Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2016 Week 30

This Tour d’Horizon collects a bunch of stuff off the spindle.

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I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Slide Fire Solutions Bumps off Bump Fire Systems

bumpfire_systems_logoSome of the gun media are reporting this as a “settlement,” which it is, technically; but it’s a settlement in which one side takes a deep draught of hemlock. As reports:

Bump Fire Systems, as part of the deal, agreed to pay a “confidential sum of money” to Slide Fire Solutions. The company also stopped production and sale of their bump fire stocks per the agreement.

Bump Fire is offering refunds to buyers who bought in the last thirty days, but they have shut down “for the duration of the terms of the patents.”

Slide Fire (left) and Bump Fire (right).

Slide Fire (left) and Bump Fire (right). (Images the two companies, juxtaposition by 

Judging from the grammar on their website (see 1st two lines below), attention to detail was not their thing:




Slide Fire Solutions, LP and Bump Fire Systems, LLC announced that they have resolved their
patent infringement lawsuit. Pursuant to their agreement, Bump Fire Systems, LLC pays a confidential sum of money to Slide Fire, acknowledges the validity of four patents asserted in the litigation and agrees to a judgement under which it must cease and desist from any further sales of bump fire stocks for the duration of the terms of the patents.

Slide Fire’s Jeremiah Cottle has many patents, but four were at issue in this case. Most of the patents were issued from 2004-2014 and have a typical duration of 14 years.

The article is a good overview of the case, and there has also been extensive coverage at The Firearm Blog.

State Department Attacks Gunsmiths

If you’re a gunsmith who cuts metal on firearms or firearms parts, the State Department has just mounted an attack on you. You will now need a $2,500 annual “registration fee” to as much as crown a barrel or fit a flash hider, because you’re now “engaged in the export of armament services.”

And Gun Control Group Attacks Gun Shows

The anti-gun Democratic group, “Americans for Responsible Solutions,” led by Democratic congresswoman Gabby Giffords, has opened a new front in its pursuit of gun bans: pressuring venues to ban gun shows. They’ve secured bans with the help of friendly anti-gun Democrats in Saratoga Springs, New York, and Nashville, Tennessee(!).

Heil Healey! State AG Attacks Gun Owners; Governor Melts; Manufacturers Shrug

In Massachusetts, national socialist Attorney General Maura Healey (Heil Healey!) banned nearly all semi-automatic centerfire firearms with a broad “reinterpretation” of gun laws, effective midnight the next day; then, after she inspired a run on dealers that cleaned out MA FFLs, she issued a follow up saying that no, it was effective immediately, and the 2,500 or so ARs, etc., that were sold before the deadline — cleaning are, like all the “MA Compliant” ARs, etc., now contraband. She then said that even though the owners of the hundreds of thousands of freshly banned guns are now felons, she isn’t going to prosecute them — now. She reserves the right to do it later. And she just might prosecute the dealers that sold the guns.

Governor Charlie Baker, a nominal Republican, has been talking out of both sides of his mouth, praising Healey’s ban to supporters of it and opposing it to opponents. When his staff finally figured out that the opponents outnumbered the supporters and had opinions of much greater intensity, he wrote a letter begging Healey for “clarification,” to which she responded, surprisingly reasonably: “Hey, you were all for it when we discussed it before I implemented it.” Or as that news story put it:

Healey’s office said that’s different from what the Baker administration told them last week.

Baker’s staff is still telling callers that support the fiat ban one thing and callers that oppose it something else; trying to split the baby between tyranny and resistance, but de facto on the side of the ban. Baker’s weak, vacillating, and cowardly inaction has shown him to be #2 to his own attorney general. She’s twice the man he is.

If Baker has been a coward and a cuckold in this, the state’s remaining gun manufacturers have been utter eunuchs. Smith & Wesson? No statement. Troy? No statement*. Kahr? Crickets. All three make banned firearms in Massachusetts. Even Seecamp, whose products aren’t banned yet? Nothing.

*Unless you call this a statement: “Effective Immediately: TROY cannot sell semi-auto firearms to Massachusetts civilian residents.”

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. (We have nada this week).

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

At the Conventions

Last week, we said:

In case of riot, one of their agencies was tasked to provide thousands of gas masks. Some literal-minded equipment manager duly delivered what looked like the agency’s entire stock of masks.

No filters.

This has been clarified to us, and perhaps we have it right now. 400 gas masks were sent to each convention. It appears that none of the ones sent to the Republicans’ convention had filters, and maybe half of the ones sent to the Democrats’ did. As God protects the fools, the innocent, and the 1% that mismanage Federal agencies, riot control gear wasn’t needed much; the TTPs that work on two-year-olds being generally effective on Black Criminals’ Lives Matter, Occupy Dad’s Basement, and Butthurt Bernie-bros also.

In addition, plate carriers that don’t hold standard size SAPI plates were sent to the convention locations, and plates that are odd sizes and don’t fit any standard carriers. Naurally, neither the odd-size carriers nor the odd-size plates actually match and fit each other.

It didn’t occur to the geniuses issuing this equipment to get the SAs to sign for it, so now, they only know they didn’t get a lot of it back, not who got it, who returned it, and (therefore) who still has it. It’s pretty unlikely any agent wants a protective mask or a set of maladjusted plate carriers as a souvenir of a political convention, so they should probably have thought through issue and turn in a little more. If nothing else, SACs could put out a collection box for returning agents to drop their junk in, and when it fills up, send it to whoever the genius was that send the wrong stuff to special details!

At the Democrats’ convention, there was enough hostility to cops that the managers insisted on tactical and response teams being dressed in suits and not displaying arms or armor overtly. Rather appropriately, the convention was gaveled into order by the Baltimore mayor who gave the Freddie Gray rioters “room to burn” and who has pursued, through her DA, the prosecution of a number of cops, exactly zero of whom have been convicted in what look like fair trials.

 The Perils of Kathleen: Continued

This is our ongoing series where we examine the ongoing meltdown of the paranoid, vengeful and extremely anti-gun Pennsylvania attorney general, Kathleen Kane.

In addition to the porn question, [Judge] Demchick-Alloy denied a motion by the Kane team to block any testimony regarding her ongoing feud against Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who hired former Kane staffers and pursued a corruption sting Kane had argued was fatally flawed due to racial bias.

Kane had spiked the corruption investigation, possibly because the crooked state politicians were all political allies of hers.

Demchick-Alloy also allowed prosecutors to pursue a taped conversation involving Joshua Morrow, a Kane political consultant who was at the heart of the alleged leaks.

“Morrow questioned the strategy behind the leak and described the defendant as being unhinged,” according to an earlier motion filed by prosecutors.

Kane’s motion to compel the release of handwritten notes from the case against her was also denied by the judge. Steele, the Montgomery County DA, argued that his office had turned over all of the evidence in their possession already.

These developments bode ill for Kane’s defense, but then again, she’s guilty, which always makes a defense attorney earn his pay.

  • Will She Testify? Kane says, “Maybe.” The subtext there is that her lawyer is unlikely to raise some of the stuff that the judge has told him not to raise in these motions denials, so this is her one chance to bang that stuff on the table. This is one of many reasons that the attorney will probably discourage her from testifying. On the other hand, if her goose looks cooked anyway, it gives her a chance to grandstand and play Joan of Political Arc on her way to conviction.
  • The cost of Kane’s corruption? To the taxpayers of PA, at least $436k and counting. Her personal defense in criminal and civil case employs top-dollar legal talent. (That their results have been, shall we say, limited, has less to do with their legal abilities than with the fact patterns she has given her attorneys to work with. They’re lawyers, not miracle workers). (Do Read The Whole Thing™ because it has a rundown on several of the lawsuits, none of which paint Kane in a good light).
  • Kane flunky Doug Gansler, brought in from out of state as her paranoia mounted to the point where she trusted no one local, is lining up to run for governor in Maryland. His issues will clearly be corruption (all for it, obviously), crime (ditto), and guns (unclean! Unclean! He’s against ’em).

Maura Healey (Heil Healey!), have a loo. Kathleen Kane’s political present could be your political future.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

Erdo’s Countercoup

The goats themselves are not safe in the new Turkey. Tens of thousands of Turks have been rendered jobless, thrown in jail, or driven into exile. Austin Bay has a good roundup at the Observer.

It’s a Mystery, My Son

What’s a mystery? Why Moslems keep murdering people while screaming Aloha Snackbar, that’s what. At least, as Tim Blair recounts in the Australian Telegraph, it’s a mystery to the see-no-Moslem enablers of the Press.

UK: Hide, Soldiers, Hide

The British Forces reacted boldly as Brave Sir Robin, when faced with an attack by Moslems on an RAF Marham airman. Did they declare open season on jihadis? No, you silly goose.

They told the troops to run (but not alone!) and hide.

After a spate of terror attacks in France and Germany rocked Europe, Top Brass are determined not to see another Lee Rigby-style attack on a British hero by anyone inspired by the Munich or Nice attacks.

Troops are also warned to run in pairs off base after two Middle Eastern men armed with a blade tried to bundle an RAF airman into the back of a van in a feared abduction attempt this week. …

The guidance, added: “While there remains no ban on the wearing of uniform in public, personnel should not feel compounded to wear it outside MOD establishments when common sense says a lower profile would be more appropriate.”

Yeah, that’ll fix the problem. “And when the enemy reared his head, Sir Robin turned his tail and fled, brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin….”

US: We Need a War on Air Conditioners

That is a supremely silly statement, so you won’t be surprised to learn it comes from the supremely silly Secretary of State, John Kerry, whose previous diplomacy experience includes looking French, marrying African ketchup heiresses, and trying to sell out to the North Vietnamese (who rather sensibly refused to pay even 1 Dong for the turncoatery they were already getting gratis). To wit, the wealthy half-wit twit emits:

Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.

Yeah, whatevs. Call us next time an air conditioner beheads a priest, m’kay? When the phone doesn’t ring, we’ll know it’s you not calling.

Meanwhile, Sumdood reacted appropriately, and filed a petition to strip the overpaid, underworked striped-pants dullards of the Department of State of that murderous air conditioning in their offices, limos, and uparmored Escalades.

India: Bodyguards for Rich Guy’s Wife, Bupkus for Crime Victims

India seems to be pursuing US levels of corruption. Now: commando force detailed to protect a wealthy crony’s consort.

The Indian government was dispatching a team of elite commandos to protect Nita Ambani, the socialite wife of India’s richest man.

Her husband, Mukesh Ambani, an oil and gas magnate worth $21 billion, has had a government security escort since 2013, when he was the subject of terrorist threats, and covers the costs himself.

But in a country where there is a shortage of police officers, the news about 10 additional officers for his wife rankled.

“Women raped daily in Delhi. No security for them despite repeated requests. But [prime minister Narendra Modi] providing security to his friends,” Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said in a tweet.

How crooked does it get? It sounds like that third world country is almost as far gone with crony-capitalist corruption, which the Indians call “VIP Privilege,” as the USA.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™?

VA Appears to Encourage Disability Fraud (Again)

That was a headline last week. This week, we heard that a VA rep tried to lure a friend who’s perfectly well-adjusted (well, for an SF guy) into making a PTSD claim, with this argument:

Hey, it’s free money. If you have it, it’s all inside your head, and so no one can ever prove you don’t.

Apparently, the Powers That Be™ are pressing the patient-facing workers to maximize PTSD claims. We don’t know why. Maximize budget? Look like they’re doing something? Your guess is as good as ours. Does anybody else find this morally reprehensible?

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to. 

Photon Torpedoes?

The hoary old science fiction weapon might be realistically possible, say British physics students. Their description seems to suggest a chain-reaction cascade of high energy particles much like a nuclear blast, but directional. If we understand it, but it’s that kind of physics that we probably don’t.

Hat tip: via we forget (sorry)

Urban Ruins: Tire Plant

The US Royal Tire Company, later Uniroyal, made tires and other natural and articficial rubber products for a century in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The 26-acre plant site is now a combination of ruins, Superfund brownfields, and demolition projects. Jeannette DeForge and photo Don Treeger of the Springfield, MA Republican, made a rare visit to the site and there’s a long report and a 44-shot image gallery online. Here’s three of Treeger’s images:

(stand by, we’re having image problems).

Go See The Whole Thing™ if you share our fascination for industrial ruins.

Unfortunately, most of the potentially beautiful riverfront site is under political control, so it will be used for centrally-planned ego projects and to reward cronies, not put to economic use. Most of the 19th and early 20th-century bricks will be used as landfill.

29 thoughts on “Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2016 Week 30

  1. Tom Stone

    “Aloha Snackbar!”.
    Thank you for that, I had what superficially resembled a conversation with some one wearing an “I’m with Her” button a few minutes ago.
    And I was in dire need of either a laugh or a rope.

  2. Bill T

    Since PTSD is viewed as a Physiological Problem persons with a medical diagnosis of it would automatically be tagged as unfit to own or carry a firearm. This is ONE piece of information that will NEVER be overlooked for reporting to the instant background check database.
    Second the motion to strip the AC from all the buildings and vehicles of the Dept. of State. Oh, yeah, disarm everybody there too, especially the security details. If there is a threat follow the British Air Force Base directive-Run in pairs and hide!

  3. Someone You Know

    Dear WeaponsMan,

    The PTSD thingy. Just another way to legally disarm the folks that might cause trouble for those special people. Plus, take good, upstanding, solid people and put them on the dole. In a few short years, they’ll be voting for the folks that will continue the ‘free’ money gravy train.

    Sincerely, Someone You Know

  4. John M.

    I’m very serious when I say that I neither condone not recommend the following action.

    But politicians like Martha Healey are poking a bear that’s getting more and more upset by the day. And one of these days, a Healey or someone similar is going to wake up dead one morning. And I wouldn’t rule out a member of the dead pol’s “security” team.

    And I don’t think that what comes after that will represent an improvement in the situation.

    Trump’s impending election seems to me likely to forestall some things for a few years–thank God the Democrats don’t have any more Bill Clintons or Barack Obamas left in their magazine for 2016–but who knows what 2020 or 2024 will bring.

    -John M.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Frankly, a wise man assigned to the PSD for one of these characters would have requested another assignment already. But that’s not how it works. We have some guys guarding, and willing to lay down their lives, for Iraqi war criminals and Afghan warlords, right now, and they do it because that’s their assignment and they’re pros.

      1. John M.

        If someone assigned me to the theoretical Maura homicide, I’d start with the members of her security detail, looking primarily for motive, since the “means” and “opportunity” boxes are already checked several times over for those folks.

        So, yeah, especially for any political undesirables, a reassignment request seems in order.

        -John M.

          1. archy

            ***Rajiv Ghandi’s ghost has approved this message.***

            So has Salmaan Taseer, Philip of Macedonia , Huey Long and General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.

        1. Cap'n Mike

          If only
          I know one of the Troopers that works for her.
          He is all over facebook trying to convince people what a good job she is doing.
          Must be like Stockholm syndrome or something.
          He has totally drank the cool aid.

          1. Hognose Post author

            Maybe he’s a lesbian, too.

            Vidkun Quisling had the highest score, ever, on the Norwegian Military Academy entrance exam. He wound up on the gallows.

            Benedict Arnold was a hero. He wound up in exile.

  5. Sommerbiwak

    “It sounds like that third world country is almost as far gone with crony-capitalist corruption, which the Indians call “VIP Privilege,” as the USA.”

    The US of A and Europe are dreaming of approaching indian levels of corruption. Just one man-portable example: INSAS. Not even the old US Ordonance Department could FUBAR a rifle as much as the indian ARDE and OFB can.

    But we are working for it. Welcome the third first world!

  6. Cap'n Mike

    I am so looking forward to future installments of “The Perils of Maura”
    She doesn’t seem to want to prosecute anyone for violating her directive, probably because this would give a person legal standing to fight it.

    5000 gun owners showed up at the Massachusetts state house last Saturday.
    Thats more than any Black Lives Matter protest.
    Almost half of the Legislators have signed letters to the AG questioning her actions.
    81 Lawmakers signed a letter to mad Maura asking for;

    “The exact constitutional and/ or statutory basis for your actions”

    When I called my reps again today, the interns sounded haggard.
    Maura and Charlie are going to regret poking this bear.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Maura is playingCharlie to her constituency, a safe bet in MA. Charlie, on the other hand, has really shown his backbone, or lack of the same.

      Actually, somewhere around here I have one of those chiropractor backbones. I should make a ransom video with it…

    2. Hognose Post author

      It is quite remarkable that she has said, “This is and always was a felony… you are all felons… but I will not prosecute you… however, I reserve the right to change my mind.”

      If that is not the living definition of “a government not of laws, but of men,” I do not know what could be. “L’etat, c’est moi” reduced to practice.

      1. John M.

        Oh, it’s much worse than that. King Louie owed responsibilities to the nobility, the Church, the commoners and to his progeny. And he acted accordingly. Not always well, but always with the knowledge that he was responsible.

        To whom does Healey owe responsibility? To the Governor? Ha. To the voters? Ha. To her friend, uh, partner, uh, wife, uh, spouse, uh, roommate? Ha. To her progeny? She has chosen a shameful sterility.

        -John M.

  7. James B.

    I agree with the above poster on the PTSD issue.. They are encouraging veterans to claim PTSD in anticipation of legislation that will eliminate the second amendment rights of anyone with a mental health issue, even those that pose no danger to the person themselves or others. Have bad dreams about Afghanistan? It’s PTSD, ….we’ll have to take these guns. Here’s a disability check, but if you get a job we’re keeping that too. Probably also fair to note that they will include folks who needed antidepressants for a few months after mom died… in 1985… or who’s doctor wrote them a scrip of Valium or Xanax to get them through their divorce without punching anyone.
    The country is goin’ to hell on horseback, Hognose.

  8. Christopher

    The Sumdood who started the air conditioner petition is Hopalong Ginsberg, a Facebook friend of mine.

    1. Mr. 308

      Not for nothing but there are two inventions that people don’t really think about, but without which places like gun-free New York (the city), Chicago, London, etc. would be but mere shadows of what we see today. That is, the air conditioner, and the elevator.

      These large buildings just don’t work without them. At least, with people in them – and they aren’t of much use without the people.

      It’s not unfair to say that the NYC of today (the very hotspot of do-gooder, big government socialism) would just flat out not exist were it not for AC and elevators. An argument could be made for the entire industrial revolution.

      But yea, lets all just ignore physics, human nature, history, all of that sciency stuff and get to the banning because that’s what’s really fun.

  9. James

    Folks in Mass.,all I can say about my state growing up in and birthplace of the revolution and birth of this country is for the moment state has died.I would suggest if you want less govt.(and services),no income/sales tax/a respect for firearm ownership go to N.H.On the other hand,you want to get the benefits of N.H. but want the services/rules ect. of Mass.,well,stay put!

    On a side note,seems have found someone who likes as much as me if not more Monty Python And The Holy Grail given the references in multiple articles.

    1. archy

      ***Folks in Mass.,all I can say about my state growing up in and birthplace of the revolution and birth of this country is for the moment state has died<***

      One of my local gas station owners has decided to cease sales to customers with out-of-state plates from Massachusetts, with the caveat that if they have a CCW/CHP, an NRA membership or are landed immigrants fleeing the Eastern Front they’re welcome. Several of his competitors looked at it as a chance for them to pick up the slack right up to the point that approving locals began shifting their business his way. It may not seem like a big deal more than a thousand miles from the scene of the crime, but we’re in the shadow of Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower, so if the turistas want to go a-looking, they’ve got to do some driving and gassing-up.

      And too we’ve got a state legislator working on a state reciprocity act: their state doesn’t recognize our carry permits- not needed at home; we’ve got no-permit open or concealed carry- we don’t recognize their license plates or state ID- including driver’s licenses. It’ll all depend on how the November election goes; that may buy a spell of breathing time. Or it may wave the starting flag.

      1. John M.

        “And too we’ve got a state legislator working on a state reciprocity act: their state doesn’t recognize our carry permits- not needed at home; we’ve got no-permit open or concealed carry- we don’t recognize their license plates or state ID- including driver’s licenses.”

        That’s creative!

        -John M.

  10. Pingback: WeaponsMan: Heil Healey! MA State AG Attacks Gun Owners; Governor Melts; Manufacturers Shrug | Western Rifle Shooters Association

  11. Daniel

    I’m not sure if the PTSD leading to confiscation is real thing or not, however, I lean toward the maximizing budgets and inflating sense of importance for the agency is the more likely issue.

    I hate to admit it, but my father is a VA defrauder. A Vietnam era Marine that spent a few months in country on a FOB but with no patrols and never heard a gun shot, so hated his service that through my youth and into my adult years after I joined the service, he could say nothing positive about the military or his service.
    Fast forward a bunch of years after he took on a hobby of baking and eating cakes and sweets, he develops Type II Diabeebus, gets referred to the VA because they treat it after loosely blaming Agent Orange.
    Now he can’t get enough Vietnam Vet or Marine Corps stickers on the back of his car and constantly insists I go the the VA to get ‘mine’….

  12. Docduracoat

    The incompetence and corruption of the Indian procurement bureaucracy is legendary.
    Strategypage has covered it many times
    They even managed to screw up a product improved AK!
    A rifle designed to be produced by any third world country!
    The Insas rifle has now been removed from all conflict zones
    The Air Force has refused more of the locally produced Tejas jets and will buy Rafale from France
    IWI has finally been granted a license to produce Tavors in a private Indian factory and not in the government arsenal
    We will see how it turns out if Israeli engineers do the quality control, and supervise Indian workers.
    It will only work if they can fire underperforming workers.
    Highly unlikely in India even in the private sector
    They would do better just to buy Russian equiptment
    At least it will work and the Russians are willing to pay the needed bribes
    And don’t forget that India has gun control
    So go ahead and rape anyone you want
    They are unarmed victims

  13. caller in the desert

    Attorney General Maura Healey should immediately be banned from National Socialism. She is the worst national socialist ever.

    All Germans in the 3rd Reich were absolutely free to possess arms. My own father fully confirms this historical fact. The reasoning was quite similar to the 2nd amendment.

    There were no “extermination plans” in Hitler Germany and there were no “gas chambers”. The “final solution” was to deport the Jews. Go search for your “gas chambers”, then search for the supposed “reasoning” of why those SPECIFIC rooms should have been gas chambers (technically, forensically). Then read what the revisionists say about that. Have an INFORMED opinion.

    Hitler made some 40 high pressure peace offers before WWII started. It is proven by recently declassified russian documents. A lot of work has been done by one Mr. Schulze-Rhonhoff. David Irving said similar things some 15 years ago.

    It is self-inhibiting to operate on an unhinged paradigm. You scurry in the wrong directions and become inefficient.

    National Socialism fought the bank. We know what happened next. It was the only Socialism that ever improved the lives of the avarage Joe.

    1. Hognose Post author

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but your facts are non-factual.

      Did National Socialism improve the life of the “average Josef”? Well, apart from the 12 million Germans who were alive at the start of the Third Reich and dead at the end of it, was the average German better off the day after Hitler supplanted the Weimar Republic, or the day after Dönitz surrendered the rubble-dwelling remnants of Hitler’s lost empire? Looks to us like Hitler left the Germans worse off — even the ones he didn’t get killed.

      National Socialism left German cities, towns and entire Länder occupied for decades or forever, so far, by foreigners.

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