No, There’s No Terrorists Among the ‘Migrants.’

eshati_mugshotDefinitely not Abdurraouf Eshati, 29, (pronunciation: Ab-doo-ah-ROOF is-SHIT-ty works for us) who claims to be from Wales but was busted with a bunch of other dodgy Arabs exploiting Europe’s open borders. CNN reports:

The prosecution said Eshati had been among 20 people found in a truck after police searched it in Dover, a English port close to the entrance to the Channel Tunnel linking Britain and France.

“He was challenged and searched after he was seen by an officer to be acting suspiciously and using his phone,” a Crown Prosecution Service statement said. “Following a search of his phone, two documents were found which led to his arrest and charge for possessing a collection of information likely to be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism.”

Gee, what did he have?

…false papers that Eshati had given to an immigration tribunal in 2012

Well, and there was this crude flight plan of how to deliver the arms to the rebels in the field. So yeah, there was that.

Well, and there was this crude flight plan of how to deliver the arms to the rebels in the field. So yeah, there was that.

Well, what’s the big deal? All these guys give false papers. Here in the USA, if they don’t know how to get them, false documents and stolen identities are all part of the friendly services provided by immigration lawyers and a network of open-borders non-profits. What’s so special about Abdurraouf here?

Everyone knows the papers are forged or stolen, including the immigration judges, who are generally elevated from the ranks of the immigration lawyers who act as coin-operated middlemen between the forgers and thieves and their huddled clients yearning to live for free.

So what’s so special about this one turd blossom?

…an invoice for … the hiring of a cargo plane to be used in Libya.

eshatis_order_formOh, come on. Surely everyone rents a cargo plane for use in a jihadi civil war once in a lifetime. What else have you got?

…images on his mobile phone showing an invoice for ammunition worth $28.5 million…

First reaction: envy his ammo budget.

Second reax: OK, that looks bad, but surely we defame Abdurraouf by calling him a terrorist?

Well, except he doesn’t think it’s defamation, calling him by the name he has earned. He pled guilty. And the fact that using information in his phone, police seized warehouses of weapons in Italy and rolled up a whole network of jihadi arms smugglers.


One of the details CNN leaves out: according to the BBC, he didn’t just live in Wrexham, Wales, UK, but he lived in the jihadi/terrorist mosque there, the Wrexham Islamic and Cultural Centre. (Islamic Culture? That’s what they do with orange jumpsuits and knives). Why did he live in the mosque? He was one of the imams. CNN spares you that knowledge, you delicate flower, you. After all, he wasn’t the main imam. (What does that guy have on his phone, an invoice for $100 million in nerve gas?) Some more deets from the BBC:

Eshati was caught trying to get to France in the back of a lorry with 19 other people at the port of Dover in Kent on 30 November, last year.
On his mobile phone, police found an invoice from an arms supplier for the sale and delivery of ammunition to Tobruk in Libya and a document about chartering a cargo jet for £163,000 for use in Libya.
Eshati also had images on his phone of militia group activists, a beheading and armaments in action which, the prosecution said, showed his allegiance to the Zintan people.

abdurrouf eshatis armsGee. Anything else:

The court was told electronic documents found outlined a plan to send 1,100 tonnes of ammunition to Libya, via a contact in Italy, in support of the Zintan people there.
During their investigation, police searched Eshati’s room at Wrexham Islamic Cultural Centre where they found a number of letter-headed documents which were blank, apart from a stamp and a signature which the prosecution said was a forger’s kit.

The image on the right is some of his $28.5 million worth of Religion of Peace stuff, as intercepted in Italy.

Update II

Sure, Abdurraouf was on his way out of the UK to France, making the usual use terrs and crims make of the Schengen Agreement, but what about terrs coming in? 

Relax. We got them too. Go to the Daily Mail to meet Mehdi ben Nasr. This upstanding chap turned up in a shipment of “refugees” that was all jihadis, and it turns out he , too, has a history:

Mehdi was one of 14 Algerians and Tunisians arrested in 2007 including two in London. Ali Ben Zidane Chehidi and Mohamed Salah Ben Hamadi Khemiri, were arrested in the UK accused of forging documents for jihadis. They were extradited to Italy but eventually cleared.
The group, which had been under investigation since 2003, set up ‘Salafist jihadi’ militant cells which recruited and assisted would-be suicide bombers.
They were also accused of illegal immigration, falsifying identity documents and helping hide people sought for terrorist activity.

Who’s next? Hassan ben Sober and the Emir of Schmo?

26 thoughts on “No, There’s No Terrorists Among the ‘Migrants.’

  1. Y.

    Interesting is the price on the ammo.

    50 cents per round for 7.62x54R? Quite high. It’s retail price. Wholesale prices I’ve seen were a fraction of that.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Good catch. (Sorry my pic of the doc was so hard to read, it’s the best one I found). Tentative Conclusion: terrorist ammo buyers are in a weak negotiating position?

      1. Y.

        Well, it could be that it’s new ammo. There the price would be about right I think, though still too damn high. 50 cents per round is what MG quality berdan-primed ammo costs in Czech Republic. Retail price, with 20% VAT. Bulk sales abroad, with no VAT?

        This retail I speak of.. apparently it’s either new MG ammo, or very good condition surplus someone bothered to run through some sort of dot-printer to mark it with company name.

        Surplus bulk ammo for export I’ve seen sold for far less. Something like 1/6th or so, so 8-10 cents per rifle round..

    2. DSM

      I’d guess they’re also in a situation where they’re purchasing a degree anonymity and security with respect to it being under the table.

  2. Keith

    While I am happy that they stopped this guy the offense that they charged him with seems rather vague and somthing that could be used to cared just about anyone who visits this blog. I would hope that in the US we have laws that could be used that require criminal intent, not just the possession of information.

    1. Mr. AR-10

      I don’t disagree with your point, but in this case don’t we see that a) “Eshati pleaded guilty to these offenses” and b) “the finding of these documents has led to Italian authorities discovering large-scale illegal arms supplies being imported” which sounds to me like a lot more than “the possession of information”, no?

      1. Keith

        In this case he was most definitely responsible for illegal wepons smuggling, which wonder why they didn’t just charge him with that

        1. Hognose Post author

          Harder to prove? A lot of times in the USA prosecutors will just settle for something the asshat will plead to that will take him out of circ for a while. Sometimes even something he did not do, in place of what he did. It’s not strictly correct but there’s the system in Civics class and the system in courtrooms, and bedamned if there’s any correlation at all.

    1. Mike_C

      Haha! He needs a bunch more Y’s and W’s in his name though.
      Speaking of “dark” this past weekend at a swimming pool in Florida it was conclusively established that I (a person of Chinese ancestry) have paler legs than all five of the five Finns who were present. Needless to say this made me the topic of much subsequent merriment. An unexpected downside to my habit of running well after dark.

  3. Doug

    Thank you for putting this post together and publishing it Weapons Man.
    Dead nuts seriously, you are a credit to the blogsphere and the Truth.
    Nothing like good intelligence also.

  4. Chris

    State sponsored terrorist perhaps if you can credit the now defunct HOR with being a government. Poor trade craft certainly! Islamic terrorist?…more than likely not as he’s working for HOR/Haftar who are decidedly anti-MB/Islamic extremist. Zintan, located in western Libya, is the only western stronghold of HOR/Haftar forces who are largely confined to the Tobruk area in the east. UAE/Egypt are the financial underwriters of HOR and related Zintan forces. Interestingly enough UAE/Egypt are and have been decidedly anti Muslim Brotherhood….

    Pricing isn’t bad considering its black market. Selling into any party in Libya is a violation of international sanctions etc thus there’s no lawful way to sell into the market. When you’re smuggling you can command premium pricing and then some…..

  5. Jim Scrummy

    Sooooo, how many more Itshitties are out there? Better yet, when does our luck run out with finding these Itshitties? Just a few points to ponder while taking an Itshitties.

  6. ToastieTheCoastie

    Anyone still hasn’t figured out that this mass migration is part of a larger plot to foment war in Europe (or at least being incorporated into a larger plot) is terribly naive.

  7. jjak

    Everyone knows Italy is a ZSU-23-2 free zone, and its illegal for private ownership, so obviously this whole thing is made up. They’re banned, therefore this dude couldn’t have bought them. Duh.

  8. obsidian

    That name strikes fear in me like none other.
    Yes I need roof work done.
    No I wouldn’t hire him.

    Question is, why did he think in weapons free UK he could just scrounge up several million rounds of ammo?
    On the sneak too.

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  10. Jeff Fisher

    Well, I think we know what party this guy was headed to now… This shit is getting old really fast.

  11. Kirk

    News item:

    Syrian passport found at bomb scene was used to claim asylum in Greece

    According to the Greek Public Order Minister Dimitris Toskas, the attacker found at the Stade de France who was found with a Syrian passport passed through the Greek island of Leros.

    Entirely predictable, and, thus, preventable. Care to guess what the next 20 years in Europe is going to look like? I won’t even try. Either they’re going to go down under a sea of Islamic immigrants, or we’re going to see a paroxysm of ethnic violence the likes of which haven’t been seen since the days of the Reformation. It’s like the idiots running the place have forgotten little historical events like the 30 Years War, and the French suppression of the Huguenots. Ah, well… We’ll have our own problems, to deal with. Farging idjits…

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