Where did the Gitmo Terrorists Go?

Here’s an interactive we found at Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Most of these terrorists are believed to have returned to terror activity. Such a return has been documented in over a third of cases.

Interesting to note that two of the Guantanamo terrorists were released into the USA — one Saudi, and one from Tanzania. Good (as in “connected”) lawyers from Covington & Burling or other greedy Terror Bar law firms? Newfound oil wealth by some middle-rank bureaucrat at the DOJ? These guys were our snitches inside? Any guess works, we suppose. The UK got stuck with 15 jihadis, but 9 of them were nominal, at least, Britons; only 6 were foreign jihadis. Why the Brits took them is beyond us.

16 thoughts on “Where did the Gitmo Terrorists Go?

  1. redc1c4

    IMHO, where they should have gone was into the middle of the Gulf Stream…

    after that, it would have been up to Allah to judge them worthy, by letting them wash up alive in Europe someplace.

    1. Sommerbiwak

      Because there has never ever been a case of innocents being thrown into jail. And when they are in jail there must be something. Right…

      My solution is to drop them all off in GWB’s garden. He wanted them. He can keep them. The small number detained has been inconsequential to keeping terrorists off the street. The only purpose Camp X serves is as recruiting advert for the derkaderkas jihadis.

      1. Raoul Duke

        …because there has never ever been a case of enemy combatants captured on a battlefield actually wanting to kill Americans, or participate in global jihad. (Fixed it for you.)

        Damn that GWB, I say! How dare he try to prosecute a war, collect actionable intelligence, or destroy the network of people who did nothing more than ram airplanes into buildings, set off bombs, and generally be nice guys.

        1. Sommerbiwak

          Who exactly sitting (or formerly sitting) in camp x was involved in the four plane attack fifteen years ago?

          Spreading freedom and democracy by putting prisoners intentionally into a legal gray area not governed by neither US nor cuban law is really promoting the western values(tm) of proper and due process, The rule of law and all these other inconveniences. Definitely will turn them into tree hugging peaceniks and convince them of america.

          But it is only hypocrisy when the other side does it. right?

          And what was the gain? The USA lost credibility with about a billion muslims and lots of other people. Yup winning hearts and minds. And lots and lots of new possible terrorists, because they hate the US of A.

          When someone up high says “that is the enemy” and points at someone you switch off all thinking? Reminds me of the jihadis. Those shitheads do not critically think much either.

          So looking at the issue sober, what did the USA gain? Reputation lost, a camp of prisoners that Obama did not really know how to handle and a great propganda tool for the enemy. Well if it has been the intention to help the enemy… congratulations. They can point at Camp X ray to illustrate american values.

          1. Hognose Post author

            First, to answer your question:

            Who exactly sitting (or formerly sitting) in camp x was involved in the four plane attack fifteen years ago?

            Does the name Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ring a bell?

            Spreading freedom and democracy by putting prisoners intentionally into a legal gray area…

            I agree absolutely. We should have executed them summarily, on capture or on the completion of interrogations for intelligence, as we did with Werwolf cadres in 1945-6 and francs tireurs throughout recorded history.

  2. Air

    My idea has always been was to use an old C-130 with a half bag of fuel, heading towards Mecca… Piloted by two SEALs

  3. Jeb

    Sommer hit it on the head. Quite humorous how quick Americans are to behead the Haj because he was accused (many times by a fellow butt hurt neighbor) of being a terrorist. How many damn convictions has Gimp’mo turned up? That’s right…a number less than how many times I drop a turd in a day. How many were detained and processed at the start of our occupation? When we were offering bags of cash for questionable Haji? Judging from the consensus of the American majority, Americans are no better than “good Jews” who sold their fellow man out from hiding during the Reich nor Haji’s who wIll settle age old squabbles with their neighbor or the dude who banged their wife by telling American forces dude is a Tango in exchange for money. You forget about those cases, Hognose, and the very real fact that not only did it exist (as it does in our beloved America) but it prevented dick shit…as it does in our country. It achieves fellow man turning on fellow man over some fucking emotions – except in America we counter it by saying “united we stand…”. Kinda like Christians who drink, cheat, lie and steal (not mentioning the kiddy diddlers, Catholics will get offended) who counter with “not perfect, but forgiven”. To wit, Hognose, you take ANYONE and remove them for up to 5 yrs from their families, treating them like utter shit, feeding them the equivalent of shit, refusing to allow them to shit and subjecting them to even shittier conditions than the shit conditions of their home – and you successfully created a shitty situation when you finally decide you have no evidence to substantiate ANY of the accusations you made and are forced by foreign countries/allies to release them. You successfully bred a tango with more than hatred in his heart. Now ask yourself, was that the fucking reason to begin with? If not, why do they do the same thing to Americans throughout American prisons?

    1. Seans

      I had the unfortunate assignment of working the prisons early in my military career. The conditions are not even close to what you describe. When they get access to library’s, foosball tables, plasma tvs, volleyball and soccer. A choice of 6 different meal choices(of better quality food than the guards get). The situation in the prisons isn’t even close to what the public reality. Most Americans would demand to have the prisons shut down if they saw how well the prisoners had it compared to the American prisons.
      And the vast majority of guys there deserved to be there.

    2. Rand Koch

      “How many damn convictions has Gimp’mo turned up? That’s right…a number less than how many times I drop a turd in a day. How many were detained and processed at the start of our occupation? When we were offering bags of cash for questionable Haji?”

      You’re making a common mistake. Most of them were not guilty of a crime, or at least not provably guilty so. It was not a crime under U.S. law for an Arab to be a member of a group affiliated with Al Qaeda. (They changed this later, but not enough to matter.)

      It’s the same as any war. You take prisoners, and keep them locked up until the end of the war. The majority of German prisoners we held in WWII were law-abiding. We didn’t have to charge them with the crime of being a German soldier because it wasn’t against U.S. law for a German citizen to be a member of the German army.

      The fact that Guantanamo detainees aren’t qualified for POW status is THEIR fault, not ours. POW status is legally irrelevant to whether or not we can hold them. This is why the Supreme Court said Gitmo is legal. Even after ruling against the Bush administration on some issues, the end result is still that it’s fully legal to hold these prisoners until the end of the war.

      Every detainee there now has had a tribunal, annual reviews, and a habeas review by federal judge. The German POWs didn’t have it this good.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Guys, check out Rand’s blog (linked in his name) for more on Gitmo.

        In WWII, unlawful combatants were not always taken alive (Werwolf agents, etc.). Instead, they were shot on sight, or, if the US or UK was feeling unusually beneficent, held for a couple of days, given a summary court-martial under the Articles of War, and shot by firing squad. Hundreds (at least) of them. I do not know how the Soviets handled them but would expect that shooting was in their protocol somewhere, too.

        Interesting observation: US, UK and USSR won WWII in 4, 6 and 4 years respectively. And shot unlawful combatants. US, UK and Russia now put these asshats on trial, and have been fighting weaponized Islam for about 15, 15 and 40 with no victory in sight. What say we kill the sonofabitches and negotiate with their widows and orphans, including making them yield up their evil ideology as we did with the Nazis and Japanese militarists?

        1. Sommerbiwak

          Germany and Japan were properly recognized states adhering to the usual requirements. Thus the roles of war apply.

          The many non state actors like alqaeda and others and the wannabe “new caliphate” do not. IT ist not a war.

          And fifteen years have shown one thing, we are not winning. But hey, if it does not work more of the same.

          1. Rand Koch


            It’s a war if Congress said it is. The Supreme Court agreed. Even Al Qaeda said it’s a war.

            We’re not sending arrest warrants and subpoenas to Al Qaeda. Well, you can try it if you want.

        2. Rand Koch

          Thanks for the note about the link.

          I wasn’t going to say it — and it’s late now — but I do have a further elaboration on this here:

          It links to the DOJ report on this.

          Needless to say, the phrase “never charged with a crime” that they give to these detainees really bugs me. This just isn’t a matter of crimes.

          Yes, we should go back to the WWII rules. They were strict, but not particularly cruel. They often did get a tribunal somewhat comparable to what the Gitmo detainees started getting in 2004. But we don’t really need to execute them. Just holding them until the war is over would have been fine with me. And it is a war.

  4. SGT.BAG

    I don’t see the CONUS on the list. But I am positive a chit load are here under a nom de guerre.

  5. Rand Koch

    Maybe I’m tired today, but I keep up with this stuff a bit, and I don’t recall any detainees transferred to the U.S.

    There was only one detained who was found to be a U.S. citizen by virtue of his birth. He was transferred to Saudi Arabia after agreeing to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

    When you mouse over it, this diagram says that one of the two was from Saudi, and the other from Tanzania. Ahmed Ghailani is from Tanzania, and currently held at at supermax in the U.S. But he was never in Guantanamo. That makes me wonder if this page is including other jihadis besides those at Gitmo.

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