AR-10 Sniper Reweld — On GB and Sold in a Flash

Seeing that this had already come, and gone, on GunBroker, was a bit like being King Arthur and the boys and hearing that the French knight would not join our quest for the Holy Grail, ’cause “‘E’s already got one.”

original AR10 sniper 01

Some lucky knight has now got the Holy Grail of early AR collecting, albeit a rewelded semi-auto version; but it’s as near as an ordinary mortal will get to the original as long as the Hughes Amendment stands.

Well, here it is, deep from the recesses of my collection, the legend of legends……………….For sale one each original 1960 Portuguese AR-10 sniper rifle manufactured by “Artillerie Inrichtingen (AI) of Holland.

original AR10 sniper 03

No-this isn’t a pretend AR-10 such as the contemporary Armalite, DPMS, or any of the other .308 AR-15’s, THIS IS A REAL AR-10. Original AR-10’s in and of themselves are scarce; this is an EXTREMELY RARE sniper rifle.

He’s got a point there. The only other one of these we’ve seen was in a government museum.

original AR10 sniper 04

I’ve had it since 1995 (which is the last time I shot it) and it’s time to pass it on to somebody else. The rifle is complete and original. The lower receiver was expertly welded together from an original band saw cut and de-milled Portuguese AR-10 by Lloyd Hahn who received permission from the ATF before he did the work so it’s all done in compliance with the law (I don’t do “grey area’s).

original AR10 sniper 02

Unlike the various after-market AR-10 receivers such as Central Kentucky Arms, Specialty Arms, H&H, Telco, Sendra, etc. this actually looks like an original AR-10 lower (cuz’ it mostly is) receiver markings and all.

The aluminum H&H is pretty good, but it doesn’t duplicate the original markings, except for the serial number.

original AR10 sniper 12

SCOPE-original Delft, 3.6 X 25, excellent condition with clear optics

original AR10 sniper 19

*UPPER RECEIVER-a real sniper upper (in case somebody should ask, it would next to impossible to correctly machine the proper sniper scope cuts in an ordinary Portuguese upper) *You may notice a piece of tape behind the ejection port in the photos, no it ain’t holding the rifle together ;-)I put that on in 95’ to mitigate any brass “dings” on the upper receiver.

original AR10 sniper 14


BARREL-NO Shaw repro, it’s a very good condition Portuguese with a shiny bore (most Portuguese aren’t)

Again, the seller is on the level here. Our AR-10 barrel is “pretty good for a Porto” and the usual run of them is more in the “what were they doing with these things, growing potatoes?” condition.

original AR10 sniper 20

STOCK-Unlike most Portuguese stocks this one has an excellent rubber butt pad. There are however several very small cracks in the stock which have been expertly repaired.

The early fiberglass stocks were brittle and the resin degraded under ultraviolet light.

original AR10 sniper 10

HANDGUARDS-The fiberglass is in excellent condition with no cracks or scuffs, most Portuguese bipod handguards are a little “scruffy”, this is the best Portuguese bipod handguard I’ve ever held in my hands.

Haven’t seen one this good (including the one in the museum), ourselves.

Bipod-good-very good condition fully functional with no rust, mostly original finish. MAGAZINES-four come with the rifle.

Well, at least we’ve got more mags than that.

original AR10 sniper 17

Thanx for looking! PS-This is the same sniper rifle which was featured in the book, “The ArmaLite AR-10 Rifle”. Hit “Buy it now” and I’ll throw in the book with the sale,

via ORIGINAL ArmaLite AR-10 SNIPER Rifle (Portuguese) : Semi Auto Rifles at

The “Buy It Now” price was $12,000, and the running joke is that half of it was for the rare Maj. Sam Pikula book. (Which has fortunately been replaced, finally, by a better book after decades out of print).

Exit question: was the knight in question Reed Knight? He has most variants of AR-10 in his collection, but we don’t think he had the ultra-rare sniper.

13 thoughts on “AR-10 Sniper Reweld — On GB and Sold in a Flash

  1. DSM

    Had someone the forethought to make the first free floating AR handguard where would we be now? Would the M21 had even happened?

    1. SPEMack

      But…but….the M-21 is going to be the key to our eventual victory in Afghanistan. The internet said so!

  2. Boat Guy

    Well…even though my “AR-10” is a “new” one; I at least have an autographed copy of the book…

  3. Slow Joe Crow

    What is the best way to get good usable AR-10 these days? I am more interested in a representative example than a museum piece, since I have a long-term plan of building a “living history” collection to use
    Are there any recommended sources for parts kits, receivers and gunsmithing?

    1. Mr. 308

      It’s not the same company of course, but this is the AR-10.

    2. Hognose Post author

      Semi rebuilds of the original AI AR-10s come up a couple times a year on GunBroker. A good price is $3k and $6k is too high to get any action — yet. Parts kits and receivers are rare.

      The modern “AR-10s” differ from the original in many particulars. Notably, they all use AR-15 lower parts kit internals, and normally have a railed upper rather than integral carrying handle. There are two different mag wells, one based on the original AR-10 mag (Knights, DPMS) and one based on modified M14 mags (Filipino-American new Armalite). More availability on the first type of mag (for instance, AR-10 PMAGs fit this type).

      1. Boat Guy

        My AR-10 predates the “Filipino-American new Armalite ” (pretty sure) but yes, the mag well is sized for (converted – in my case) M14 mags. I was really bummed to find the PMAGs wouldn’t work – because the “new” Armalite mags are/were crap. I bought several on my return to the states and took most of them back (fortunately the store did take them back), but now mags for the piece remain a challenge

  4. RSR

    Is that a top mount bayo lug on that rifle?

    Hognose — do you know any of the history on the top mount bayo lugs around this time period? Some of the early Galils featured bayo lugs on top rather than underside of the barrel…

    1. Hognose Post author

      Yes, that’s a bayonet lug. They were in that position on all the Portuguese and, I believe, Sudanese AR-10s. The lug is part of the barrel jacket.

      I don’t know anything about the Galil lug. Never thought of the Israelis as big bayonet users but of course the Galil was built in part for export.

  5. Krommetall

    Hognose, I know the story behind this rifle and the person that bought it, if you’re interested?

  6. Brad

    Interesting design for the scope mount. I would like to hear more details about it. Is it related to the scope mount design for the AR-18?

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