Military Priority: Sex Changes

"She's a man, baby!" This is why they're too busy to address readiness or technology problems.

“She’s a man, baby!” This is why the SecDef is too busy to address readiness or technology problems.

Hey, we have the weakest Army and smallest Navy since the heyday of America FIrst! isolationism. We have had a full return of post-Vietnam style readiness pencil-whipping.

What are the suits in the E-Ring working on to enhance combat power, so that our military can deter, deny, degrade and defeat rivals and potential enemies? Sex Change Policy Documents.

The first of which, the Transgender Service Member Policy Implementation Fact Sheet, is attached for your perusal. It has been sent to all DOD leaders (and may be sent to all hands). It illustrates, if any further illustration was needed, that the only war the E-Ring is preparing to fight is the endless Social Justice War. The implementation runs about like this:

  • Effective immediately, mentally ill people who imagine they’re the opposite sex are, for all intents and purposes, untouchable. Their delusion must be taken seriously by all.
  • Effective 1 October 16 the DOD and the services will issue training materials and DOD medical facilities will provide sex changes on demand.
  • NLT 1 June 2017, all personnel will be subjected to mandatory training on all the glories and wonders of the transgender lifestyle.
  • NLT 1 July 2017, the services must accept transgender candidates as recruits, academy cadets or midshipmen, and ROTC students.
  • In a token nod to fiscal responsibility, recruits are supposed to be “stable in their preferred gender” and not need new surgeries, etc.
  • As soon as PFC Joe Tentpeg says he’s Josephine, he is Josephine, and moves in to the female barracks, whizzes standing up and shaves his beard in the female latrine, and tests to female PT standards.

There’s no guidance yet on what happens to the change-and-change-back trannies. Also, you can’t call a tranny a tranny:

Any discrimination against a Service member based on their gender identity is sex discrimination and may be addressed through the Department’s equal opportunity channels.


Diverse vibrancy is what these people believe in, in place of God.

Reportedly, the VA is also being directed to prioritize such sex change elective surgery.

Inside DOD, the attached document will be followed by a Directive Type Memorandum and a Department of Defense Instruction.


It’s a really good year to be retired, isn’t it? Imagine what the next step the SJWs will demand, after this.

When they make this mandatory, will Ash Carter go first? We’ll bring the Sawzall.

42 thoughts on “Military Priority: Sex Changes

  1. ToastieTheCoastie

    For the internet meme illiterate, the new thing to identify as is an attack helicopter. After all, if a boy can be a girl, and a girl can be a gay man who is sometimes a lesbian, why can’t I be an attack helicopter?

    Does anyone feel like this insanity is reaching it’s peak? It’s like we are on a much accelerated timeline of the Roman Empire’s collapse.

    1. John Smith

      The depths of insanity have yet to be plumbed by this crowd. Leftist are infamous for terrific abuses in the name of “progress”*.
      As is happening here, they first employ demonizing names for those that disagree with them- such as “bigot”, (or the now ubiquitous and utterly ridiculous “hater”). This marginalizes and has a dehumanizing effect on their political adversaries. This step, while slight, is as dangerous as it is common.

      *See Lenin, Castro, Che, Pol Pot, etc.

  2. John M.

    “It’s a really good year to be retired, isn’t it? Imagine what the next step the SJWs will demand, after this.”

    Anything that can’t go on forever won’t. One senses a day of reckoning approaching.

    -John M.

  3. KPKo

    Although I don’t usually look for this sort of thing, I have encountered the existence of a mental illness condition in which a person with four normally- functioning limbs fantasizes about having one of them amputated. Sometimes such folk even act upon this with amateur medical techniques, resulting in a ride to the nearest hospital.

    The medical community properly treats this as a psychological problem and after fixing whatever physical problem exists, requires the patient to receive significant counseling.

    So how is this transgender fad any different? A patient tells their doctor they want their leg cut off and the doctor sends them to counseling rather than the chop shop. But another patient shows up and wants their wee-wee whacked and society tells us this must be treated differently?

    And apparently in the military this is now given the force of policy too, so now not only can you not call mental illness what it is but can be punished for failing to follow the policy?

    Maybe I will just randomly self-identify with a different illness every week or two and then expect society to accommodate my extensive list of demands in the name of inclusiveness and diversity.

    The US is long overdue for an existential crisis to help refocus our priorities.

    1. Hognose Post author

      And apparently in the military this is now given the force of policy too, so now not only can you not call mental illness what it is but can be punished for failing to follow the policy?

      That, plus. Plus, you cannot criticize the policy, let alone the confused critters that Ash intends this policy to benefit.

      Imagine the non-scholarship ROTC student who identifies as a West Point grad and demands a Regular commission. How is this different?

      1. John M.

        I’m actually considering self-identifying as the Navy SEAL who waxed Bin Laden.

        I know what you’re thinking, bigot.

        -John M.

  4. S

    The manifestation of sexual perversion is a punishment for a prior worse offence. See Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Chapter 1, and study the leadup to verse 24. Of course, if you’re in the evolution crowd, disregard it, since without Genesis Chapters 1-11 there is no foundation for anything else, and you are outside the Christian faith. If this is a problem, reconsider the rejection of what God says about creation, because resurrection is a few orders of magnitude higher…and that’s the crux.

  5. Larry Kaiser

    A. People with questions about their sexual identity commit suicide at a much greater rate than average.
    B. Sex change surgery with hormone therapy is expensive and not covered by a lot of insurance plans.
    C. If the government is going to pay for these procedures we can expect an increase in the number of people entering the armed forces in order to take advantage of that medical care.
    D. This will lead to an increase in suicide rates among veterans and active duty personnel and an increase in attrition in Academy, ROTC, and enlisted training programs.

    1. John M.

      E. Which suicide rate increase will be blamed on George W. Bush, conservative Christians and the NRA.

      -John M.

    2. Sommerbiwak

      Isn’t a soldier dependent on regular medication (diabetes, blood pressure, whatever) not considered unfit for combat duty? Why should people with these sex issues not be discharged? (yeah I know inclusive ness blah blah). But how effective is someone that must take hormones to keep the body in am unstable balance? When the pills are not swallowed, the body freaks out totally because the artificial balance goes sideways and all manner of crazy things happen like mood swings in all directions.

  6. Docduracoat

    I am Jewish and I am outside the Christian faith
    I have read Genesis
    I do not see any connection to believing you are a different sex.
    I agree with the others here that believing you are a different sex than the one you are in reality is a mental illness
    No different than thinking you are Napoleon or Jesus
    If you think you are a general, and you are really a private, they will lock you up.
    How has thinking you are a girl when you are really a boy become normal?

    1. John M.

      “Male and female created He them…”

      Biological sex is integral to how God created us, and crucial for understanding our place in His universe. To reject this is to reject the God who created us.

      But closer to S’s point, Genesis 1-11 is the part of the Bible that needs to be discarded in order to adopt an evolutionary/old earth view of creation. It includes the six days of creation, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, original sin, Noah’s flood, the Tower of Babel and God’s subsequent confusion of languages and scattering of peoples across the earth.

      -John M.

    2. S

      “I have read Genesis
      I do not see any connection to believing you are a different sex.”

      That’s because the direct connection is made in Romans, though there is more than enough in the Old Testament to show that sexual perversion was but one symptom of a much deeper problem….see Jeremiah, or this from Ezekiel 16:

      “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.”

      Mental illness shouldn’t be expanded to include moral evil, any more than it was once used to persecute dissent in the USSR.

      How has this abomination become normal? School, media, and pulpits. Mainly school; how can an exhausted parent (or two, if applicable still) contend against 40 hours a week of indoctrination in the little time left each day?

      1. Quill_&_Blade

        “How has this abomination become normal? ”
        Not sure about -a lot- of stuff these days; but I haven’t watched TV for about 27 years, and I’m shocked at what this country looks like. Equally shocked that I don’t see other people making public proclamations. Where are the torches and pitchforks? Social media is often an echo chamber, so don’t think you’re in the public eye there. And the churches, why doesn’t every church have a sign about these perversions? They don’t have to say President Obama is a pervert, that might be political, and make them lose exempt status, but they should all be denouncing the perversions around us.
        Most of you guys are old enough to remember what a freak out this all would have been 30 years ago; I’m freaked now. Is it apathy? They’re ripping pre-born children apart, and selling the pieces! Yawn, yeah sure, but that’s so two months ago, man. Tell me something exciting. Is there a day when mass apathy turns to mass entertainment by terrorist incidents? Sorry, just kinda freaked, and going off on some speculation.
        Here’s the back of my Toyota truck, that’s my public proclamation to date.

    3. Josey Wales

      Because it’s the methodology by which the established order can be torn down, everything is now to be the opposite of what it really is. It’s the methodology by which the left and their globalist masters intend to take power.

      Our enemies aren’t really our enemies, they’re our friends…… :barf:

  7. Stacy0311

    Ash Carter read Haldeman’s “Forever War” and decided to use it as his guide for personnel policy as SecDef.
    Wait until it becomes mandatory!!

  8. Alan Ward

    As to comparing this to people who self amputate, there are some in the medical community who feel that the desire to remove a limb, eye or other body p[arts to fulfill this psychological problem is actually something the medical community should support.
    Their thinking is along the lines of they can do it safely and help the patient with this condition.
    I guess they all forgot their Hippoocratic oath ” First, do no harm…”

    1. Mike_C

      There are a lot of dumbasses and whack jobs in the medical community. (And no, I am not oblivious to the potential irony in my making this remark. Heh.) Broadly speaking, one can predict personality type based on subspecialty. One can also roughly predict political alignment based on academic vs private practice, for that matter. So I have a good guess as to what kind of medical professionals — for values of “professional” — support CBM (crazy-based medicine; insisting on EBM, evidence-based medicine is so elitist and exclusionary).

      As to the main point of the article, I don’t care if someone wants to “live as” a member of the opposite sex (from cross-dressing on up to and including surgery), so long as they don’t force me to pay for it, or make a big deal of it. (Anyone seen the “No one knows I’m a transsexual!” T-shirts? Isn’t that the whole point?) But for the US military to actively support and subsidize this kind of thing, over the currently poorly-met/unmet medical needs of veterans and active service members, is wrong beyond words.

      >Diverse vibrancy is what these people believe in, in place of God.
      “Diversity” EO nonsense IS their god, and it’s inescapable. I just finished filling out some on-line forms for submitting a research publication, and it wanted to know the sex and race of each co-author. What the hell? How does that have anything to do with whether it’s a good paper? Or is there going to be “affirmative action” at the level of each publication as well? Why not take it all the way? “Oh, well, co-author #3 is 1/4 [approved minority], and co-author #5 has no idea who his father is. That automatically makes their vaccine better than this one created by straight white men from traditional households.”

      1. Sommerbiwak

        Filling in race and six of the participants is so totally not racist. Because we all are equal we are sorted according to skin colour… Disgusting.

        I would have filled in something crazy like “martian” or “one part human, two parts god” (like Gilgamesh) or just left it blank.

        You know, Hitlers goons were very happy that whole of France and many other cities in Europe had already written down the faith of each of their citizens in their records. Very useful to the Nazis, although the data point had no use whatsoever for the french state because of its laicism and separation of church and state. They had written it down without much thought. Great. You never know what might become of a data point in the future.

        1. Nynemillameetuh

          “Race” is as much of a social construct as “sex” is you bigot. Nobody is born “male” or “female” or “human” or “equine” you fascist. Categorizing organisms only leads to genocide.

        2. Mike_C

          >I would have filled in something crazy like “martian” or “one part human, two parts god” (like Gilgamesh) or just left it blank.
          It was a “button click” list that had no free text option, and you could not leave it blank. But there was “prefer not to answer” which I selected universally. I had to manually correct each person’s entry to do this. What disturbed me was that right after you entered each person’s name, it prepopulated the sex and race fields. Correctly, I might add. (Except for my newbie trainee whose info was blank.) This particular society/conference to my knowledge has never collected this information before, so to which databases did they link to get this info? It’s hardly secret knowledge or anything, but it’s also none of their business.

          As to the issue of filling out forms helpfully, I used to write stuff such as “okay, why not?” or “as often as possible” in the SEX field and “Kentucky Derby” or “10,000m” in the RACE field but you just know someone is going to file a harassment complaint for the former answers. Now I boringly write “irrelevant” or “none of your business” or if the blank is large “how EVER shall we achieve our post-racial nirvana if you people continue to be obsessed about race?” When there is no leave blank, prefer not to answer, or free text option I think I’m going to fill out “African-American” from here on out because family lore says we hailed from a quaint little place called the Olduvai, and I have the high cheekbones to prove it.

          1. KenWats

            Didn’t the entire human race originate in Africa? Could we not all hail ourselves as African… just depends on how far back you go? I seem to recall that all of humanity at one point was down to a couple hundred people living in Africa. Don’t ask me to quote the source.


    I hope this bullshit doesn’t come to the Australian armed forces. We’ve had one high profile male to female trans, but that was all done privately as it should be. To have all this implemented by your DoD as heavyweight policy is madness.

  10. Nynemillameetuh

    Imagine bleeding out in Baghdad so that a “surgeon” can freely turn some bastard’s penis inside-out with a scalpel and forceps. Also, imagine that “surgeon” being widely acclaimed by the |||media||| at every turn. But freedom and all that, right?

  11. Chris W.

    damn…just…damn. Glad I’m out, I don’t know how I would have handled this shit when I was in, but I’m willing to bet that my self-censure would have lost out and I would have been at Captain’s Mast or worse. Either that, or go with the flow and self-identify as an officer and demand the proper housing!

  12. John Smith

    I and every other senior enlisted person in my branch were recently asked….by the E-10 …to suspend our moral and ethical aversion to the idea of transgender infusion into the ranks. This, very succinctly, is the problem. The suspension of every moral and ethical standard to avail a tiny (disturbed) segment of the population a sense of normality is a very slippery slope.

    I begin to realize that this movement within government, coupled with the sycophantic pursuit of pop culture as social construct in our elected officials…has written the end of our once great experiment.

    1. John M.

      This is a serious but ignorant question from someone who has never served: Can that order be refused as an illegal order?

      -John M.

  13. g.grass

    just remembered we once had a president on this country that filled barges with drag queens,raging homosexuals and all those vermin and unloaded it into the seas.
    shame i cant quite remember his name,but one of my grandparents had a picture of him in a frame.
    this sacred cleansing was done somewhere in the 30s.

  14. Aesop

    We were justifiably upset in 2001 when someone flew a passenger jet into the Pentagon.
    In 2016, I’m thinking they should fly a couple of hundred of them into the Pentagon, as a service to the nation.

    Any minute now, the lamestream press will stare in open-mouthed astonishment that recruitment and retention is plummeting even below the level necessary to man er, person the new Absolutely Fabulous Pervert Insaniac Military.

    But, in cheerier news, Marine IOC is still harder to pass than Ranger School, by orders of magnitude, as yet another woman (the latest fail a second-chance non-hacker, now permanently unassigned to anything infantry-like) can’t hack it and drops out again, keeping the score there 0 For Ever.

    With the new policy, if women can’t be found who can get through IOC, maybe some strapping young male hulk with a hankering to wear lingerie can be found to switch sides, and then bootstrap a “woman” through, to save this asinine experiment from the scorn and ridicule it so richly deserves.

  15. Steve

    “I identify as a retired O-9 with 40 years in service and demand that I be granted my rights as such. I identify as that, you can’t say i’m not.” Somehow I don’t think I’d get the same consideration.

  16. Ti

    No tranny’s in the military!! Watching the Olympics this week and one day they’re covering a match between a Brazillian female tennis player and her opponent. They pan up to the stands and her “wife” “significant other” or something like that….was watching the match. Only in Brazil the “HAVES” can have a same gender partner and show them off, If your of the lower socio/eco class(HAVE NOT) and happen to be catholic(or some other conversion of the western hemi), you go out and stomp the sh_t out of and kill gays.

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