The Greatest Gun Salesman in History! Infographic

We’ve covered the growth of the market in many posts with fairly dry statistics and some freeze-dried bar and line charts. But the guys at made it all into a slick infographic.

It’s nice to know that, if he isn’t comforted enough by all the racial healing he brought to a benighted and undeserving nation, he still has earned one superlative that no one can take away from him.

Well, except the next President. If we’re unlucky.

Click to activate the fullsizenator.



Of course they would appreciate it if you rewarded their hard work by going to their site and signing up for their ammo-deal email, or, better yet, buying some ammo.

We notice they have bulk ammo in some of the odd pistol calibers we use, like .25 and .32.

19 thoughts on “The Greatest Gun Salesman in History! Infographic

  1. DSM

    This needs to be in the mainstream media. The NRA should hold a black tie awards dinner with all the publicity they can buy (instead of purchasing cheesy Chinese knives and flashlights) and invite him for the presentation. He would be a no-show of course even though it’d serve him and his handlers to be there.
    “We may not see eye to eye on individual rights, Mr. President, but you have done more to proliferate it in these eight years than we could have ever hoped for!”
    Oh dear, that would leave a mark.

    1. Claypigeonshooter

      1. Give the banquet a non conspicuous name put on by a proxy organization.
      2. Cash prizes for the awards given out ($100,000 plus).
      3. Invite media and anti-gun politicians.
      4. Steven Crowder as the host (in disguise of course).
      5. Sit back and enjoy the show.

      1. robroysimmons

        Its not quite the great victory for the 2A it is being heralded as.

        In my estimation maybe a few dozen people do the real hard thinking for the Progs and I really doubt they see much threat in some fairly mentally delicate hoarder buying his 25th AR-15 or standard mag rifle over priced talisman (4 times the cost of a Colt, half as good).

        The 2A is the one area of the “Right” that actually competes with the Left on the Moral Level of conflict (the NRA did not lead us into that fight, they follow, it’s good business)

        But that advantage is slipping since we allowed gun salesmen to become dominant and do our thinking for us.

        1. robroysimmons

          Let us all move to California, become a persecuted minority all the while vast swaths of D party voters import AKs from the cartels and have tracer fights on their block, and a shout out to Mr. Lee, never forget him.

          It damn near is a civil rights issue that transcends the all beloved “states rights”, and as I rediscovered before Mr. Clayton the early civil rights bills addressed 2A rights for a persecuted minority.

          Our efforts cannot be mainly to keep SHOT show drunks drunk they are to keep our rights

          1. Boat Guy

            Certainly not my effort – or intent. I don’t herald the huge increase in sales as a 2A or any other victory; merely delicious irony to be savored.
            Still, if we are to keep (or regain) our liberties it may come to a no-kidding fight and a certain percentage of those sales must be (statistically) to serious people who may need to provide for others if/when things get to “nut-cutting”.

          2. Brad

            While the anti-gunners scheme and plot and pass their stupid laws, the free market dances around them and changes the facts on the ground faster than the enemy can blink.

            Sure Commiefornia is getting worse and worse, along with some other Blue State hellholes. But at the same time Free America is getting even more free.

            The contrast between those States is going to ultimately break the national gun control movement, though sadly more people will suffer more in the Blue States before that final victory.

        2. Paul Rain

          As long as that 25th AR will go to the 25th rifleless recruit to his militia when it’s time, that is a victory of the second amendment.


    “obamas perceived hostility towards gun issues”

    I don’t like the way they worded that. at all. It makes it sound like its all just one big misunderstanding

  3. MThead

    I guess you could say Obama is a good gun salesman. I guess you could say Hitler was a good travel agent too?

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  6. gbob

    “Click to activate the fullsizenator”
    Why did you stop saying “embiggen”? Its a perfectly cromulent word

    1. Hognose Post author

      It’s not mine, go to the link, they have embed code (but I couldn’t make it work here). Credit where credit is due!

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