They Turned their Lives Around Now.

This is a rare example of the contrasting effects of three commonly used anti-crime measures: (1) prohibiting persons likely to use firearms irresponsibly, such as felons and juveniles, from acquiring firearms; (2) displaying a “Firearms Prohibited” sign, and (3) carrying a defensive firearm. Its rare that you get an A-B comparison of two measures, let alone an A-B-C comparison like this. So let’s call them Options A, B, and C, and see which (if any) worked to deter violent crime.

On Saturday, 10 January 2016. Two Wealth Redistribution Engineers entered this frequently-robbed liquor store on West 87th Street in the blood-soaked City of Chicago.


Both were prohibited under 18 U.S.C. § 922(b)(1), (c)(1) from possessing firearms (both were juveniles, although at 15 and 17 they were already career criminals). At least one of them, as we will prove shortly, was carrying a firearm. So despite the mighty power of 18 U.S.C. § 922(b)(1), (c)(1), which is never enforced against actual armed criminals despite the 10-year Federal Pen penalty, it did not deter our two young thieves. Tentative Conclusion: Option A does not deter gun crime.

Now, look at the image above… what’s that little graphic in the lower right corner of the upper panel of the entry door — right above the horizontal bar? Let’s zoom in for a look:


Why, that’s a NO GUNS graphic. So it seems that these two young violent criminals (even before you learn what they did here, armed robbery is always a violent crime by definition — it is robbery accompanied by a threat to life) were not in the least deterred by the NO GUNS sticker. Tentative Conclusion: Option B does not deter gun crime.

Here’s the story, as reposted in the Chicago crime monitor site, Hey Jackass.

Citing preliminary information, authorities said two people walked into the store, and one of them hopped over the counter.

That person hit the clerk standing behind the counter, while the other remained in front of the counter, authorities said.

Meanwhile, a relative of the store owner heard a commotion upstairs and saw the robbery suspects from a stairwell, authorities said.

At this point, Options A and B having failed, the family member deployed Option C. Option C was effective. A third picture documents how (we warn that it contains an image of dead would-be robbers), and post it, and our analysis, after the jump.

Here’s what Uncle Peaceable Gun Owned did, confronted by two violent, armed youths:

He pulled out a gun and opened fire on the two, killing them, authorities said. At least one of them was armed with a gun.

“They don’t play, and I don’t blame them,” a woman said of the storekeepers. “This (has) happened to them before.”

via Commentaries | HeyJackass!.

Here’s our two Wealth Redistribution Engineers, at ambient temperature:

improved robbers Chicago 2016 01

We don’t know the details of caliber and shots fired, although it looks that they may have got an ineffective shot or two of their own off. But we have seen enough to draw a conclusion.

Conclusion: Option C deters the living daylights out of crime.

It is the only one of the three options that is effective.

Of course, the verbal backlash has already started, and all the great potential of these two oxygen thieves is being bewailed by the usual criminal-coddlers in their home city.

Any one of you could write the script: They were aspiring rappers. Just turning their lives around. They were good boys who Dindu Nufffin.

And sure enough, the Reverends are already condemning the store-owning family for “killing two young boys over mere money. They didn’t deserve that.”

Balls to that. They didn’t deserve anything else.

Remember: they came in threatening to kill for that money. Robbery by definition is theft by the use of violence — statutes often refer to “force or fear.” These worthless wastes of skin also violently assaulted the clerk. Having been told all their lives that they’re “entitled” to anything they want, they demanded something they wanted, and didn’t get a chance to tell anyone just how badly they were misled about that.

We’re fresh out of sympathy. A typical robber starts out younger than this and commits a robbery every week or more often until he is captured, and then in 9 times out of 10 resumes a career of armed robbery when he gets out. Putting down these two pathogens has saved literally hundreds of decent people from being robbed in the year ahead. If they were bagged in a timely manner, before they could sire the next generation (probably too late, at 15 and 17), then the number of robberies prevented could be thousands or tens of thousands over the entire next century. 

That store owner’s family member did more to deter and fight crime than every prosecutor and judge in all Chicagoland.

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    I should feel a wave of sympathy for these dead youngsters and their families. Tragic waste et etc.

    But I don’t. I looked at the sightless staring eyes of the grey hoodie dude, and felt a sense of grim satisfaction and justice served. It could so easily have been an innocent business owner or customer like me lying there. They got what they deserved, and I hope they had time to feel the horror and fear as realisation set in that they’d lost it all and the lights were going out for the last time.

  2. Miles

    Well, whatever the storeowner used, it was used to excellent effect.
    Somebody been practicing, which means not just accuracy or tactics but the will to do it.

    Comment from another post about the robbery.
    “The full article quotes one of the dead thugs mothers as seeing her dead son’s face in the picture and starting to cry. I wonder what the dead thugs father thought when he saw the picture? Oh, that’s right. Forget I asked.”
    And, I’d probably get no takers if I wanted to bet that neither of the deadheads actually even knew who their fathers were.

  3. JAFO

    Option C didn’t deter the mopes. It stopped them. Their deaths might deter others.

    The mopes apparently also weren’t deterred by various Illinois state laws — carrying the gun, robbery, etc.

  4. Doug

    One tragedy among so many of this is there really isn’t a lot of savages among us. It is just these savages are preying upon more than our property and lives, they prey upon our values and ideals of western Christian culture, their impact far exceeds their small numbers.
    They they are allegory of, they represent the visceral gritty extension in all aspects those who presume to rule over us in impunity who occupy so many stations within our system of governance.
    Of course the powers that be deplore acts of defense against the assault on primal liberty’s, it is only a stones throw away from acts of defense against they themselves for facilitating this deplorable unacceptable condition of their tyranny to begin with.
    To me these savages, dead criminals, are no different then the political and cultural enablers who have maliciously created the economic societal and political environment that makes this tragedy rampant to begin with. That so few can create such violence and turmoil is every reason in itself, and brother there are more good reasons than you can count, to do everything within our rights to defend ourselves from them and their tyranny.

  5. Jim Scrummy

    The vibrants chose poorly. Ooops. I have negative integer remorse for these vibrants and their mamas, since their daddies are either dead or doin’ time.

  6. Toastrider

    A while back, there was a righteous shoot here in Alabama. A ‘wealth redistribution engineer’ (I love that term, Hognose) came into a Dollar General. He had the clerk down on his knees, his gun to the guy’s head, when a good Samaritan walked in. Said Samaritan was also a legal, CCW carrier, and was armed.

    Samaritan draws down on the thug, thug tries to turn to put his aim on Samaritan, and thug gets five rounds and a one way ticket to the express lane of the hereafter.

    (pause for applause and cheering)

    What struck me most was how the family of the thug reacted — it was bizarre. They were insisting the good Samaritan should’ve just gone about his business and left, and not gotten involved with the ‘wealth redistribution’. Which makes me wonder if the ex-thug wasn’t the only ‘wealth redistribution engineer’ in that family, and if his proceeds were going to places other than just his pockets.

    1. NyneMillameetuh

      Frequently, the parents of Wealth Distribution Engineers (the one degree every MLK Blvd. seems to produce) are solipsistic, lying, high self-esteem, and high time preference tribals. Apples rarely fall far from the tree.

      1. Toastrider

        Agreed. One of these days, when one of these young punks picks the wrong target and winds up pushing daisies, I’d like to see an interview where the family doesn’t blame the shooter, or the cops, or the world for their offspring’s bad end.

        Little old black grandma in a porch chair, saying ‘I’m sorry it happened, but it was comin’. I tried to teach that boy as best I could, but his daddy disappeared and his momma was always runnin’ around. I did my best, but it just wasn’t good enough. I’m so sorry that gentleman had to be the one to put him down. It’s not fair to him to carry the burden.’

        If that ever happens I’ll know someone, somewhere, has finally gotten a clue.

        1. Alan Ward

          I’m sure it has happened, but that tyoe of quote wouldn’t fit the narrative that the mainstream press and SJW’s are looking for so it would be buried.
          Only reason this story got out there was because the profits from the visuals outweighed the damage to the narrative for the media outlets.
          Beside which the SJW leadership/pimps needs to refresh the tree of poverty with the blood of “patriots” from time to time to keep the outrage of the left/libs and their modern plantation residents amped up.

    2. Themaughan

      Wonderful post….. Erudite and scornfully accurate.
      Are these people kidding? God help us….

    3. Woofpak

      Excellent Toastrider… excellent! Love, love, love the reference to the “one way ticket to the express lane”!

  7. Ghost Rider 6

    And somewhere, a professional gun prohibitionist smiles faintly as he adds a “2” to his tally of “gun violence deaths”.

    1. Miles

      Oh, yeah, no time for them to run away and leak all over some place else.
      Grim Reaper done snatched the life right outta them.

  8. Keith

    I can see that image appearing on bill boards and news channels and blogs and sites across the land in the next week or so. And the message?

    “Two more innocent lives lost to gun violence!”

    Watch this come true. You know it will. Never mind the facts. I would not be surprised to see the pistol cropped out.

  9. Carson K.

    If I may, I’d like to point out the error in the above caption which reads, “Here’s our two Wealth Redistribution Engineers at ambient temperature”.

    Please note the following: in order to achieve ambient temperature, they would have to have been there (in that position and place) for the best part of 17.7 hours. This is based on the following:
    At the point at which “the fires of life” are extinguished, the mass loses approximately 1.5 degrees F each hour. Starting with an assumed thermal reading of 98.6 and assuming ambient temperature to be roughly 72 degrees, the delta of this would be about 26.6 degrees F. Given the change of only 1.5 degrees F per hour, these fine (black lives matter) specimens would require approximately 17.7 hours to reach said ambient temperature. Knowing that the store owner and Uncle “CCW” probably don’t want to enjoy the fragrance which eminates from the resultant “Line of Duty” while “redistributing the wealth” of the owner” engineers, the chances of them reaching “ambient temperature” is essentially negligible in that setting.
    According to one of my esteemed instructors in the “art of war” we were told several things.
    A). “You will always be sorry that you had to take the life of another human (sic) being, but it is better to be sorry than to be “room temperature”.

    B.) There is no human problem that can not be solved by an adequate quantity of high explosive.. (Sgt, P., SAS)

    Given the principles of physics and biology quoted above, it will be easy to see that these two WRE’s will not achieve “room temperature” for the best part of the next day; or until they are properly placed in the coolers provided by the medical examiners office of Chicago and paid for by the people of Illinois prepared especially for that purpose.

    Of course, Rev’s Jackson and Sharpton will take issue with the facts and find some way to create a well stated explanation for the failure of the state to control the use of and possession of guns from those who would, errantly protect their lives and businesses from the entirety of the Wealth Redistribution Engineering System…and its long list of “operators”.

    De Oppresso Liber

    1. Hognose Post author

      Truly an erudite comment, and we regret the error. Obviously the two defunct gentlemen gracing the market floor are merely enroute to ambient temperature. Thanks for reading and for commenting, Doc.

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