Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 31

This Tour d’Horizon comes naked into the world, like a newborn baby; its plaintive cries may draw your attention, at least until the 0600 post tomorrow.

This is where we throw a lot of our open tabs.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Need to Load a Tommy Gun?

This guy’s got a mag loader that takes the drudgery out of it, and looks neat too.

He’ll also custom build one for you.

A Gun Banner’s Nightmare

This 3D printed firearm uses common Glock mags and barrel, and has been fired… a lot.

Derwood writes:

This latest version has the charging handle moved to the opposite side. The Gluty lower has had over 3000 rounds fired with it. The new upper has had 1200 rounds fired through it.

 We’ve come a long way from the Wilson Liberator.


And What’s Guy in a Garage up to?

Dude’s hard to keep up with. This week, he posted this update on his ultralight 3D printed AR stock.

And a while back, he gave us a shop tour.

And we forget if we showed you this one, but it’s a perfect, practical use of 3DP to make a firearms accessory.

Don’t just wish they made it! Make it yourself. (If you want to print this exact mount, the STL files are here; must have a Sendspace account).

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. (We have a lot of that this week).

Cop Uses Restraint and it Nearly Kills Him

This guy was coming to arrest a kiddie diddler as an unregistered sex offender. Generally, pervs are not who you’d expect to be violent resisters.

There’s always the exception to the rule. Perv survived the GSW and will have some time out to contemplate the error of his ways. Next guy to pull this on this cop probably won’t know what hit him.

For the background, has a good write-up.

This happend in Spiro, OK, a town almost famous for its pre-Columbian archeological finds. Yeah, it can happen to small town cops. A couple years ago we had five cops shot, one fatally, serving a warrant on a guy who’d never resisted before, just one town over in rural New Hampster.

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

The Agony of Da Fed

Where’s all the Federal Agents going to be next month? At the UN General Assembly, that’s where. A couple of agencies (Secret Service and FBI mostly) have put the arm on our Fed friends for a four-figure quantity of what are going to be, if truth be told, detail bods for the Secret Service. FBI plus-up is mostly other field offices being tasked to provide warm bodies to supplement foreign intelligence and counterintelligence work. Agencies like ICE and CBP, which are essentially without a job these days with the de facto amnesty of most of the crimes they’re primary on, will provide the bulk of the grumbling masses, but no 1811 is safe.

The turf battles between SS and DSS (both of which will have all hands on deck, minus SS’s politician guards) should be interesting, except that SS always wins.

Have fun guarding stairwells and keeping citizens from beating “diplomats” to death for running people over drunk.

The Cop was a Crim

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before (actually, we could have posted this last week or two weeks ago — our accounting is that messy). The convert to Islam shared all his plans, actions and TTPs with a fellow jihadi.

in March 2011, Young said that he hated the FBI and was skilled enough to attack the agency.

According to the affidavit, he said that although firearms are not permitted in Alexandria’s federal courthouse – but described a way to bring multiple guns inside undetected in order to distribute to others.

Affidavit? Yeah, who was he telling this to?

The US Attorney’s Office says that Young met an FBI source on 20 separate occasions in 2014.

The source posed as a U.S. military reservist of Middle Eastern descent who was becoming more religious and eager to leave the U.S. military as a result of having had to fight against Muslims during his deployment to Iraq, according to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint.

Young has been under surveillance since 2010 after the transit police sparked a probe into him

During these conversations, Young advised the source on how to evade detection by law enforcement by using specific travel methods and advised the man to watch out for informants and not discuss his plans with others.

In the fall of 2014, the source led Young to believe that he had successfully left the United States and had joined ISIS….

From that point on, Young (notice how the press, determined not to see Islamic terrorism, never list these guys by their jihad names?) thought he was communicating with his jihad buddy, but FBI agents were playing the role. Now he’s on his way to Crowbar Motel, rather than to his beloved jihad. Hey, hadji, sometimes the martyrdom chooses you.

Rather rarely, the department fired Young when he was indicted.

 The Perils of Kathleen: It Never Lets Up

This is our ongoing series where we examine the ongoing meltdown of the paranoid, vengeful and extremely anti-gun Pennsylvania attorney general, Kathleen Kane.

  • “I’m Special, Let Me Out of Trial!” Kane has filed a last-ditch appeal with the State Supreme Court. In it, Kane has asked that she be exempted from criminal law because she was elected AG, which puts her above the law. This bizarre appeal relys on a rarely-invoked Supreme Court power that dates to ancient British common law.

Kane request[s] to have the Supreme Court use its king’s bench powers – the high court’s ability to intervene in any case in a state court.

The state of Pennsylvania has paid hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, to Kane scandal lawyers. They may not be getting value for money.

UPDATE: Friday afternoon, the Supreme Court slapped Kane’s Hail-Mary longshot down. Trial starts Monday. Sucks to be her, but then, we suspect it always has.

  • Kane Paid off an Aide who had filed a whistleblower lawsuit with $150k of state money this week. Kane punitively demoted George Moore for refusing to look the other way on sexual harassment by Kane chief of staff and crony Jonathan Duecker. (She promoted Duecker, after the allegations). Kane could not approve the settlement, as her law license has been suspended, but Kane crony Bruce Castor signed off on it. The state had spent hundreds of thousands on legal work by connected law firms, who advised Kane and Castor that their was a losing case, hence the settlement. Over a quarter of a million in state money went down the rathole on this case alone, but the hornball Duecker faces other allegations as well.
  • Kane’s Hershey Trust settlement was another failureeditorializes the Philadelphia Inquirer, which supported her election in 2012 and has lived to regret it.

This pattern of spectacle without substance emerged with Kane’s approach to the Hershey Trust.

The following year (2013), Kane absolved Hershey officials of any wrongdoing in a pair of dubious real estate purchases in exchange for vague promises to undertake modest reforms. Much like her failure to prosecute Democratic legislators caught taking cash from an informant, Kane’s latest deal with Hershey is in the same conciliatory spirit.

You say “conciliatory,” anyone who did not start off as a Kane partisan says, “corrupt.”

  • How Kane Used Off-Color Emails  in her fight for political survival is explained by this 2015 New York Times article. Note that Kane partisans call these “pornographic” and “racist” emails, but most of them are the kind of bad and tasteless jokes that some idiot is always sending you.  Philadelphia Magazine also described her rise and fall that year (conclusion: “she was insecure but entitled”. It’s nearly two years since the Times article, and the sudden stop at the end of the fall is almost here.
  • The Trial Begins on 8 August 2016. Or you could sign the petition in favor of her — something fewer than 2,000 people did in the eleven months it’s been up. It would be kind of fun to have Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Hannibal Lecter and Professor Moriarty sign up for America’s most crooked chief law enforcement officer.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

F-35 Fudges a Date

1 August was supposed to be Initial Operational Capability for the troubled jet, bought as a low-cost alternative to the much more capable, but cancelled, F-22. Despite 15 years of development, the jet’s armament still isn’t integrated, but the Air Force did declare one squadron operationally ready. The USMC did something similar, declare one squadron ready, last year, in a maneuver to get Congress off the troubled jet’s six.

The problem was, of course, the anti-military leaders who canceled the F-22 could say the F-35 was their alternative. Now, they want the $400 billion budget of the F-35 for domestic programs, but there’s nothing to replace it — it was the low-tech, less-capable, more-vulnerable fallback. There’s nothing beneath the F-35 but trying to fly forty-year-old designs (and in some case, forty-year-old jets) for another couple of decades.

Want the Facts on Iran and Terrorism?

Go here to the Clarion Project. Download the Fact Sheet on Iran and Terrorism. (It’s a .pdf).

One fun fact that the Sunday Morning talking heads are all in denial about:

The Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations all agreed that Iran supports Al-Qaeda terrorists, despite their ideological differences.

Why would Shia extremists support the Sunni extremists abroad, even as they try to murder them at home? Welcome to the Middle East. “Me and my brother against my cousin.” Or, if you want it put really simply, you can have Islam or you can have civilization. Pick only one.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™?

Physicians Running for the Exits

VA-veterans-affairsAs we’ve reported before, the VA has hired tens of thousands of new employees, but only a few thousand physicians. Meanwhile, last year over 7,000 physicians quit — as demand for VA services goes up. The Denver Post:

In 2011, 5,897 physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and physical therapists said goodbye. By 2015, that number had grown to 7,734. The rate of loss rose from 7.3 percent to 8.2 percent.

This probably has nothing to do with the fact that at VA, provider salaries have been essentially frozen for five years, while administrator salaries have soared.

But the real shocker of the report, which the Post writer utterly missed, is that the VA is working with — their choice to represent vets on this! — the Paralyzed Veterans of America, a notorious sham/scam “charity” that exists to enrich its entirely non-paralyzed fund-raisers and executives with money misled donors think is going to paralyzed veterans. It scored a remarkable 0.0 at Charity Navigator. That means it’s less beneficial to paralyzed vets that lighting your money on fire and taking a video of the pretty colors for ’em.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to. 

We got nothin’, we’re too far behind!

10 thoughts on “Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 31

  1. Cap'n Mike

    Fantastic job by the Oklahoma Officer.
    This goes to show how being a cop in a small town can be more dangerous than the city, as that officer was alone serving a warrant.
    Where I work there would have been at least 2 of us.

    Mass AG Maura Healey is complaining about all the mean spirited attacks on her since her July 20 gun grab.
    The Anti gun crowd is circling the wagons, as Gabby Giffords is calling for civility following the rhetoric of the past few weeks.
    It seems like 3 out of 4 comments on the AGs facebook page are pro 2A, no matter what she is posting about.

    1. John M.

      Perhaps Miss Healey remembers part of her high school civics class wherein the state AG felonizes a grip of law-abiding citizens with a press conference. I went to school in Massachusetts also and remember no such part of the “Structure of Government” segment of the various civics classes I took.

      -John M.

      1. Alan Ward

        But isn’t law decreed by fiat what the founding fathers from Mass. ( sorry that should be MASSR) fought against KGIII to achieve?
        Some where in the afterlife John Hancock is wondering why he blazed a Five inch high signature to that parchment.

    2. Hognose Post author

      C’mon, Mike. She just wants a hearty, “Heil Healey!” from all her supporters in law enforcement.


      1. Cap'n Mike

        Funny you should say that Hognose, the one cop I know personally who supports her wears jackboots.
        He is a trooper assigned to the AGs office.
        He must have gotten an extra helping of the cool aid.
        Hundreds of other cops I know are either against her or are completely unaware of whats going on.

  2. DaveP

    I’m thinking a cribbage board on the backside of that Thompson SMG loader and you’re GTG no matter what the threat level.


  3. Keith

    Glad that officer was okay. LEO’s risk there lives with every encounter with the public every day across this land. Before you go posting stories about bad cops remember there are bad people in every profession. Be thankful for people like my father that gave 25 years to local law enforcement.

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