Pistols, Each with a First

A first what, you may well ask?

Each of these high-condition classic pistols is the first associated with a given cartridge. Some of them were the only pistol made for that cartridge… others were the first of extremely long lines. How many of them can you name?

These all come from an informative and entertaining gallery on imgur.

The sub-theme that I am going to write about today is “firsts”. First pistol made in the various semi-automatic pistol calibers. I think it’s an appropriate topic as we approach the first of the new year. Note this is not a complete collection in that I don’t have a pistol in EVERY semi-automatic caliber. But I’ll share with you the ones that I do have.

His collection has some very fine pistols in it.

For more, go to the imgur page.

11 thoughts on “Pistols, Each with a First

  1. S

    Nice collection…..thanks!

    In return, a link. It’s mostly about the IJN, but there are some gems about WW2 battles (e.g. The Battle of the Java Sea) and some in-depth discussion about battleship armour and guns (with sheet music!). So, guns, crew served, and the IJN being ground based though not very portable, almost a perfect fit for WM. Their linked WW2 database is a bonus…


  2. DaveP

    Looks like a grip safety on the Webley, or is that just a palm swell?

    Beautiful condition of the collection, and interesting to read some about the ‘why’ of certain cal development (beyond the inherent inability of mech types to resist tinkering, of course).


  3. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

    The Webley had me for a minute, the rest were a snooze. Still something sexy about the Bren Ten.

    Hog, any idea why I’m going to moderation every post?

  4. Sommerbiwak

    good link. good photos and the desert eagle is appropriately garish. ;-)

    he needs a TT and a PM for his collection, but apart from these two he has most covered.

    1. Hognose Post author

      And technically, the TT needs to be a rare TT-30, not a common TT-33. But he might feel he has that adequately covered with the near-as-dammit 7.63 Mauser.

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