State-Sponsored Terror in Argentina

In 1994, a terrorist outrage struck Buenos Aires: a massive SVBIED in a Renault Trafic van destroyed the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) building, a Jewish community center, killing 85 people and wounding over 200. The high death toll was made possible because the bomb destroyed load-bearing walls and brought the entire building down.

The bomber was a Hezbollah foot soldier, an expendable splodydope, but the attack was planned and ordered by the highest levels of the Iranian government, including Quds Force head Ahmed Vahidi, later Defense Minister; plus Ahmad Reza Asghari, Ali Fallahijan, Imad Mughniyah, Mohsen Rabbani, Mohsen Rezai and Ali Akbar Velayati.

None of the Iranians have ever been brought to account, and one reason is that they spent large sums to buy immunity from Argentine politicians Carlos Menem, Néstor Kirchner and most recently Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Despite pressure from above to desist, an Argentine Special Prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, brought criminal complaints against both Iranian and Argentine officials. The latest of these complaints was in January, 2015. With a deft use of judicially-approved wiretaps, Nisman exposed a 2013 Memorandum of Understanding between the Argentine and Iranian governments in which Argentina received Iranian oil, in return for withdrawing international warrants for the Iranian secret service personnel responsible for the mass murder, some of whom have risen to high state in Iran.

Immediately after President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was added to his list of accused, Nisman was shot to death in his home (18 January 15), his death scene staged to make the murder look like a suicide. A successor, Gerardo Pollicita, has taken up the case.

If this sounds complicated, wait until you get into the details. For instance, as it became clear that Pollicita was going to continue to pursue the case against the President, a fire of unknown origin occurred in the basement of the Presidential residence, the Casa Rosada.

The only thing destroyed was the archive of records… very specific records.

The records burnt correspond to the Casa Rosada entry on Balcarce street, an access point used mostly by low-ranking employees and occasional visitors who must present an ID to enter. The fire did not reach the principal door, where the president, ministers, secretaries, and special guests go through.

However, a source inside the pink-hued seat of the presidency told Clarín: “Almost the whole database was deleted. Most of those who entered [the building] after the fire are ‘new’ people for the system. There are no records.”

The information, if it still exists in back-up form, could verify evidence in the intercepted audio files used by Nisman in his case against the president before being found dead in his apartment on January 19.

As Dubove notes, the wiretaps included discussions about visits to the Casa Rosada by the “parallel diplomacy” leader, Luis D’Elia, who would have had to enter and exit through that main entry given that he was not a government official at the time.

Americans think Watergate was a big scandal and Nixon was a bent politician. Yeah, it was, and he was, but not by world, or even hemispheric, standards. Sure, Harry Reid is worth tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars that miraculously appeared in his net worth while he was working for $170k a year, but the Castro and Chavez families have acquired unexplained billions. And in Argentina, this scandal’s cover-up hasn’t shrunk from murder. And the scandal itself began with the best part of a hundred murders. You won’t find a scandal like that in American politics, yet.

The Nisman investigation, his murder, and the continuing cover-up shines a lantern or two on something all of us active in Central and South America over the last 20-25 years have seen, and that’s increasing Iranian presence. And everywhere the Persians go, terrorism, either the crude AMIA bombing type carried out by a stupid, expendable splodydope imported from the Levant, or the sophisticated murder of Nisman type carried out by a local secret service in thrall to the mullahs, follows.

To learn more:

  • This site continues the work of the martyred Nisman. It may load slowly because it is under an intermittent DDOS attack, presumably by Argentine secret service hackers, but it contains transcripts and the full indictment of January 2015, in Spanish and English translation.
  • After Nisman, a special report by Joseph M. Humire of the Center for a Secure Free Society (direct link to the .pdf) examines the baleful Iranian influence on South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, using Nisman’s murder as a peg on which to hang a continental-wide report. Highly recommended, as is SFS in general.

21 thoughts on “State-Sponsored Terror in Argentina

  1. Brian Jaynes

    Typo in first line of Paragraph 5. dteails* instead of details. Keep up the good work HG.

  2. John M.

    “Americans think Watergate was a big scandal and Nixon was a bent politician. Yeah, it was, and he was, but not by world, or even hemispheric, standards.”

    Nixon wasn’t even particularly bent by FDRian standards. Nixon was hardly the first fellow to use the IRS against his enemies. Nixon just had the misfortune to be uncharismatic, and most significantly, not a Democrat.

    -John M.

    1. Kirk

      Watergate was actually more of a coup conducted by disgruntled FBI apparatchiks, who were angry that Nixon dared to put an outsider in charge after that asshole Hoover died.

      Whats astonishing is that Mark Felt was allowed to die at home in his bed, and that the media/left wing so utterly misses the significance of this whole thing even today. The myth is that Woodward and Bernstein brought down a corrupt Nixon; the reality is quite another, which is that tbe deep state brought down a duly elected president. On the world-historical scale, that was by far the most important thing about Watergate–The ample evidence from it that we the people no longer control our government. It hasn’t been true for a long time, but Watergate openly highlighted it for the first time.

      Historians of the future are going to note this event as the first case where the equivalent of that most Roman vice, the Praetorian Guard, manage to depose a sitting executive. What Watergate was was actually the prelude to the crap Reagan and Bush were subjected to, which was a betrayal by the chattering classes and the bureaucracy of the deep state.

      If any non-establishment executive is to succeed, they are going to have to either purge or bypass these forces. If someone doesn’t, the Republic is going to strangle itself until an Empire pops out…

      1. John M.

        The Left enjoys a “heroic media” myth much more than a “heroic federal law enforcement” myth.

        Though there’s no question that the media and federal law enforcement are on the same team.

        -John M.

  3. Brian Jaynes

    Typo in first line of Paragraph 5. dteails* instead of details. Keep up the good work HN. Jesus – A typo in my reply about a typo. Time to start drinking during the day I guess…

  4. raven

    And the leftists want these people to have nuke. HAVE NUKES!
    We could use them for fertilizer, but it would make my turnips stupid.

      1. LSWCHP

        Murderous bastards perhaps? I only have so much time to devote to studying the world, and the Iranians have been off my radar for a long time. I had swallowed the idea that they’re a civilised altenative to the Saudis but I’m starting to understand that they’re probably worse because unlike the Saudis they’re not dumb.

        Jeez I hate these Mohammadan pricks.

        1. Paul Rain

          When has Iran attacked America, without cause?

          Noone on the Samuel B. Roberts died, and it was a casualty of America’s support of the eeeevil dictator Saddam Hussein. 34 were murdered, and 171 injured on the USS Liberty. The Sunni dogs have killed thousands of American civilians and military personnel. And Iran is the threat?

          1. Hognose Post author

            OK, here’s two, with one little detail snipped from the first.

            Yes, Iran is our enemy even if we “leave it alone.”


            The 9/11 Commission reported that 8 to 10 of the 9/11 hijackers traveled through Iran between October 2000 and February 200l. They took advantage of an Iranian agreement to not stamp the passports of Al-Qaeda members going through the country. The travel of the hijackers appears to have been coordinated with Hezbollah, with one even boarding the same flight to Beirut as Hezbollah’s operations chief, Imad Mughniyah.


          2. Loren

            The Pan Am flight bombing over Scotland was directed by Iran.
            I’d unload a Trident sub on em if given the chance.

          3. John Distai

            In the book “Relentless Strike”, Sean Naylor talks at length about Iran’s covert backing and facilitation of all sorts of nefarious plots against the U.S. IIRC, he mentions QUD’s (sp?) Force operatives and how JSOC works to mitigate their activities.

            (Yes, I know that this info may be suspect by those with real knowledge of things).

          4. Hognose Post author

            Naylor is just about worth the powder and shot to blow him to hell. He does have sources, though, and I don’t think he makes stuff up at all. I think if he writes it he believes it to be true, and he usually has some evidence.

          5. Paul Rain

            Let me quote the actual, published (i.e. Saudwashed) 9/11 report.

            “the hijackers were taking advantage of a well-known Iranian practice of not stamping Saudi passports.”

            Saudi! Not Al-Qaeda. Though the two can, and should, be equated.

            Let’s glass Riyadh, then see if Tehran remains a problem.

          6. Paul Rain

            Loren: Are you suggesting that all the actions taken against the Right Honorable (or at least Pretty Good For An African Leader) Muhammar Gaddafi over flight 103 were illegitimate?

      2. raven

        “Persians are a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them”

        The leftists who want to arm them , not the mullahs. I don’t blame a snake for biting, thats what they do.

  5. Haxo Angmark

    if Hognose wants a direct ‘Murkan attack on Iran, he’s now got the Israel-lovin’ Prez to do it. That war will, needless top say (but I’ll say it anyway for the tone deaf), end badly for all concerned. Particularly ‘Murka.

    1. Hognose Post author

      But wait! The New York Times and Ha’aretz said that Mr Trump was Bad For The Jews, and enjoined their readers to vote for the other fella. Ah, gal. Ah, carbon-based life form.

  6. Keith

    “You won’t find a scandal like that in American politics, yet.”

    Yet, indeed.

    IMHO the only thing stopping it is the fact that were not entirely disarmed, yet.

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