Bubba “Mills” an 80% Lower

The Continuing Adventures of Bubba the Gunsmite have taken a new direction, towards home manufacture of the venerable AR-15. To Bubba’s surprise, it did not work.

Bubbas 80-percenter

Bubba does spend an inordinate amount of time at his gun smiting bench in a state of surprise.

That’s one to challenge the Association of Firearms Toolmarks Examiners. Identify that dog’s breakfast. If you can.

Possible reasons for this outcome:

  1. It’s Bubba. Say no more.
  2. Made in Colorado, where standard capacity mags are banned, but operating metal-cutting machinery while stoned out of your gourd is perfectly legal.
  3. Bubba was fibbing when he compared his hands’ grip to a vise.
  4. Al alloy + Judgment Juice™ +  drill press = this monstrosity.
  5. He took thalidomide whilst pregnant with an AR-15.
  6. New MA(ura) legal AR: no parts interchange with a real one, and it can’t shoot.
  7. This is the good one, you should have seen his first ten attempts.

35 thoughts on “Bubba “Mills” an 80% Lower

  1. Frogdaddy

    That’s just a damn shame to look at. I get obsessed about the cleanliness of my bolt, I couldn’t live with this one. Sigh.

  2. McThag

    That’s a plastic lower, not aluminum.

    I suddenly don’t feel near so bad about my oversized selector hole from when my vise lost its grip on the work.

    1. BillC

      Yeah, I was about to say it’s plastic and he held true to DREMEL’s homage of removing too much material rapidly.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Wow… Ok, so now I don’t feel so bad when my portable power drill decided to do a little “walking” off on the hole I was drilling on a home repair project. Granted it was operator error, and I was able to recover, barely. But, this…this is a winner! The only thing that would make it 100% “complete” would be the addition of duct tape.

  4. Ritchie

    “Made in Colorado, where standard capacity mags are banned, but operating metal-cutting machinery while stoned out of your gourd is perfectly legal.”

    The sting in any rebuke is the truth. At least we can get mag repair kits.

  5. John M.

    I will rise to speak in defense of Bubba. How else can Bubba learn, if not by trial and error? Not everyone can afford the time and expense to attend Dyspeptic Gunsmith’s gunsmithing program.

    I’m sure we all made a few mistakes coming up in our professions and hobbies. If you aren’t making mistakes, then you aren’t exceeding your limitations and you therefore aren’t learning much. Who, after all, hasn’t had to trek back to Home Depot or the auto parts store for a second example of a part that we just bought and unintentionally did unspeakable things to?

    Now, if Bubba failed to LEARN from this… um… example, then that’s a different story.

    -John M.

  6. Sabrina Chase

    I believe assumptions of the presence of a drill press are unwarranted. Bubba appears to have performed this atrocity using a hand drill and a curling iron. During an earthquake. Whatever tool was used to do the excavating walked all over the place, and wasn’t sharp to begin with. That’s just…wrong.

    1. Cap'n Mike

      Mentioning the word ‘vice’ is giving him too much credit as well.
      I’m picturing the lower in Bubba’s left hand, a drill in Bubba’s right hand and his buddy holding his beer.

        1. Tennessee Budd

          Bravo, Hognose! I was debating whether to offer a gentle correction, but you handled it quite adroitly.

  7. James

    I was thinking was aluminum originally and the thermite not properly corralled and measured to nith degree for accurate fire control pocket.I am at point think tis a joke but if not,stand back/put away tools/breathe/study/practice on scrap,and then,try again.

    John,can say with pride have never had to go back to auto store/lumber yard due to a operator mishap,was always my tools fault!

  8. Alan Ward

    “Oh the humanity”
    The leftovers of the Hindenberg looked better than this the day after!

  9. Ratus

    How can Bubba learn?

    I’m thinking 50,000 volts applied to specific parts of his anatomy might have an effect.

    If not it’d at least be entertaining.

  10. Greg

    Good thing Bubba isn’t in California or he would have needed to apply for a s/n on that.

    1. John M.

      Now that I’ve risen to defend Bubba, now I’ll take my cheap shot. Does California accept “DUH” as a sufficient serial number?

      -John M.

  11. Dyspeptic Gunsmith

    Well… let’s look on the bright side.

    He just made all the other examples of that lower a tad more valuable.

    1. Geoff

      Next we will have to register our lathes, milling machines, drill presses and bandsaws. And maybe all our hand tools and power tools.

        1. John M.

          Sure. Let ’em make us register everything. I’ll register my hand saw. Let’s let any possible signal get lost in the noise.

          -John M.

          1. Hognose Post author

            Can I register my files as a set, or does each one need its own serial number? That’s gonna be a lot of serial numbers… what about sandpaper? Scotchbrite pads?

  12. Ti

    Not so interested in those ” I made it myself………” builders for the most part as in “FOR SALE”
    Now there are readers and our host that would build me a fine firearm to be sure, but w/o proper vetting, I’m not paying market price for anything that was built on a bar stool mounted vise. We need Bubba to put a stake in the ground so we know quality when we see it or not.

    Colorado comment so applicable

  13. archy

    2.Made in Colorado, where standard capacity mags are banned, but operating metal-cutting machinery while stoned out of your gourd is perfectly legal.

    Forget Mexico. We need a BIG fence between Colorado and the Wyoming southern border.

    On the only bright side of the picture I can think of, the amount of man-hours/machine tool time involved was likely not real great. Accordingly, expect the builder to become a lowest bidder on some forthcoming Homeland Security contract.

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