Poly-Ticks: To Sing A Song of Gun Control

Remy (the dude can sing, his talent’s not fully exploited doing these parodies) twists a Billy Joel song to make some political points about gun control. Some of the rhymes are a bit… stretched, but “AR-15s” and “magazines” comes off well.

Joel, a gun control enthusiast to his middle-class Jewish roots, can’t be too thrilled about this, so get it while you can. Although we think they’re on firm ground as a parody, what do we know about law?

Our favorite parts were the celebrity sax solo and the dancing chorus of black chicks… it isn’t just Billy Joel who’s being made a monkey of, here.

8 thoughts on “Poly-Ticks: To Sing A Song of Gun Control

    1. Hognose Post author

      Have received some on this from a Wisconsin friend. It does look like a bad shot by the Neenah PD, which they’ll probably get away with.

  1. Brad

    Okay, that’s a keeper.

    What I love about that dancing chorus line is it must have been at some anti-gun public event, you could see the big Moms Demand Action banner over their heads. Integrating them into a pro-gun satire song is editing gold.

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