The Army’s Highest Priority

Is “readiness,” three politically-correct liars say in a memo about what’s really the Army’s highest priority, namely, social engineering, that, “Readiness is our top priority.”

They also say, and we quote, “[I]ntegration of women into all MOSs will improve combat readiness.”

Uh… how?

From where we sit, this begins with bullshit, ends with bullshit, and is all bullshit in between.

Here’s a picture of the document, followed by the actual .pdf as distributed to all hands, and an OCR’d version, because SECARM Eric “Aching Fanny” Fanning, Chief of Staff GEN “Courney Massengale” Mark Milley Vanilli, and Command Sergeant Major of the Army in Charge of Reflector Belts and Participation Trophies “Docile” Danny Dailey don’t trust PFC Skippy to copy and paste their words.


Sheesh. Did you read that Newspeak? Talk about Social Justice Warrior entryism.

The PDF versions:

Full Integration of Women in the Army.pdf

Full Integration of Women in the Army OCR.pdf

Yep, they think Private Skippy can’t be trusted with these words in editable format. Who knows what he might put on a t-shirt, or graffito upside a Stryker All you PFC Skippies out there, is that a challenge or what?

Returning to the statement they are making that integration of women in all MOSes will improve combat readiness, again, where’s the evidence? Every objective test has shown the opposite. The subtext, then, is that these three men are deeply beholden to an inchoate and inexplicable ideology that comes packaged as illogical rhetoric from the lesbo-feminist academy, so deeply indoctrinated that they either (1) can’t imagine the combat consequences of their policy; (2) have a ridiculously out of line mental image of it; or, (3) most likely, absolutely don’t care.

They got theirs. Juniors? Sucks to be you.

No one has proposed a mechanism by which adding women to any specific unit improves combat readiness, they just declared that the Emperor’s new clothes are so beautiful we mere mortals oughtn’t look on his (or her, because empires are more effective if half or more of the emperors are women, it says here) radiance.

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Maybe it’s better compared to another schema from the popular culture:

Phase I: Mo' Wimmens! Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Improved Readiness!

Phase I: Mo’ Wimmens!
Phase 2: ???
Phase 3: Improved Readiness!

These three stooges are the Bubba the Gunsmite of military leadership, and the end product of an Army culture that sucks up and $#!+s down, with the general and sergeant major demonstrating what happens to the reasoning powers of a uniformed Narcissus after thirty years of ass-kissing by advancement-seeking subordinates.

Panty Gnomes, l-r: Aching Fanny Fanning, GEN Milley Vanilli, CSMA Dull, Docile Dailey.

Panty Gnomes, l-r: Aching Fanny Fanning, GEN Milley Vanilli, CSMA Dull, Docile Dailey.

Again, how? Leaving apart all your bullshit about maintaining standards, please explain to us doubting Thomases the mechanism by which adding women (by which we know, and you know we know, you mean the entitled princesses from the Military Academy who will hold their breath until they turn blue unless they get All The Ticket Punches They Waahnt) will improve combat readiness. You have given us the Underpants Gnome slide version of this, but we’re calling you out: fill in the question marks on the slide. What about part 2?

If you can. And our money says you can’t.


14 thoughts on “The Army’s Highest Priority

  1. S

    It all depends on the definition of “combat readiness”; and of those two concepts, the meaning of combat would be the most likely to diverge from the commonly assumed one. When was the last declared war won? VJ Day? At least they picked the most suitable end date for the project….

  2. BAP

    Haha, that was a good episode. This season has been pretty on point if you haven’t caught it yet it’s worth a watch.

  3. Y.

    How do women improve combat readiness? Is their presence compounded with various non-fraternization rules and problems associated with assuaging horniness supposed to make soldiers more pissed off and thus improve overall combat readiness?


    Meanwhile, in Absurdistan, Isis dudes are slavering over their moist, liver coloured lips and down their giant beards in anticipation of the raping that will be added to the killing when they engage US forces in ground combat.

    I shakes me head.

  5. Kerry

    “…regardless of gender”, and irregardless of language…? Languages possess gender, (thoughEnglish does not); for example, in Spanish, butter is ‘la mantequilla’. (Butter is feminine? Who knew?) And then there is la pistola, and yes, pistols are feminine. (Who didn’t know that!?) Human beings have sex, either male or female. When the phrase ‘have sex’ is meant as an activity, it should properly be called sexual relations.
    So not only are they fools, but dunces. O, en Espanol, “Idiotas!”
    Cf, “Reg, why are you always going on about women.” “Because I want to be one. From here on, I want you to call me Loretta.” (And speaking of Loretta, has the Dept. of Joostice become a “Lynch mob”?)
    Keep your powder dry, and have lots of powder.

    1. Stacy0311

      You left the key part of that scene out
      Reg “It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality”

    2. Hognose Post author

      Yeah, that is a pet peeve of mine. Languages have gender, organisms (not all of them) have sex. Anyone who writes gender when they mean sex is a captive of political correctness or poorly educated, both of which probably apply to the three underpants gnome stooges here. (Credentialed, yes; educated, no).

      ISTR, in a number of gendered Indo-European languages, many firearms-related words are feminine. Dunno why.

  6. Aesop

    They are creating an Army, and a society, where men are no longer welcome.
    That will pay dividends when the pendulum swings, and not in a good way.

    Everyone honorable should get out with all due haste, or never enter in the first place.

    Oh, and exactly as predicted, total number of commissions resigned over this: zero, in toto, x 4 services, when last I checked.

    Anyone 0-6 or higher in the .mil who’s still there is an unmitigated douchebag.
    Because they’re going to be filling body bags over this, and they don’t give a damn.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Careers for careerists. The strategic theory seems to be that we’ll use the first few defeats to shake down the Army and have cause to weed out those officers who took the wrong choice on Boyd’s famous question, “Do you want to be somebody, or do you want to do something?”

      Trial by combat. An accepted sorting method for US officers, historically, with the burden borne by US grunts, historically.

      1. KenWats

        “Trial by combat. An accepted sorting method for US officers, historically, with the burden borne by US grunts, historically.”

        Why am I picturing the Thunderdome scene with McClellan and US Grant squaring off?

        On topic, I can’t say how disappointed I am. I really thought facts and data meant something, apparently not.

  7. Doc B


    I guess it’s time to have women register for the draft, after all, we are talking about equality.

  8. Georgiaboy61

    Re: “Returning to the statement they are making that integration of women in all MOSes will improve combat readiness, again, where’s the evidence? Every objective test has shown the opposite. ”

    This isn’t about evidence, facts or logic; it never has been. Obama and company are what the late, great Eric Hofer called “true believers” – hard-core ideologues and radicals whose worldview can be summed up as “anything that advances the revolution is good, anything that stands in the way is not.”

    A century ago, in the aftermath of the Great War, cultural Marxism was created by two socialists working independently of one another -Hungarian Georg Lukács and Italian Antonio Gramsci, who adapted the ideas of Marx and Lenin to society at large, taking them out of the economic sphere alone and placing them in the heart of European culture. Via the now-famous Institute for Social Research at the Frankfurt School, their ideas spread throughout the western world – including to the United States. Known popularly by various names and in several guises, which include multiculturalism, diversity, political-correctness, feminism and the critical theory movement, cultural Marxism is now the dominant political/social ideology in the western world.

    The end-goal of the movement was and remains the destruction of the foundations of old western civilization, including the family, home, traditional roles for male/female, the church, and much else as well. Like traditional notions of manhood themselves, the cultural Marxists have long-sought to tear down the military – which was, at least until somewhat recently, one of the last remaining strongholds for the old ways and the traditional masculine virtues. For a time, the old-guard leadership – the veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam – fought a rear-guard action to prevent the wholesale takeover of the armed forces by these revolutionaries, but when they left the scene, no meaningful opposition remained at the senior levels of civilian/military policy-makers. Those who weren’t on-board with the new regime were purged, forced out or shunted aside. The “Great Purge” has only accelerated under the present political regime.

    The drive to tear down the last remaining “barriers” to women in combat, as the feminists like to call them, has never been about what’s best for the military as an institution, our state of readiness or the nation as whole. Instead, the fundamental goal of the movement has always been the breaking of the old military and its adherents on the wheel of political correctness. An equally-important goal has also been the fundamental transformation of the armed forces from a traditional, relatively conservative institution into an ideologically- and politically-reliable one which will do the bidding of its new masters.

    In sum, then, trying to argue the facts, evidence and data with these revolutionaries is ultimately a waste of breath. They aren’t amenable to reason, and never have been. They are, in every sense of the word, fanatics.

    Weaponsman, my compliments – for what they are worth (I am a civilian) – on a great website. It is always an education reading the stories and the comments which follow…

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