That Was the Week that Was: 2015 Week 51

That was the week that was TW3As the end of the year approaches, and the end of the week scrolls by, we’re rather satisfied with ourselves.

It’s been a good week and a good year, and this is the last week that will end in calendar 2015. (Week 52 ends Saturday 2 January).

Today was spent wrangling leaves again, which should have been done months ago, or hired out to one of those outfits that do that for a living. But two and a half hours of raking is excellent PT. (Well, that’s what the pain says).

We’re one inch closer to getting back into the cockpit, as we think we’ve cleared up a miscommunication between cardiologist and flight surgeon. Kids, one of the irritating things about aging is you have more doctors poking and prodding you and telling you about your bad habits (if we missed nagging, we could have just gotten married again).

The office is almost tidied up, and next week we get some cool ‘chinery running.

The Boring Statistics

This week’s statistics are slightly reduced by the holiday.  25 posts (about 3-4 less than usual) and about 18,000 words (down from last weeks kind of average ~23,500).  Our average post was 736 words long, and the median was 587, nothing really out of the ordinary. Post length ranged from 45 to 2294 words.

People are definitely reading the longer posts. We haven’t looked at individual post readership statistics, but our 1882-word post on M203 development drew 20 comments, none of which said, “Shorter, please!”

We knew that readership would be down this week, based on the fact that we posted only one (off-topic) post on the holiday, and the holiday itself: didn’t people have something better to do on Christmas Day? On a usual day we get over 6,000 unique visitors, so we were expecting maybe 1,000 on Hogmanay. Sure enough, readership was down — to 5,000 unique visitors (5,010, to be exact).

Comments This Week

Comments were lower than average at 276 by close of business Saturday. The previous week there were 329 comments at press time, and 60 more since then; but that wasn’t a holiday week, was it? Most commented post was Monday’s When Self-Defense is Outlawed, to Run Away is Your Only Defense with 47 at press time. Runner-up was Colt to Emerge from Bankruptcy with 30, posted on Tuesday (in the comments to that article, Shawn from Loose Rounds, whose well wired-in there,  hints at good things to come from the prancing horse brand in 2016). As we’ve noted, Monday and Tuesday points are most likely to have the most comments by Saturday.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week: (live links to be added later).

Going Forward

We still have OTR posts coming on Castillo de San Marcos (yes, we haven’t completely explored it yet), on another installation in the same area, and on Fort Pulaski, that still shows the scars of Civil War bombardment. We have posts of our own on WWI tank warfare and maybe some SF holiday memories.

Next week, Monday or Tuesday we’ll show you what’s got to be a near record price for a scrap rifle sold as a parts kit.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “That Was the Week that Was: 2015 Week 51

  1. TF-BA

    Hey now – I would have eaten up every word on the 203, regardless of length. Mostly because it was interesting but also because Marines were still using M79’s on post in Ramadi circa 2005/6. Pulled from dust bins and left in place during watch turnover like a 240. The guys I knew from that time and place had the bloopers handed over during RIP.
    In kind they were left for the RIP unit.
    My guys loved the versatility of having both the 79 and the 203. Or so they said. prolly a result of adding leathality to a fixed OP.
    Oh and how useless is the 203 under stress in a non-lethal engagement? I watched a platoon break 8 maybe 12, 203’s attempting to load the long case non lethal rounds at training speed. AFTER being warned about how easy it was to break them. My email is hard on gear, but the failure rate was worse than me as a sailor drunk on rum with a hammer.

    Well, then SOTG OC’ed everyone and called it training. Cummupins all around.
    HEDP and all the good for the troops rounds, I never witnessed a problem with the 203 in any situation. From my prospective it is as robust as weapons system as can be expected.

    1. TF-BA

      Wow. I totally took that the wrong way. Take this as an example of how crazy family time makes for extra crazy. Mea Culpa.

  2. Impudent Warwick

    Tang surely went down to a circular run; I thought Wahoo was unknown but presumably depth-charged, based on post-war examination of Japanese records? Not that a torpedo malfunction is at all unlikely, though.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I thought when I wrote that, do I have the wrong sub? I did mean Tang, having just red Kershaw’s new book. The Albacore museum in Portsmouth always has a great selection of sub books.

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