So How Bad was the Iran Bad Deal?

whiteflagIn a review of the new book The Iran Wars, by WSJ correspondent Jay Solomon, Omri Ceren boils down the essence of the incredibly bad deal into less than two paragraphs. Excerpted:

In exchange for sitting down and talking, the Iranians would get hundreds of millions of dollars monthly, stabilizing their economy. Eventually U.S. diplomats offered Iran a deal that legalized full-blown uranium, plutonium, and ballistic-missile work on a timeline—with international sponsorship for Iranian work in the meantime—and did not force the country to disclose its previous nuclear cheating.

The deal also immediately released roughly a hundred billion dollars to Iran, shredded the international sanctions regime, would have American officials traveling to drum up business for Iran, removed restrictions on a range of Iranian terrorists, and allowed Iran to keep spinning thousands of centrifuges throughout the deal—and then, to sell all of that, the president and his allies said that American diplomats did the best anyone could have.

via Let’s Make a Bad Deal | commentary.

The party to the negotiation that is more anxious to make a deal gets the worst of the deal. And if your anxiety rises to the level of desperation, you really get the worst of the deal. You don’t need to have spent time in the souks of Tehran to grasp that. And the US was so desperate for this deal, that it cut a deal that was fundamentally an unconditional surrender. Pathetic.

Meanwhile, in other diplomatic triumphs, the State Department’s spokesmen (and their useful idiots in the press) are still raving about the great cease-fire deal that we cut with the Russians in Syria, even though Russian jets bombed the US’s proxies last week, and US jets bombed the Russians’ this week. Or maybe that was the other way around: Peace in Our Time® is confusing.


But wait, it gets worse. Former terrorism prosecutor Andy McCarthy (he’s the guy who put the first batch of WTC-bombing terrorists, from 1993, in Club Fed) has a rundown on what Iran is doing with its American cash.

The part that was hostage ransom — about $1.7 billion — went to the IRGC to promote terrorism and jihad. Some of this probably shores up the Syrians that we’re ineptly sort-of fighting. (And Russia is ineptly sort-of supporting). The dispostion of the tens of billions more that is not hostage ransom, but simple tribute, is murkier, but as McCarthy points out, money is fungible and will be spent according to Iranian priorities. As Andy wraps up:

Not to worry, though — it’s not like they’re threatening our naval vessels, humiliating our sailors, massing Hezbollah forces on Israel’s border, or chanting “Death to America,” right?

This agreement is all bad, every bit of it, even to the punctuation marks and white space therein;  it could have only been negotiated and approved by persons who loathe America and the West, and . And it’s one more data point on the 5,000 year pile of evidence that appeasement, acquiescence and self-abasement are no source of national success or even survival.

24 thoughts on “So How Bad was the Iran Bad Deal?

  1. Ti

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one(this is firearms blog, there will be others) who has actually armed up to go check house. P7M10 – pretty safe in any mode – certainly chambered plus 10 in mag. I have no reservation about stuffing it under mattress, w one in chamber.

    In my adult life, I’ve only done this once and it was when I rented a house that had been broken into while I was at work(other incident there).

  2. Pilot MKN

    “Some of this probably shores up the Syrians that we’re ineptly sort-of fighting.”

    Iran is supporting the Syrian government against Al Qaeda and ISIS. Not only do you not have a clue about the Iran Deal, you can’t even accurately state who Iran is supporting.

    1. Hognose Post author

      My meaning was, we’re ineptly sort-of fighting against the Government of Syria, by supporting some Islamist factions.

      Whether that is good policy is another question (no, Assad is not worse that the Islamists), but the US is now financing two discrete sides of this three-cornered was. And the guys we support differ little from the ISIL/Al-Nusra types.

      1. Sommerbiwak

        Exaxtly. But I somehow doubt those responsible for.this policy in Syria are machiavellian cynics that would feed the grinder in hopes it would kill lots of jihadis and exsanguinate the movement.

        This Iran deal looks to me to get a “cheap and easy” success to sell to the american public. Who cares what is going to happen when the current administration leaves office?

  3. Boat Guy

    As bad as was expected once Feckless and Company announced it.
    “Reset – the Strong Diplomacy”
    It’s difficult to type with my jaws so strongly clenched…cause my hands are clenching too…

  4. rc

    If Obama and Kerry were actively working to aid and abet America’s enemies in destroying her, what would they be doing differently?

  5. Stacy0311

    And the next administration that has to clean up this mess will be labeled “war mongers who ‘undid’ years of careful diplomacy by the Obama administration”.
    While that feckless clown will appear on late night talk shows offering his opinion on handling the situation that he created.

    When I inevitably end up back in that shithole know as the Middle East, I’m painting “Ski Tabriz” on my tank.

  6. Toastrider

    You know, it’s important never to ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity. But this ‘deal’ really, really makes me wonder if all that claptrap about Obama being a ‘secret Muslim’ is really claptrap.

    Iran has not changed its stripes. Their government continues to oppress its own people, and trumpet the cause of Islamic terrorism (but I repeat myself) abroad. Now with a nice big windfall of cash to spend!

    1. Haxo Angmark

      Obama is not a “secret” Muslim. He referred to “my Muslim faith” in the Stephanopulos interview, and Steffi had to walk it back for him. In the “bitter clingers”remark, he said “guns AND BIBLES”. On occasion, he wears an Islamic signet ring. During his formative years he was educated in an Indonesian Muslim school. He is an actual and for real Muslim.

      as to Iran not loving us, this is not surprising: repelling Sadaam Hussein’s Isramerica-sponsored aggression during the mid-19080’s cost the lives of c. 1,000,000 Iranian soldiers and civilians. And it’s none of Americas business whether or not Iran gets nuclear weapons; in fact, any oil-producer that wants to get off the debtbuck had better have nukes, or they’ll get what Iraq and Libya got. In the meantime, if Zion-in-Palestine feels threatened by Iran’s weapons program, they can do their own violent dirty work. Instead of ‘Murka doing it for them.

      1. RSR

        Should read “Sadaam Hussein’s America-sponsored aggression during the mid-1980s.” Israel supplied a lot of war materiel to the Iranians during that war — the US and Israel supported different sides, though Israel denied it (reselling US supplied parts, weaponry, and all that, being paid for by US taxpayers…)
        Recall at the time, Iraq support to Syria during Yom Kippur War stopped the Israeli Army from seizing Damascus. Israel was in the midst of a depression and commercial/international sales are what allowed them to fund rearmament of their armed forces, and Iran hadn’t begun funding/supporting its Palestinian enemies in any meaningful way…
        Realpolitk plain and simple — Arabs, including Iraq, were Israel’s enemies, so fight them don’t help them. So long as Arabs are fighting someone other than Jews, it’s a win…

        Fair to say during the Iran-Iraq war, Israelis were the “machiavellian cynics” Sommerbiwak mentioned in comment above… Actually,

        September 20, 2016 at 15:10
        Exaxtly. But I somehow doubt those responsible for.this policy in Syria are

  7. Tierlieb

    I’ve often been criticized that we libertarians have no clear-cut concept for foreign policy. I never figured that the answer would simply be “yeah, but neither do the others”. Wow, what a mess.

    1. Loren

      When Trump announced I figured yeah right, give it a month. Now, not so sure. I absolutely love a non politician, non RINO getting in. He’s even mellowed enough I can stand listening to him for a couple of minutes. If he’s smart enough to pick good advisors, and he is, we might get a good president finally. Been a long time.

      1. Bloke_from_ohio

        Trump would be the most analyzed and watched leader in the history of modern democracy. He won’t be able to fart without the media losing their collective minds. The media criticism that would be involved in a Trump presidency would make what Bush and Cheney got look like high praise bordering on worship.

        Secretary Clinton on the other hand, the media is so far in the tank for her, I can’t even come up with a witty remark about it. And that makes me sad.

        -Over educated operations analyst

  8. JAFO

    I fear that our sons, and possibly grandsons, will still be cleaning up this mess.

    For a while I thought Obama, Kerry and their mob were feckless or cynical opportunists. By now, it seems something far worse.

  9. Docduracoat

    We should throw all our support to the Syrian Kurds
    The Turks have proven to be poor allies
    Arming any other faction in Syria is arming Islamic fundamentalists
    The Kurds have proven to be excellent fighters and even though mostly Sunni, have not been terrorists
    If we gave the a few turbo prop ground attack planes and some artillery pieces we would not need any American troops on the ground in Syria

  10. 11B-Mailclerk

    There are times, when I firmly believe that our dealings with the mideast and Iran can be summed up with a simple anology:

    There is a large port-a-potty, grossly over used and over full, to overflowing, where we stand beside the open seat, holding above head-height a large rock over the hole. We are trying to decide which turds upon which to drop the rock, and wether to let it go gently or slam it with all our might.

    Even doing nothing at all, the situation stinks to high heaven. Any action will be a spectacular splash, mostly to our detriment and to no significant reduction in the volume of turds, just to their arrangement.

  11. Splinter 5

    …..don’t forget what Senators Corker /McConnell did to Treaty Approval Powers, SHREDDERS OF THE constitution, TO ENSURE IRAN DEAL WENT thru FOR FRIGIDAIRE MAN aka. John Kerry, selling America !!!!

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