Breaking: Careers Over Readiness, All Slots Open to Women

rangerette-benjaminThe Rangerette debacle train pulled into its ultimate station today. Seeking to distract the public from the free-falling strength and readiness their craven management has produced, the Secretary of Defense and the President announced on 3 December that all slots were now open to women in all branches of all services. Dan Lamothe at the Washington Post:

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said Thursday that he is opening all jobs in combat units to women, a landmark decision that ends a three-year period of research with a number of firsts for female service members and bitter debate at times about how women should be integrated.

The decision opens the military’s most elite units to women who can meet the rigorous requirements for the positions for the first time, including in the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and other Special Operations Units. It also opens the Marine Corps infantry, a battle-hardened force that many service officials had openly advocated keeping closed to female service members.

“There will be no exceptions,” Carter said. “This means that, as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before.”

Does “contribute in ways they could not” mean they can now carry a mortar baseplate? Have we repealed the laws of physics? Who’s the new Surgeon in Chief, Trofim Lysenko?

The biggest victory of Carter, Obama and their suited social engineers may be that they managed to emplace uniformed social engineers willing to go along with the experiment atop all four services. (The Coast Guard has no combat positions, and therefore nothing was closed to women in the fifth service).

Carter said that top leaders in the Army, Navy, Air Force and U.S. Special Operations Command all recommended that all jobs be opened to women. The Marine Corps recommended that certain jobs such as machine gunner be kept closed, but the secretary said that the military is a joint force, and his decision will apply to everyone. The top Marine officer who made that recommendation, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, became chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in September, and did not appear alongside Carter on Thursday.

The President, whose relationship with the military has been difficult, appeared to delight in sticking it to the one branch of government he has been willing to neglect, abuse, and above all. cut.

As Commander in Chief, I know that this change, like others before it, will again make our military even stronger. Our armed forces will draw on an even wider pool of talent.

Women who can meet the high standards required will have new opportunities to serve. I know that, under the leadership of Secretary Carter and Chairman Dunford, our men and women in uniform will implement this transition — as they have others — in a responsible manner that maintains military readiness and the unparalleled professionalism and strength of our armed forces.

via In historic decision, Pentagon chief opens all jobs in combat units to women – The Washington Post.

Yeah, that’s the problem. That’s why we lost Iraq — not a political bugout, not a deliberate decision to throw victory away by an Administration that’s ever pleased to see Islamists advance, but because we lacked the woman’s touch in every rifle squad.

That’s why the Taliban are back in Konduz, where SF, AFSOC and the payback of General Dostum’s Uzbeks and Daoud’s Tajiks of the Northern Alliance got rid of them in November 2001, and they stayed out until the current kinder, gentler social engineers took charge and ushered them back in.

That’s why we not only don’t have the subs to shadow Russian boomers, we don’t have the sonobuoy network that we had in 1985, because we sank (no pun intended) the money into social engineering and a gossamer “peace dividend”.

But hey, careers for chicks, because if you have an Army you won’t let fight you might as well make it an alternative to AFDC for fat single moms.

The Marines were the only service to actually test the hypotheses that sexual dimorphism in homo sapiens has no military application, and that women could therefore perform as well as men. The Marine tests found that they couldn’t keep up or pack their weight. This set career politician and Secretary of the Navy to screaming like a girl.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus took issue with a Marine Corps study that found that the average woman struggled to keep up with men, according to a number of metrics.

When the data doesn’t fit the theory, a good social engineer adjusts the data. Mabus simply denied the results of the study:

Our process and studies showed that as long as someone can meet operationally relevant, occupation-specific, gender-neutral individual standards, that person is qualified to serve.

And, under Mabus’s reasoning, if there were disparate results by sex, the standards ipso facto were not sex-neutral. Therefore, let’s drop the standards to meet the applicants!

You may recognize the sentiment, if you’re of a certain age. A previous iteration of it gave us Macnamara’s 100,0001.

The primary beneficiaries of this policy will be, as intended, women graduates of the service academies. The theory is, any loss of combat effectiveness in a military “led” by civilian and general-officer leaders who have been comfortable with policies of global surrender, withdrawal unilateral disarmament, and just plain “bugging out,” will be marginal.


  1. Which was actually 100,000 a year, so it was more like Macnamara’s half million. At a time when a male high school graduate needed to score in the sixteenth percentile, an IQ of about 84, to get into the service, Mac waived that requirement for up to 100,000 recruits or draftees who were classified (at the time) as Borderline Mentally Retarded and Educable Mentally Retarded. (This is the truth undelying the comic Army scenes in Forrest Gump). Their NCOs would probably have disputed the “Educable” bit. It’s unlikely any of these soldiers was a net add to the combat power of the Army or Marines (the USAF and NAvy didn’t have to take them). Now that we’ve got gays, and trannies, and women, we need Mac’s Morons back. After all, it’s not fair that the retarded can’t have their share of West Point careers.

51 thoughts on “Breaking: Careers Over Readiness, All Slots Open to Women

  1. Aesop

    “After all, it’s not fair that the retarded can’t have their share of West Point careers.”

    Au contraire, mon ami: today’s announcement proves that the retarded are present among service academy grads at something like 40,000 times their distribution rate in the greater society.

    Oh, and nota bene there will be not a single person 0-6 or better who will resign publicly in protest over this. (The first ones to prove me wrong should be re-instated and given another star by the next administration. I ain’t holding my breath waiting for either to occur.)
    And with an officer corps so gutless, there’s nothing to be done for this but mourn the military we used to have, and prepare for the inevitable sequel, nationally and personally.

    If you’re in, get out, and if you’re out, don’t go in.

    Fundamental Transformation*, 1.
    Military Readiness, 0.

    Careers first, every time and all the time.

    * We just didn’t know he meant it in a gender-bender way, but that’s what you get when the CinC is a gay racist Muslim.

    1. Y.

      Gay racist Muslim?

      It’s not helping anything trying to blame the dysfunction on that.
      First, I doubt it’s true, especially the Muslim part, and second, the problem isn’t gays, racists or Muslims. The problem is human nature with its endless focus on status.

      The reason why the Left denies there is a problem with Islam is that it has become a signal of virtue.
      There is no ‘virtue’ in being right in the social arena.

      But holding onto a ‘right’ belief, the more bizarre the better, serves as a proof that you’re devoted to the cause.

  2. Matt

    My 9 years til retirement just got a lot longer and more dangerous. I expect within a year or so the monthly sexual harassment classes to become weekly, and then daily as females start arriving in infantry companies.

    1. Hognose Post author

      From the Sharp End to the SHARP end, I’m afraid.

      The Army has too many senior officers, and nothing secures a senior position like starting a fad or trend, usually one inimical to mission, like formal Risk Assessments (although I wrote some very funny ones about things like jumping) or COO training, or back in the Seventies Equal Opportunity lectures.

      Mauldin could have had fun with that.

      “Hey, Willie, that fat sergeant says I gotta treat you like a human being.”

      1. DAN III


        The Army, the US military, has too many commissioned officers PERIOD !

        A book I read more than 20 years ago, even then, stated there were too many officers. Particularly at flag level.

        I’ve never been a fan of the commissioned officer. To me they have always represented the collegiate aristocracy. Doesn’t matter if the degree is a BS in basket weaving. Those are the folks being put in place to “lead” the enlisted ranks.

  3. Steven Y.

    Well that’s just great. I’m out for a year when my dream of having a female gunner in the Abrams I’m TC-ing finally becomes a possible reality.

    Just as well though, since having the TCGST standards dropped to a 30-second-reload of the maingun to accommodate a gender-neutral loader probably wouldn’t be survivable in the long run.

    1. archy

      Time to change a torsion bar….or a roadwheel? Break track. Hell, even shoveling the mud out from under a turret-defilade Abrams so the tow cables can be hooked up when a couple of M88s eventually arrive to do their thing. Oh girls, are you in for it now….

  4. Ski Hugger

    KISS. 12 guys on a mission all are focused on making mission. 11 guys and 1 female on a mission, not so. Our physicist sec def has never spent one day in the field. This and the other social experiments of this admin will fail to the detriment of our country.


    pardon me fellows, but when I heard this one the radio today while listening to Rush Limbaugh a friend and I began to discuss it. I wondered aloud what the result will be when the first female Infantry troopers who are young, attractive college bound girl next door types or mothers, comes back from a trip over seas and have suffered some hideous, disfiguring wound. As in , burn scars over the entire upper body. skin grafting to try to make something like a face, arms and legs missing or the lower part of the body gone as we have seen from the last 14 years. Horrible enough and terribly sad, no matter who suffers these wounds in body and mind, how will the public and the politicians react when what was once the cute, ambitious LT who was going to be a 4 star general one day comes back forever changed. I wonder how most of American will react to this and if anyone will rethink this.
    apologies to anyone who found my post too graphic or may in some way brought back a horrible memory

    1. RLTW

      Brother, you must surely know that the palace guard media will do one of two things:

      (A) Memory hole that aspiring young lady by never giving the story the light of day (Dr. Kermit Gosnell, anyone?); or if the story does get out
      (B) Blame Boosh (or whichever Republican bogeyman is handy).

      These are the same people that tried to turn Jessica Lynch into a national hero.

    2. Mike_C

      >what the result will be when the first female Infantry troopers who are young, attractive college bound girl next door types or mothers, […] have suffered some hideous, disfiguring wound. […] how will the public and the politicians react when what was once the cute, ambitious LT […]comes back forever changed

      You seem to be implying that the disfigurement of conventionally attractive womyn is somehow more tragic than injury to non-traditionally attractive womyn. All of Gaia’s children are equally attractive after age, weight and culturally appropriate norming.

      As to the politicians, I agree with Ranger. They’ll ignore her. If the story does not die, then if a conservative is in the White House, it’ll be his fault for impetuously dragging us into the conflict. If a liberal in the WH, then it’s the fault of knuckle-draggers in Congress for forcing her into a senseless, unjust and imperialistic conflict instead of using diplomacy and soft power, smart power or whatever the term du jour will be.

    3. Hognose Post author

      I don’t think it will be a factor. We have already had lots of women come back with disfiguring wounds. Lots more with closed casket burials. Americans shrugged and turned back to the Kardashians and their disfiguring plastic surgery.

      Watch what people do, not what people say.


        good points gentleman. I had a lapse in brain power and forgot for a moment that it does not matter as long as Monday night football and American idol still come on at night and the gubberment checks still flow. I honestly do not know why I had such a foolish idea

  6. Kerry

    Hmm, I remember one of those 16th percentile guys. During basic training, Ft. Leonard Wood, Nov-Jan, 1972-73. At the grenade range, the Drill Sergeant pointed at him, said, “Erb, you pass! Go sit down!”
    What a FUBAR. Women 11Bravos…?

    1. DAN III

      “Women 11Bravos…?”

      They’re down at the company level already as 92 Yankees.

      But instead of being shunned….their male millennial counterparts are embracing them with open arms.

      The social engineering over the last 20-30 years has worked well for the left. And never forget….it is no longer about the Spirit of the Bayonet. It’s about social justice.

      1. RobRoySimmons

        The young bulls need to be taught the wisdom of walking down the hill. That is the job of the old bulls

    2. Hognose Post author

      There was a kid in my Basic who did not graduate. He could not master the hand salute; too intellectually demanding for him. I’m pretty sure he was clinically retarded. Nice kid but dumb as a keg of nails.

      This was long after Mac’s 100k, 1979. But recruiters had incentives to cheat on testing and get dummies onto the chart. This guy only wanted to be an Army cook, which I think a retarded guy could manage just fine. The problem is the Army thinks every cook can make a mess sergeant, can make a Divisional Support Brigade command sergeant major if he just sticks around.

      1. Boat Guy

        ” The problem is the Army thinks every cook can make a mess sergeant, can make a Divisional Support Brigade command sergeant major if he just sticks around.” Perhaps “can” is the wrong word; “will and have” might fit these days, especially if said cook is frrom a protected group.

  7. Kirk

    RE: McNamara’s 100,000.

    Enlisted in 1982, and actually served with a couple of those folks. Believe it or not, some of them stuck around for the full twenty, and were even fairly successful while they did it. One of ’em was a Master Sergeant, and the other was a Sergeant Major.

    Thing was, I don’t think either one of them was legitimately that dumb. One was, I am morally certain, dyslexic as f**k. The other I’m not too sure of, but I think he was a case of “not testing well”, in that he was one of the smartest SOB’s I ever worked around, but absolutely terrible at anything involving paper. Both of these guys were highly successful, and had a habit of finding other folks who were literate, and then using the hell out of them to handle all the paperwork they had in their jobs. Wouldn’t have surprised me a bit to learn that either one of them was actually functionally illiterate, either. Both, however, were consummate leaders and guys I’d have followed to hell and back, regardless of whether or not they’d filed the paperwork correctly.

    Doing well on the ASVAB is horribly overrated. You give me the choice, and I’m going to build my units out of a majority of CAT IIIB troops, with a seasoning of CAT IIs, and as few CAT I guys as I can manage–And, those, I’m going to look at very, very carefully. The most devisive thing in the Army is a bored, under-utilized CAT I private that hasn’t been properly acculturated to the soldier’s ethos. Given that my tools for indoctrinating these kids are now horribly circumscribed by the powers-that-be, I’m not going to seek them out as underlings, if I can avoid it.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Sounds like the rationale LAPD uses for its upper bound on IQ on police recruits, which translated into non-personnel-bullshit-English is “the Devil finds work for smart, bored cops.” (Many other PDs do this as well. It’s been upheld by the courts as a legit job requirement).

    2. John Stephens

      Re: Bored Cat I Privates

      Do a search for “Skippy’s List”, if you’re not familiar with it already.


    Your grunts are fucked.

    I hope this is only temporary and gets reversed under the weight of evidence, but the infantrymen (and women) who fight the battles that will produce the evidence will endure great and unnecessary suffering. And they will most likely lose the battles while doing so, to the detriment of your republicc.

    I have great admiration for US servicemen so this makes me very damn sad.

  9. Stacy0311

    And yet somehow we managed to prevail at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Omaha Beach, Bastonge, Chosin, Hue, Fallujah without infantrypersons…….

  10. Miles

    The one thing I do find interesting, if others have read this pronouncement properly, is that now these combat positions will not just be voluntary, but (as about 30% of enlisted Army Infantry didn’t sign up for infantry) will be assigned “as needed by the service”.
    That means the troopettes who enlist are going to get the same treatment.

    Also, the same thing will happen to the ROTC and Trade School graduates.
    I can’t say offhand what the percentage of “Sorry, your class standing isn’t high enough for you to get your career path wish. You get Infantry.” is, but now it’s going to happen to everyone and some women 2LTs who didn’t want that are going to join those SJWs who did.

    Methinks the squealing will induce repealing in the next NDAA oncet some females discover the down side to this.

  11. 12bitphoto

    I heard one of these clowns saying something about wanting military service to be “fair.” So, when do 18 year old females start registering for the draft?

    1. Hognose Post author

      Actually there’s a case somewhere in the federal appeals courts right now about just that.

      One step closer to the bright sunlit uplands where we all were unisex jumpsuits and address one another as Comrade. It is not enough to obey, you must love Big Brother.

  12. Steve

    I have to point out one error in your post, brother. The Army also is conducting a multi-year study on the physical demands of specific MOSs and how both genders (thankfully ignoring, for the time being, those that fill in the “why limit myself” bubble) perform when subjected to those demands:

    Of course, study managers saw no need to speed up the schedule over the last two years in order to provide at least an EXSUM of the results prior to now, you know, to give the SECDEF even more empirical data to completely ignore when making his decision.

  13. DAN III

    Here, I’ll state it again…..

    Create a provisional battalion of female, ahem, “infantry”. Equip them the same as their now male counterparts. Drop them in the hills of Afghanistan for 30 days with a mission to hunt Hajii. No male support personnel allowed. No female “Supermen” on steroids allowed. Just your formerly average young American female who once dreamed of being married, having children and raising a family. Then we will see how soetoro-obama’s “fundamental change” works out.

    Remember this….it is not about military victories.

    The Spirit of the Bayonet is long-dead.

    It is all about social justice.

    In the meantime….continue to prepare. Time is short.

  14. Jenny R.

    We all know what this is about: getting toadies into officer and nco positions in order to have a more compliant military.
    That means men, and women, who volunteered to serve their countries, who took their oaths rather seriously, are going to be screwed while incompetent but politically astute little weasels will rise to the top. Weasels who are 1) beholden to the corrupt system for their positions; 2) really have a powerful hate on for the people who are trying to make something work.
    Women in my family have served as well as the men — but none of the females have ever felt the need to push for combat roles. Why? Because there never was any shame in doing the job you are good at while recognizing that there are positions you are very much not going to be good at. Heck, every woman from my family that’s gone in has tried to reach and maintain the minimum pt standards for the men (which is admittedly hard work for females, there’s a tell) just in the interests of fairness while happily plying their decidedly desk job MOS to the best of their ability….why can’t it be left at that? These politically correct weasels are stabbing us all in the back and quite literally will now be the death of us.
    I’ve still got a lot of family members in and more on the way — the economic, demographic, and just plain family cultural tradition tends to be heavy incentive to go in and stay in; that’s what we do. To be honest, I am afraid for them on a variety of levels. I think they just got big old targets painted on their backs or a big old door slammed in their face.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Jenny, many decades ago when I was a young, hard steely-eyed killer from the sky, I was openly contemptuous of the many men and women serving in support jobs. My superiors tried to wise me up about that, but at 22 or whatever, I was not a fertile field for an elder’s wisdom, yet.

      It was in Afghanistan — early, when support was thin indeed — that I cam to appreciate the hard work that everybody that gets loosely tossed in to the J1 and the J5 actually do. Could the Army (and other services) do things better? Of course. And the guys (and gals) that are in are working on it.

      This decision is careerism, straight up. Just as servant leadership is what has enabled the .mil for decades, careerism has undermined it, and any decision in support of careerism is a bad decision.

  15. Alan Ward

    Methinks Barry and Ray have spent too many nights in the Sit. Room gazing deeply into each other’s eyes whilst watching endless loops of Aliens and Starship Troopers on the big screen!
    This is not good.
    In my misspent youth I was exposed to women in quasi combat training roles in Army Cadets(CAF).
    Circa 1972-76 these girls and women were mostly either military brats or history junkies with the occasional ERA type thrown into the mix.

    They could not keep up physically or emotionally in field exercises, completely across the board. They were segregated into a platoon of their own with a token female LT and male SNCOs. They never drew latrine duty, only did first shift night guard duty, and always seemed to be scheduled for some form of classroom training when resupply arrived and needed to be broken down!
    As a young teen it was fun having females with mostly similar interests around,but it still seemed weird and not really functional. Also, the SNCOs and male LTs did talk a lot about the female LT concerning her sleeping her way up the ladder of senior cadet officers as well as some of the reg force advisors. Supposedly she was gunning for a full ride scholarship to RMC Kingston.

    1. archy

      ***In my misspent youth I was exposed to women in quasi combat training roles in Army Cadets(CAF).
      Circa 1972-76 these girls and women were mostly either military brats or history junkies with the occasional ERA type thrown into the mix.

      They could not keep up physically or emotionally in field exercises, completely across the board. They were segregated into a platoon of their own with a token female LT and male SNCOs. They never drew latrine duty, only did first shift night guard duty, and always seemed to be scheduled for some form of classroom training when resupply arrived and needed to be broken down!***

      In that same timeframe [1973] I had the opportunity to encounter Israeli female turret mechanics and radio techs assisting in getting two dozen ex-German M48 tanks ready for the October Yom Kippur War. Many of the unit’s reservists had been stopped at military checkpoints and sent as replacements to other tank outfits, and most had not yet arrived from their homes all over- and outside- Israel yet. I was with an Israeli pal who drove to his unit’s marshaling point rather than hitchhike, with the idea being that he’d have his CO write me a *pass letter* to return to Haifi with his taxicab; that was not how it worked out. By the end of the first day, I was eating a quick meal-off-the-fenders supper with my pal and a couple of hydraulic oil-soaked tankers, when one of them sort of apologized for *having all this ruin my vacation.* I real quick let them know that I was right at home, and a very happy former M48 gunner, and that my only regret was not being around the M60A1s then being delivered to Israel under the US emergency *Nickel Grass* program, but I was quite at home in a ’48 and was having the time of my life so long as they kept me fed. They did. Turned out one of the scruffy tankers was the unit Seren a Captain and company Commander. They also put me to work breaking out and inventorying the OVM toolbags and machineguns [two Uzis, two Browning .30s and the TCs .50] per tank and boresighting the main gun- fewer than a half-dozen tanks had full crews and some had yet to have anybody assigned to them show up yet. The good news: the female mechanics were quite competent at doing their thing, and in no uncertain terms let me know that if Jordanian tanks rolled past the perimeter defences, they were quite capable of driving, or shooting, or TCing. The chen girls had no intention either of being helplessly slaughtered, nor of letting perfectly good vehicles go to waste because they were short a crewdag to do the job that needed to be done.

      Just not loading the main gun, horsing around 50-pound HEAT rounds, 40 of which were racked up and ready, with another dozen other assorted varieties available.

      I’ve still got my IDF fatigue shirt with my tank patch and extremely unauthorized Ratár [senior PFC] stripes on it, a collector’s item now. I imagine most of those 20 -year-old or so girls are now grandmothers.

      BTW: the Israelis have two other uses in which the female soldiers work out a lot better than their male counterparts: as instructors, particularly marksmanship, during which the guys pay a LOT more attention, and work a lot harder at disappointing the instructor. And as guides and counselors in initial recruit training, when reassurance can go a long way to make a confused and miserable recruit pull together and realize that the training program can be lived with and be overcome. And most of Israels training courses are longer than its wars.

  16. archy

    Jenny, many decades ago when I was a young, hard steely-eyed killer from the sky, I was openly contemptuous of the many men and women serving in support jobs.

    The best officer I ever worked for, bar none – most technically competent, most caring for the career growth of subordinates, best proof of the adage that loyalty and respect have to flow both upward and downward- was a female Major, U.S. Army, branched Ordnance. I am pretty certain she could have hacked it as a combat arms officer and leader, she would have had none of it.

    That she wore the smoky bomb smudgepot of Ordnance [JSSAP days] rather than crossed sabers, cannons or rifles [and arrows, now] meant nothing, nor did her sex, her age nor her lack of a CIB, she knew enough to know how to weigh the opinions and gripes of those who did.

    And oh, man how I loved the look on the faces of new guys coming into the unit when I told them our boss was Major Slaughter.

    1. Alan Ward

      I don’t question the ability of some females to serve, serve well and lead even better,; I just speak to my experience in politically correct use of females in a military setting. I know from study and some hearsay that there are women who do excel. However, rampant use of females in all MOS would not be the best. It seems to me that that is the current Obama approach.

  17. Stacy0311

    Will “Once an Eagle” now be stricken from reading lists?
    One of the main characters name is clearly a patriarchal/sexist trigger word……

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  19. Tim Canty

    A friend who served as a Marine in Vietnam told me that his job involved humping a mortar base plate up and down mountains. When asked if a woman could do it, he replied that he doubted it, but as far as he was concerned she was welcome to the job.

  20. SOTM

    Has anybody made heads or tails of this article:
    “Something is rotten at Fort Benning”
    US Defense Watch ^ | November 23, 2015 | Ray Starmann

    “Congressman Steve Russell (R, OK) contacted the Secretary of the Army on September 15, 2015, and requested the Ranger School records for the first two female graduates…” They are saying that the shredded their records.

    1. Hognose Post author

      It is routine and has been since forever for the school to destroy all records except for each student’s Green Card at the end of the course. That much is true. It was done with especial care in these courses in anticipation of controversy, but there is nothing left from, for example, my 58 days of glory (?) except for my green card.

      They retain the green cards of all students who start Ranger School proper, whether they graduate or not. They have always been under the control of the training unit (now 4th Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade) command sergeant major. It has been informal practice for other sergeants major to call him up when they have doubts about a soldier claiming to be a Ranger graduate, and a limited number of Brigade staff members have access to the files for that purpose. They usually find either no green card or a green card indicating an early failure, for those who cause this kind of suspicion.

      Information on the green card is student’s name, patrol grades, spot reports if any — that’s pretty much it.

      1. SOTM

        Thank you for the clarification. That makes sense. I distinctly remember them having to confirm my tab before they would let me fully in-processes. 5th RTB was my last unit before I separated.

        1. Hognose Post author

          We had a cat at 10th group, at a local promotion board for E5 or E6, and the Group CSM found in his records the puzzling fact that he was supposedly in two places at the same time, one of the places being Ranger School and one place not. He wasn’t out of a Ranger battalion. So CSM asked him about his tab. Dude was on the spot, brazened it out. CSM suspended the board and called the training unit (whatever it was called 30+ years ago) sergeant major. Nope, they never heard of the guy, he wasn’t in the Ranger class he said. His orders were forged.

          Needless to say, dude didn’t get promoted. His rank progression went the other way. I forget whether he was a team guy or a support guy, I didn’t know him personally. Think the CSM was Roberto Rivera but it might have been Mulcahy already by that point. Both of those guys ran out of chest space for all their stuff in dress uniform, and this was when you could be an SSG with two ribbons….

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