The Exsanguinated Frogman Affair

Strange doings in Thailand.

A diver found with his throat slashed and tied to a post in the middle of the sea near a seedy Thai beach resort may be Russian, police said Monday.

The body, in a full wetsuit and flippers, was found on Friday tethered to a mooring post dozens of metres out to sea off Koh Larn — an island near the sleazy, crime-ridden beach town of Pattaya.

Shades of “Buster” Crabbe, who was found in a similar state after trying to reconnoiter the hull and propulsion of the Soviet warship Ordzhonikidze during the Cold War.

The macabre case has baffled detectives who say they are unable to ascertain how he died.

Wait, didn’t they just say his throat was cut?

“The initial autopsy found his throat was slashed… but the forensic doctor said it could have happened by suicide or by someone cutting him,” Pattaya police colonel Apichai Krobpetch told AFP.

Suicide? And he was lashed to a buoy?

“We believe he could be Russian… there are witnesses who said they heard him earlier speaking Russian,” he said, adding they were seeking consular help to identify the man.

Well, if he was a Russian organized crime figure, the Russian cops should have prints and a file. None of those guys has no criminal history.

Koh Larn is a short boat ride from Pattaya — a town located a few hours south of Bangkok and notorious for its go-go bars and links with organised crime.

The town is popular with Russian holidaymakers, who are met with Russian-speaking staff in some hotels and menus and street signs written in their language.

Hey, Putin may miss the USSR, but in the USSR they’d never trust ordinary Russians to go to the fleshpots of Pattaya. For fear they won’t come back.

Which, come to think of it, is what happened to this mystery frog, Russian or not — wherever he came from, he won’t be coming back.

15 thoughts on “The Exsanguinated Frogman Affair

  1. Keith

    “Shades of “Buster” Crabbe, who was found in a similar state after trying to reconnoiter the hull and propulsion of the Soviet warship Ordzhonikidze during the Cold War.”

    Is there anything on the net about this? First I’ve seen on it.

    1. Quill_&_Blade

      Interesting the things people know…I wouldn’t know a thing about it, except that my boys were watching a history video about Kruschev (sp?) He was in England, had just boarded a ship for some ceremonial presentation, when one of his staffers gets an emergency message about a diver under the ship. Kruschev is immediately taken off the ship by his staff. That’s how I seem to remember it. Don’t want to find the video. Would have to wade through reams of internet history about making armor, gauntlets, trebuchets, crossbows, sieges, castles, so on…these guys are into it, make their own.

  2. Haxo Angmark

    wait a minute…didn’t Buster Crabb star in some 1950’s TV series about the French Foreign Legion??? Could there have been 2 Buster Crabb’s? I always figured the actor and the frogman killed by the Russians were the same guy. ‘Cause the series ended at just about the same time as the subaqueation.

  3. RostislavDDD

    Typical travel abroad limitation, persons working with sensitive information (special forces fall under this article) – 5 years.
    In the 90s, crime openly recruited “soldiers”, military special forces tightened in gangs. The cafe not far from any such units, constantly sat recruiters.
    For reading in Russian, I can recommend a good book special forces colonel. Started ordinary “frog” in the special forces of the Soviet Navy (novel “Sailor SpN). He entered the military academy, was released in the Seals. The war in Chechnya, as a native of Grozny, was transferred to the Army SF (the storming of Grozny novel” City “), etс . In spring 1995 formed, and two years of the war he commanded 584-th separate spetsnaz company of 58 A.
    Badge 160 separate battalion of counter-sabotage forces and means (Vidjaevo, Northern Fleet). It’s not even spetsnaz, protection of naval bases.

    1. Bert

      Full wetsuit? Not really needed for cold, daylight fun diving at that lattitude and shallow sport diving depths… Dark colored full wetsuit?

      Someone fishing for square grouper? Maybe without a license…

  4. W. Fleetwood

    If I recall correctly Crabb vanished while doing a recon of a Soviet cruiser which was tied up at a British dock after transporting some Soviet Bigshot to London. I don’t think his body was ever found, with or without major lacerations.

    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

    1. RostislavDDD

      Lieutenant Commander Crabbe (most likely) was tightened under the ship’s screw. Specially including the engine or not, we’ll never know. The body washed up on shore after 14 months.

  5. Dienekes

    I got a few days’ R and R at Pattya Beach in 1967. Back then it looked like Gilligan’s Island (minus Mary Ann).

    1. DaveP.

      To paraphrase Terry Pratchett, there are many ways to commit suicide. Noticing the wrong people doing the wrong things can be one way to kill yourself; saying the wrong things in the wrong ears can be another.

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