A Couple of Rare CZs Available

First, the practical pistol. This is much like the P-01 we carry, except with an extended mag release, steel frame and an ambidextrous safety (instead of the P-01’s alloy frame and decocker).


CZUB wound up holding the bag for an order of 500 of them, and they’ve all gone to a US distributor. They’re reasonably priced for an all-metal quality gun, and available from several different wholesalers for delivery to your FFL (It looks like the guns pass through these wholesalers on paper, but drop-ship from the distributor). In alphabetical order:

  • Anacortes Gun Shop (which has a live-update of the number remaining in distributor inventory);
  • Mr Gun Dealer (a veteran owned business, it says here);
  • Tombstone Tactical (which has a cool name, and free shipping);
  • Also, Slick Guns is not a dealer, but has a comparison page that lets you shop multiple dealers by SKU (that link checks this gun), including the ones linked here and some others besides.

Note that the low-cost sellers at KY Gun Co. use a picture of this gun, but the one they have is not the same SKU, and not the gun illustrated, SKU 99021. (They have an image disclaimer on the page). You can save money there — they often retail guns for less than your local FFL can get them wholesale through the manufacturer’s approved channels — but never buy from there without matching manufacturer SKUs.

Personally, we prefer the light weight of the alloy frame, and these days we prefer a momentary-contact decocker to either the traditional CZ-75 safety (where the available modes are cocked and locked, and hammer down locked or unlocked) or the decocking safety as pioneered by Walther and used by so many other guns (Beretta, old S&W autos, etc.). But some people want these either for the features or for the rarity of a short-run CZ. (For hard-core collectors, note that many of the practical users will have CZ Custom or CGW customized triggers, thinning the initial herd of 500).

Hat tip to  in the comments, who sent us to this thread at the CZ Firearms forum.

Next, we have a work of art. The CZ-75B 40th Anniversary already comes in a limited edition of 1000 (of which 999 were sold, numbered 40th001 through 40th999), with some neat features. This is the prototype, 40th000, literally # 1 of 1,000.


CZ USA describes it, as you might expect, in glowing detail:

During the forty years since its 1975 introduction, the CZ 75 has grown to be one of the most important handgun designs in history. Over the last four decades, the 75 became the most widely used handgun among police and military worldwide and ranks in the top two most copied handgun designs ever. To celebrate the anniversary, CZUB set their master engraver, Rene Ondra, to the task of creating a special pistol for the occasion.

Each pistol is hand-engraved in the Czech Republic in true old-world style, with a hammer pushing the engraver’s tool through each minute detail of the art decorating the slide and frame, which are then polished and finished in a deep, glossy blue.

The controls, extractor, grip screws and magazine baseplate are finished in a rainbow titanium nitride, an attractive and extremely tough finish. Lest there are any concerns about the durability of this finish, this is the same type of finish that is applied to drill bits to extend their working life up to three times those without the coating. To finish off the look, smooth, high-grade California birds-eye Maple grips are added. Dyed to match the hues of the frame and controls, the grips seem otherworldly, looking less like wood and more like a snapshot sent to Earth from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Chambered in 9mm, the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition ships in a leather-bound presentation case with two 16-round magazines. Only 1000 pieces will be produced, each individually numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


That’s nice, and a classically Czech mix of heart-of-Europe craftsmanship and space-age technology. But that’s not the work of art we’re talking about. It’s this work of art. CZ Custom (a private firm that works closely with the importer, CZ-USA, and which is one of the two best-regarded CZ tuners) took one of these rare, expensive guns (#299 of 999), and is selling it for more than double the money that the 40th Anniversary guns (some of which are still out there for sale, including at CZ Custom) go for. Why? Well, just, look: 


Nice, eh? Yes, that’s color case hardening on the frame. Note it’s also been reshaped to a classic, elegant round-bow trigger guard. Flip side:


Now, here’s what they did to it:

CZ Custom’s Eric Zinn took special care in putting this beauty together. Great frame work from high cut for a better grip, reshaping the beavertail and rounding the triggerguard for the classic CZ look.

Also the CZ Custom trigger job with competiton hammer, short reset disconnector, extended firing pin, milled for Heinie Slant Pro sights and a beautiful black serrated front sight.

Special attention to the finish is performed too. Beautiful polished blue slide by Eric and color case harden frame done by MJ Tulo Gunworks and hand laquer wood grips.

There is no other CZ75 like this one combining beauty and performance.

As far as we know, this is the only one they made. We want it… but we told you guys first. How selfless is that? (We also are a bit diffident about the $3,500 price tag). One of a kind anything is hard to sell. But the buyer of this will have the only gun like it — a beautiful gun that is, alas, too fine to shoot.

14 thoughts on “A Couple of Rare CZs Available

  1. Boat Guy

    Tempting because of the rail especially. How plentiful (or NOT) is the supply of spare mags for these guys?

    1. Hognose Post author

      No problem, Mec-Gar makes great mags for CZs, guaranteed to work. They may not be in your local retailer but your dealer can get ’em or you can order ’em online.

      1. RSR

        CZ75 Compact mags fit flush. Other/regular CZ75 mags should function flawlessly as well… Various tricks and aftermarket parts for “grip extensions.”

        I think these would make good bedside gun or range gun vs alloy framed… Alloy clearly better for daily carry on the hip. Slightly heavier and rail for light. Steel frame should also holdup better over the years from use vs the alloy frames.

      2. 2hotel9

        You can order them from Midway for as low as $19.95 for 16rd. Just ordered 2 more for my SAR K2P.

  2. Steve

    While a steel frame, manual safety compact is not my cup of tea, they’re appealing simply because they’re unique. I imagine they’ll sell quick once the word gets out. I personally prefer the small number of steel frame P-01s with decockers coming from Israel via CDI Sales on Gunbroker, but the more CZ variants that exist on the US market, the merrier for me.

    The color case hardening on the second gun is gorgeous, but it’s a pity it was done to such a tacky, tribal-tattoo afflicted, come-at-me-bro anniversary edition. What CZ was thinking when they selected that look will forever be a mystery to me. I really like the look of the rounded trigger guard. I wish CZ would bring back the trigger guard of the Pre-Bs and integrate the ergonomic improvements of the SP-01 (slide serrations, changes in frame profile, higher beavertail, some of which were originally on the Pre-Bs) into the standard CZ-75B line.

  3. Docduracoat

    Love my CZ 75!
    Could it really be 20 years old?
    My first introduction to guns at my first real job
    I’ve had literally thousands of rounds of every kind of ammo thru it without a single malfunction… Ever
    Still dead nuts accurate ( I save my targets and compare them)
    I am amazed that it is not more popular
    Rugged, accurate, and sexy (unlike the ever more popular Glock)
    Available as Hognose said with safety or decocker.
    I suggest one to people who ask me what gun to buy and I always get a “huh, never heard of it” response
    The CZ Rami would be my choice for concealed carry, but it is just too fat in the handle
    Come on CZ and make a single stack 9!!!!!!!!!

  4. James B.

    I look at it this way, if it’s proofed, it’s been shot. Shoot it some more. Think of those lovely, yet worn, engraved SAA’s from a more civilized age.. Honest wear and Honest care, Load ‘er up, cause I’d go there.

  5. Sommerbiwak

    Hognose, you should apply for a job as salesman for fine czech products. ;-)

    That colour case hardening looks so awesome. Such a obvious choice for a steel frame. Should be a factory option. Though that engraving looks like a late nineties early 00s tramp stamp to me…

    1. Hognose Post author

      That cracked me up, bro. If I wasn’t taking November to write a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month, I’d probably be finishing my Czech handguns book.

  6. 2hotel9

    Have always loved CZ pistols, along with Walthers, which led me to buy a SAR K2P last year. Yes, price was a concern. I like external hammer and manual safety(which I actually rarely use) and SA/DA. So I joined the 21st Century by going polymer(baby steps, guys, baby steps!) to replace my Walther P 1. Which was my leap into the 20th Century in 2002, replacing my Enfield No 2 Mk1*. Yea, I like things with long track records of success, so this K2P is a bit outside my comfort zone. So far so good, put 1600 rds through it so far and it is golden. Consistent groups out to 40 feet, 2 out of 3 on the 12 inch steel plate at 65. Only appreciable signs of wear are on the right hand side safety catch and rear sight corner, I carry in waist band SoB and the finish is rubbing on those spots. Other than that I am loving it. Have talked a couple of people, with deeper pockets, into buying CZs in the last few months so I am doing my part to keep Czech Brand Czech weapons moving off the shelves, and going to link this post to a few people that would be interested.

  7. John Smith

    …I would always feel a slight sting of regret akin to a fading barbed wire arm band.
    I do echo the praise for these pistols in general though and that case hardening….stunning.

  8. anonymous

    That compact carry gun is very nice. I don’t own an actual CZ but bought the TZ-75 back in very late 1980’s when Cold War made the original very difficult to find here in America. My most accurate 9mm Para to date, even now and the grip design is the most comfortable I have ever used. I just wish I had bought a 45ACP version before prices reached the stratosphere.

    Thank you sir.

  9. Mike_C

    > a pity it was done to such a tacky, tribal-tattoo afflicted, come-at-me-bro anniversary edition
    >> engraving looks like a late nineties early 00s tramp stamp

    Yes and yes. Would have been much prettier without the unfortunate engraving, but I do admit to being partial to the birdseye maple grips. Still, there is definitely weirder in the commemorative camera world. Below, two Rollei 35-mm (film) cameras, a gold-plated Leica MP (digital rangefinder) celebrating the 60th year of the People’s Republic of China (gosh, no irony there) and a truly bizarre, officially-sanctioned Hello Kitty/Playboy limited edition of some rebadged-as-Leica Panasonic digital point-and-shoot.

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