way makes use of a falsely made, stolen, altered, forged or counterfeited learner’s permit, license to operate motor vehicles, certificate of registration of a motor vehicle or trailer or inspection sticker, and whoever has in his possession, or utters, publishes as true, or in any way makes use of a falsely made, stolen, altered, forged or counterfeited signature, facsimile of the signature or validating signature stamp of the registrar or deputy registrar, shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than five years or in jail or house of correction for not more than two years.

        These Massholes aren’t content to screwup the rights of citizens in their own state, they have to screw with out of stater’s as well?

        CCW Reciprocity cant come fast enough.

  3. DaveP

    If/when released from isolation, pardon my ‘BVW’ and insert ‘BWV’.
    And link to Oratorium selection attached in sig line. Have a good wkend, folks.


  4. Scott


    It seems to be the same kitchen-sink legal approach that [somethng goes here]
    Kane Alleges

    seeking to interfere int he conduct

    trails off a bit…
    but cribbing some emails off people who made no effort to secure their email [something ideally goes here like: most definitely is a priority].

    .And despite

  5. John Distai

    I’m curious how they determined there was a mix of pistol and rifle powder in those commercial AR reloads. Any idea how they knew that? Manufacturing error or malfeasance? Is that upper toast?

    If a kaboom were to happen in a billeted or forged upper and lower, do those get bent up beyond repair or is there some other less catastrophic damage that occurs? Can those metal parts be repaired when that occurs?

    @HN – I’m assuming you have an Audible account. You can get a complimentary subscription to the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. There was a story in the morning read of the Wall St. Journal earlier this week about the amount of non-field personnel in the CIA. The story mentioned changing the weighting of field to non-field employees, favoring more in the field.

    There was also a WSJ story that may be of interest to you. I recall that you had some knowledge or interest in microbiology and chemistry applications. The story had to do with Zika virus abatement and mosquito adaptation to modern pesticides. (Paywalled article)

    Coincidentally, the New Yorker read this week had a story about using gene editing tools to eradicate various diseases such as Lyme disease. There was a mention of how these tools can either be a great benefit to humanity, or be used to it’s detriment. Insects used as engineered weapons can wreak great havoc on mankind.

        1. Hognose Post author

          Yes, if he was using commercially produced ammunition. If he was on his own reloads, he’s screwed, buy generally, both big producers and small commercial reloaders have stood up after previous incidents.

      1. 11B-Mailclerk

        This is why on my loading bench I have dedicated powder dispensers for each type of powder. It is cheap insurance compared to the cost of the weapon, medical bills, and body part damage/loss.

        1. John Distai

          If I were reloading pistol and rifle cartridges, would dumping the pistol powder back into the pistol powder container, and working the throw a few times to see that nothing is thrown be sufficient?

          Would a small quantity of the residual pistol powder flakes mixing with the rifle powder charge cause a problem? In other words, how thorough a cleaning between caliber changes is necessary?

          1. 11B-Mailclerk

            After much reflection on this, and two days spent trying to get the last few flakes out of a powder measure, I broke out the plastic and ordered one measure for each powder.

            I spent a whole weekend trying to decon -one- measure, and the darn thing still had flakes in it.

            Any contaminant will screw up the burn-curve of modern powder. Mixing any two powders is a recipe for explosion. The math seems to be pure murphy, where A + B = 4Q.

            Specific example:
            it is generally accepted wisdom that you cannot blow up a modern gun with a full case, slightly compressed, of blackpowder under a normal bullet, absent a bore obstruction. I watched a fellow destroy a well made colt clone with BP loads, because he had failed to get the last little bit of smokeless out of the measure. The round apparently had a very, very small bit of smokeless over the primer, and BP on top of that.

            The smokeless powder blew out the base of the shell, deforming the cylinder into the top strap, locking up the gun, and splitting the cylinder in several places.

            He said he had cleaned the measure before swapping powders.

            I strongly suspect swapping powders in the same measure is responsible for a great many otherwise unexplained loading bench derived kabooms, especially in cartridges where one has little room for overpressure. (Say .40S&W)

            Thus, I am quite willing to spend money on a spare dispenser for my press, rather than have to buy replacement guns. (I note that someone is almost always willing to buy an unwanted powder measure, if you quit using a powder and you do not trust your cleaning skills.)

  6. Tom Stone

    Tha WaPo makes Yahoo news look good.
    And BTW, if you have a medical MJ card you are a prohibited person because it is still a schedule 1 drug. Yes, there are or were plenty of people who abused the medical MJ system, but there are a hell of a lot of older people on chemo or with chronic sever pain who are using it legitimately and from what I have been told the CBD rich forms don’t get you high. You can be doped to the gills on any number of legally prescribed opiates and it’s fine, but not the evil weed.

  7. Alan Ward

    “in his small, cold, hard and black hockey puck of a heart”
    Please do not denigrate a majr part of our national sport by associating it in any way
    with that Brussels crypto-fascist.
    Might I humbly suggest substituting ” lump of coal” or “Obama” of a heart.

  8. Y.

    Being also a resident of Czechia, I kind of hope the right to bear guns provided you pass the present criteria gets enshrined in the constitution.

    Though… psychological testing is not the best thing really unless you are a really ordinary bear. I had to take the testing twice to pass it. The testing isn’t really objective and if you get someone who dislikes you, say goodbye to $200.. I think it’s better to get a female psychologist to administer if you are male and vice versa.

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