What Percentage Are Infiltrators?

ISIL flagA horde of “migrants” or “refugees” — it is interesting to see that European press style is increasingly favoring the former over the latter — has been swarming across Europe, trying to leave various Islamic paradises and dwell amongst the infidels, or at least, leech off the infidel’s overly generous welfare state. A relatively small percentage of them are from Syria or Iraq; tey are the no-hopers of every whistlestop, or what would be whistlestops if the trains had kept running after the hated colonizers left, in the Middle East and Africa.

They are almost all men. For “refugees,” they have made no effort to save their women and children. And they are mostly young, military-age males. So the question arises: what percentage of them are infiltrators?

Pressure cooker bomb from Inspire Magazine. Click to embiggen.

Pressure cooker bomb from Inspire Magazine. Click to embiggen.

The answer may be, “it doesn’t matter.” After all, the Tsarnaevs were not inifiltrators; the pressure-cooker prestoopniks were radicalized by the internet and the Islamic Society of Boston, an extremist Wahhabi mosque. But let’s try to answer the question anyway. The number has to be somewhere between 0 (which is unlikely) and 100% (which is also unlikely. Most of these guys are looking for a handout, not a suicide vest, at least at the moment). But what do informed people say?

Well, back in SFQC, and again in the SF Operations and Intelligence Course, we were taught to expect one in ten refugees to be either:

  1. an enemy infiltrator;
  2. directly under enemy control for espionage or sabotage; or,
  3. in contact and passing intelligence information to the enemy, but not explicitly under control.

Of these, the Number 1s are the least common and the Number 3s the most. But these numbers are drawn from experience with war zone refugees, for example, like the Vietnamese who fled the PAVN mass murders in Hue in the Tet Offensive. War Zone refugees are a negative image of this current group — in beautiful downtown Bulletsville, your refugees are women, kids, and old men, mostly, with scarcely a military-age man among them. On a group that skewed demographically youthful and male, you’d expect a higher percentage to be active enemies. So let’s set 15% as our upper bound for folks that are starting out hostile. This is a conservative figure, because many of those fleeing ISIL are fleeing because they’re members of other, defeated, violent groups.

What does the recent migrant swarm attack on the Chunnel tell us?

[A]ccording to French officials, political activists embedded among desperate migrants in Calais were instrumental in persuading them to adopt more extreme tactics to break in to Britain.
….A Eurotunnel spokesman described the onrush as “a massive invasion and intrusion by a very large and co-ordinated group of migrants”.

Hooded migrants -- all young, all male, all mohammedan -- break into a truck.

Hooded migrants — all young, all male, all mohammedan — break into a truck.

A French emergency services spokesman on the ground in Calais said political activists were ‘co-ordinating’ the invasion.

He said: “They were very clearly helping to break down fences and guiding the migrants in a coordinated attack. They got into the south tunnel, and the service tunnel.” ….

The head of a major police union said he believed attempts to storm the Channel Tunnel were partly organised by British left-wingers.

Gilles Debove, from the union Unite SGP-Police FO, said: “This is being encouraged not by human traffickers, who wish to remain discreet, but by extreme left elements here to manipulate the migrants in the name of their ideal of imposing a country without borders or police. Among these activists are quite a few Britons.”

Describing the attack, a spokesman said: “It’s clearly an organised attack when it comes in such a large number, there are over 100 in this one group.”

“They arrived together and in a well-organised manner broke through the fences and all clearly knew where they were going.”

These guys seem perfectly law-abiding! Nah, there’s probably nobody that wishes France or Britain ill in that untidy scrum.

Still, it’s not all bad news for civilization.

Thirteen migrants have died trying to reach Britain since the start of the crisis in June.

An Eritrean man in his 20s, was killed on Wednesday and is believed to have been hit by a freight train near the tunnel entrance at around 1am.

Early on Tuesday morning a 20-year-old Iraqi man was crushed to death after apparently sneaking on board a lorry to reach the UK.

The HGV driver discovered the body in the back of his vehicle near Calais port as he inspected his load after he was forced to brake suddenly.

Well, there’s one mall or sporting event that won’t get shot or blown up.

If 15% is the high bound for the number of these migrants who are actually cuckoo’s eggs, what’s the low bound? Again, any estimate is of necessity fuzzy, but here’s a conservative-sounding one — in an op-ed by Ari Harow in the Los Angeles Times (emphasis ours)

Hungary and Slovakia have been vilified by many for rebelling against taking in thousands of refugees. Not only have they rejected European Union-imposed quotas, but both countries have made it clear that a mass Muslim migration would pose unacceptable demographic and cultural challenges. Their concerns are well founded, not only over integration but especially from a security perspective.

Lebanon’s education minister, Elias Bousaab, warned recently that two in every 100 Syrian migrants arriving in Europe are Islamic State fighters, sent to infiltrate a continent distracted by sympathy. If Bousaab’s conservative calculation proves accurate, it would mean that among the 10,000 Syrian refugees that Secretary of State John F. Kerry has pledged to allow into the United States in 2016, there could be 200 committed terrorists.

OK. With the high bound for infiltrators at 15%, the low bound is at 2%. Let’s assume the Good Samaritans welcoming these scorpions are blessed with a jihad rate at the low bound. What does that mean, for, say, Germany?

Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel has committed the Federal Republic to accept 1.5 million “migrants” — this year alone. Since these refugees are all young men, the nation is also on the hook for their immediate and extended families — about 7.36 million people. But wait! That’s on the old number of 920k migrants. What about the new 1.5 million? Then the family horde is 12 million people.

Worst case, 15% and all migrants and family members being equally likely to become jihadis, that’s 1.8 million jihadis loose in Germany. If 15% of the men alone become jihadis, then it’s a manageable 225,000 jihadis, or a mere 22,500 Mumbai-attack equivalents, or a trivial 56,250 equivalents of the Westgate Mall attack force.

Long before thousands of opportunistic attacks happened, Germany would get back in touch with its totalitarian past. Anyone who thinks that’s a good idea isn’t thinking things all the way through, and anyone who thinks admission of millions of mohammedan immigrants to Europe is a good idea is, ultimately, calling for this outcome.

But that’s the worst case, remember? Let’s look at Minister Bousaab’s number as a potential best-case. What would those numbers be?

Worst of the best case, 2% and all migrants and family members being equally likely to become jihadis, that’s only 240,000 jihadis. If 2% of the men alone become jihadis, then it’s only 30,000 jihadis, which means we’re turning loose in Germany only 3,000 Mumbai-attack equivalents, or only 7,500 equivalents of the Westgate Mall attack force.

Would they actually do that? Harow thinks so.

[M]ake no mistake, Islamic State and other enemies of the West are planning to exploit this chaos. In the last year, Islamic terrorists carried out major attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. And recently, three Americans on vacation thwarted an attack on a Paris-bound train.

Many Western leaders appear so self-satisfied with answering the call for refuge that they have fooled themselves into believing that their largesse provides a genuine solution. ….

The reality is that the only effective way to help those fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq and the wider region is to cut off the source of that violence — in the Middle East.

The US isn’t going to do that. Nor will the EU. Getting goodfeels about refugees is a positive value for the leadership of these nations; actually preventing refugees doesn’t give them the same moral frisson. 

It’s a good time to invest in whoever makes the Polezei’s bullets — they’re going to need to start training. A lot.

Finally, remember that Bousaab’s number of 200 committed terrorists in the US was the best-case scenario. If the Bousaab numbers are not right, and the SFQC numbers are, we’re looking at 1,000 to 1,500 new Marathon bombers and Sudden Jihad Syndrome shooters. Say thank you to Secretary Kerry.

50 thoughts on “What Percentage Are Infiltrators?

  1. Mr. AR-10

    “Describing the attack, a spokesman said: “It’s clearly an organised attack when it comes in such a large number, there are over 100 in this one group.””

    A coordinated attack. Sounds like the correct term is invader and they are all involved and complicit. Perhaps a percentage of the whole are intent on some sort of ‘enemy action’ but in order to get them there it seems they need the cover of the entire group.

    Hence, they are all working toward the same end goal; 100% involvement.

  2. Miles

    Hope for the best.
    Prepare for the worst.
    There’s a line from a song. It may sound corny on a stand alone basis, but it’s apt.
    “Arm yourself, because no one else here will save you.”

  3. Stacy0311

    Just require all new “migrants/refugees” were a yellow crescent on their clothing for identification purposes….

  4. TerribleTroy

    Ive been playing around mentally with a scenario that within 10-15 yrs Russia will have to “save” Europe from what they’ve done to themselves. Im not sure we’ll be in a position to assist in the endeavor as we are busy inviting our own problems upon ourselves.

    Feel free to disabuse me of my notion…. Its all brain candy for me.

    1. Boat Guy

      Credible scenario. Your timeline might be longer than would be likely.
      I rather doubt we would be in a position to intervene (presuming that’s what youi mean by “assist in the endeavor “) – nor would it necessarily be in our national interest to do so.

    2. Y.

      If you think Poles or Hungarians are going to endure obnoxious, violent minorities, you’re very, very wrong.

      We can always call in some Serb consultants on how to deal with problematic Muslim minority.

      As I recall, the solution requires paramilitary organisations, backhoes and refrigerated trucks.

      1. archy

        *We can always call in some Serb consultants on how to deal with problematic Muslim minority. *

        Please! Kindly do NOT forget the Romanian descendants of Wallachian Prince Vlad III. Neither should the heirs to the courage of Jan III Sobieski, victor over the Turks at the 1683 Battle of Vienna, and thereby the Savior of Vienna, nor overlook Charles *The Hammer* Martel who crushed the muslum invaders of Europe at the Battle of Tours and ended their occupation of present-day France and much of Spain- as well as being the grandfather of Charlemagne.

        1. Y.

          There’s not been a proper impalement in Romania for centuries.

          Come on. The Serbs are still alive.

  5. Doug

    Think about it, they are getting this far into Europe to begin with.
    If the leaders of Europe and the US are allowing this invasion, that tells you there are ulterior motives.
    Islam is like the liberal Yankees who have never stopped waging war on the south, they just changed tactics and strategy.
    Islam has been defeated in each of its campaigns, to date, to exterminate the Christian world. It is learning from its past failures. This is open source leaderless insurgency ISIS style.
    Get a small a small plurality of jihad’s into the west in the “refugee” invasion processand impose Daesh’s iron law of religion extortion, refuse and become and be executed as an apostate, or comply and you can at least become a martyr.

    I suspect there is profound complicity between state interests, and ISIS. Tho kind of invasion didn’t develop in a vacuum or neither was it spontaneous grass roots. It requires an active coordinated campaign getting going and maintaining a barbarian horde.
    The question is who are the complicit parties?

    1. Mr. AR-10

      “Islam has been defeated in each of its campaigns, to date, to exterminate the Christian world. It is learning from its past failures.”

      Yep, like attack on WTC; first they failed, then they took their time, learned from failure, planned and tried again.

      They are determined, patient, smart, well funded, and dead serious.

      We used to have these things. But lately we seem to be the most unserious, stupid and impatient people on the planet.

      Care to make a prediction?

      1. S

        That’s already been done…we have the programme for coming attractions, written in the Bible. The world religions are to be amalgamated into one, just as is being done with cultures, economies and governments. It is expedient to set them against each other so as to weaken them and in the confusion destroy the bastions that resist the mixing.

        Of course, the observant Jews and Biblical Christians are special targets, since Jehovah is exclusive. What better to attack the people of the Book than to confront them with a close copy? Which, instead of suppressing, controlling and punishing the basest instincts in the human heart and thereby building a semblance of civilised society, promotes and rewards them and creates ridiculously stupid and brutal failed states populated by hordes of infantile and thuggish dolts.

        Just by coincidence (heh) I’m right at this moment revisiting an excellent series on prophecy, by the late Dr S. Lewis Johnson. It’s a lot of reading, or a lot of listening, but it is very interesting and far removed from the gaudy shallow trash one usually finds on a hasty internet search on the topic. He isn’t a Puritan precisionist though he has studied them; his approach is systematic and thorough yet without being tedious, and there is no sensationalism. I don’t agree with everything he teaches, mainly things to do with Scripture translations, but his doctrine is sound and well presented. If you want a good foundation in prophecy and learn the ropes:


      2. Doug

        I think it must be stated for the record who exactly it is that is enabling the entrance of Islamist fascists into the western hemisphere.
        It is a kind of diaspora in reverse. Like reverse racism.
        I’m not letting these jihadist’s in my country.
        Safe to say you didn’t invite them.
        Lets see, mmmm, I got it! Unaccountable government officials of our government!
        Dude, can something be more obvious than that?
        It begs the question, who is the greater danger?
        Foreign, or domestic enemies of this republic and our culture?

  6. Peter O

    Hognose, couple of questions for you.
    For the breakdown of
    1) an enemy infiltrator;
    2) directly under enemy control for espionage or sabotage; or,
    3) in contact and passing intelligence information to the enemy, but not explicitly under control.

    Q1) Isn’t only 1 the “terrorist” firing the AK for News purposes? The others would be the smugglers/family/supporters/logistics and “unindicted co-conspirators”, right?
    Q2) What was the expected breakdown of 1/2/3 from that 10% of enemy supporters? Because if it is 2%/3%/5%, I could easily see Boussab’s number and yours being the same in terms of the number that will actually go Charlie Hebdo on europe. (I expect the European police response to be better than Mumbai’s, especially after the first couple and they start unboxing the jackboots)
    Of course that number is scary enough on its own.

  7. Boat Guy

    Dunno who makes Polizei training ammo – been too long since I’ve been hanging out with the BDMP. The ratio of “gun folk” among German cops is even lower than with our own and I rather doubt that training will get ramped up until after a Mumbai/Westgate kinda fracas. Of course the prospects of legally-armed civilians helping out (ala Westgate) are nil in Germany.
    I think your point about the three groups and Peter’s assessment of proportion might be accurate but those numbers are still likely to be more than the Germans will be able to deal with in their current capabilities.

  8. S

    Not sure how to glue videos in here, so here’s a link to visual proof of Merkel’s disdain of the nation she was “elected” to represent….at the SIegesfeier (victory celebration) for that “election”, no less.


    Not surprising really, for a former FDJ functionary (Hitler Youth DDR style, or rather, Pioneers as in the other flavour of mandatory dogoodyness). The duplicitous bitch even stole the fridge when she scrammed on her first husband, back when fridges were status symbols in the worker’s paradise. Hey, I don’t mind the NSA snooping on her, if only they’d share the take; and then hang her and the rest of her fellow traitors from lampstands in front of the Reichstag. A real nice bunch; dig around a little in their bio’s and you’ll need brain-bleach to cleanse the taint. Daniel Cohn-Bendit is one sterling example (hint: he likes ’em young). Claudia Roth is another star. Btw, why are they also such hideously ugly people?


    In 2013 I was on a building site and was shocked to hear on the radio the matter-of-fact announcement that the BRD Feds had decided to introduce a measure to legalise the use of armoured vehicles against domestic unrest. Three years before that a Pr. Dr. Schachtschneider gave some interesting talks on the cleverly hidden license to kill that was mixed into the Lisbon treaty:



    I’m guessing the Antifa (an undisciplined and steenky scruffy bastard redhead stepchild of the SA Brownshorts) will mobilised against any peaceful grassroots protests, so as to introduce the required fire and bloodshed…and then the LEO2’s come out to play, the football stadiums are re-purposed, and the normalisation begins. Somewhere in the crossfire the Jews and us few Christians that still believe the Bible will get a serve as well, since we were the main targets all along.

  9. Jim Scrummy

    “If the Bousaab numbers are not right, and the SFQC numbers are, we’re looking at 1,000 to 1,500 new Marathon bombers and Sudden Jihad Syndrome shooters. Say thank you to Secretary Kerry.” So, if my maths is correct the USA could potentially be looking at 100-150 Mumbai style attacks or the equivalent of 250-375 Westgate Mall attacks (Question: How many jihadis attacked the Kenyan University that killed 150 Christians? Just another metric that could be thrown out there?). Hopey Changey! Good times, good times?

    1. Peter O

      Wiki says between 5 & 8 attackers (5 killed on scene, 3 arrested on scene or in the post incident investigation and accused of helping the gunmen at one point or another)
      So basically the average of Mumbai and Westgate.

  10. David

    One little numbers comment here.
    I don’t think that anyone has argued that there exist 225,000 IS fighters to infiltrate into Germany at all. I know my numbers are out of date, but still, there’s no way they can infiltrate a force that is substantially larger than their total strength. Considering that they need to keep a considerable number of fighters in-region to continue the local conflicts they are involved in and retain control of their territory, I would give a rough estimate upper bound of about 5,000 actual fighters infiltrating world-wide. This is still a substantial number, and it doesn’t really account for groups 2 or 3 either. 5,000 is enough to make headlines, wreak havoc, and get taken real seriously, but not enough to take over any of these countries.

  11. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

    Looks like i’m in the “Putin to the Rescue” camp, I don’t really think the krauts can dig them selves out of this without some total rebirth of the third reich. And even then they are too late, even with the will they don’t have the numbers anymore. The rallies in Dresden gave some hope that folks were waking up but the libs shouted them down as simple nazis-like they do to anyone to the right of Lenin.

    German industry, or what remains of it, is taking hits and it looks as if they would need to buy guns on the open market if they decided to arm the police today. As neutered as they are you can’t just open the arms rooms and hope folks know which end to point so then there is train up. Sure as shit can’t expect NATO or the UN to do anything usefull. And if the Germans can’t get their shit together nobody else in western europe can, they are now too accustomed to being rescued.

    If you scratch the veneer of civilization folks go feral easy enough but I don’t think the required institutional discipline is there anymore. If you get them to go all 1934 you might pretty quickly wind up with 1034. Shit, you’re going to be lucky to keep people from going all mid evil if the internet goes down.

    My big question would be: Whats in it for Vlad? Other than the glory or satisfaction what is there in western europe worth “Liberating” now? It’s turned into a socialist shithole with no redeeming qualities, declining industry and little in the way of resources unless you insist on your serfs being caucasian.

    1. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

      Was assured all the police in Germany have/carry guns…can you still buy the good shit at the flea markets in Belgium?

    2. Y.

      If you scratch the veneer of civilization folks go feral easy enough but I don’t think the required institutional discipline is there anymore.

      No they don’t. Not even remotely as feral as blacks.
      A thousands years of culling the most lawless, violent 1% of the population has left its mark.

      The rallies in Dresden gave some hope that folks were waking up but the libs shouted them down as simple nazis-like they do to anyone to the right of Lenin.

      Yes, the control the press has to exclude non-progressive and illiberal opinions from the public arena is remarkable. Not so much in eastern Europe though.

      However, people are pissed off. And once a million Syrians are running wild all over Germany, you think they can keep the resentment in check?

      In Germany people can’t throw out glass bottles over the weekend. Or run their lawnmowers whenever they will. They actually do not jaywalk. I really doubt they’d endure violence, terrorism, vandalism and increased street crime with equanimity. You Americans have, instead of fighting, cravenly left for suburbs. Well, Europe doesn’t have that. The cities are many times more densely inhabited.

      No, no. The more repression and privation they have to endure, the bigger the payback is going to be. Political capital that is going to lie in promising to restore peace, law and order is going to be remarkable. And anyone who actually will deliver that will enjoy very high prestige for quite some time afterwards.

      In Sweden, the Swedish Democrats are already the most popular party. That is the party that is completely being boycotted by the media who continually paints it as nazis, whatever.

  12. W. Fleetwood

    This comment may seem a bit off point but I think it may be a key element in a lot of First World/Everybody Else disasters. In my wild youth I spent a lot of time wandering around Asia, Africa. and Latin America, not as a tourist, but working with the locals as a hired gun. I come from a totally middle class family in a small rural town in a plain vanilla state of the good old US of A so it took me a while to notice this (And even longer to realize the implications of it.). Folks, in the Real World there is no such thing as charity. Really. None. Zip. Zero. If a stranger gives you something, anything, it has to mean one of three things.

    First, and often mistaken for charity when seen at a distance, are the obligations of family, clan, tribe, and, at a stretch, religion. If your uncles wifes’ third cousin pitchs up at the Kraal with his family, broke and starving cause their home country has gone up in flames, you must take them in and feed them (And the next morning put their butts to work in the mealie fields.}. If however that connection isn’t there the males of the Kraal show the strangers their asegais and tell said strangers to move on or die. Period, end of discussion.

    The second reason would be some form of exchange, to include bribes. Everybody in the world, what ever their language, understands Quid Pro Quo. In the First World bribes are Bad Things, in the Real World its referred to as Just Common Sense.

    All other transfers fall into the third category, which is Tribute. Tribute is not a bribe, it is the inferior acknowledging their debt to the superior for being superior, and their fear of that superiors power. When the peon puts his half peso coin on the Federales’ desk it’s not a bribe (That may come later.) but rather the peons way of saying “You are the Jefe and I am the peon and I know it, so please don’t hurt me.”. Again, if it’s not Family, and it’s not a Bribe, it must be Tribute, and Tribute is always given by the inferior to the superior. Always.

    Let’s think about what this means. Folks in the First World see the Doctors Without Borders as “secular saints”. In the Real World the locals see that 1) they aint Kin, and 2) they don’t ask for nothing back, so…..they must have been sent as Tribute by those Rabe Blancos of the First World to their actual superiors, the rough, tough true men of Wherever. And, given time the true men will act upon this knowledge. The same mechanism applies to every bridge built for free, well dug for free, bag of rice handed out for free, and so on and on and on.

    So, why are the men of what appear to be utterly failed states/cultures/societies rolling into Berlin and Paris (And San Diego and Pittsburgh.) with the smug assurance of conquerors expecting Tribute and withabsolutely no feeling of obligation whatsoever to the Not-Kin they see before them? Because for decades we’ve taught them, over and over again, that we were the inferior/afraid and they were the superior/not afraid. And now, given time, they are acting on that assumption. Which, by the way, is yet to be proven wrong.

    For what its worth. Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

      1. John Distai

        Thank you for that. I always enjoy tales of the “real world”. It helps tell me I’m sane, while I’m being brainwashed with this this liberal cognitive dissonance nightmare that we are living.

      2. staghounds

        I’m off for France (via England and the tunnel) in three weeks. It will be interesting.

        We are all fortunate that the Danegeld we pay the unproductive works. They see no point in annoying a system which compensates and protects them so well from the torments of responsibility.

        The western ghettoes contain the heirs of Shaka and Saladin. We can foresee the chaos if only a few hundred young slum men educated themselves about causing urban dysfunction, and then applied themselves to causing it? Not even personal violence, just a campaign of arson and wrecking directed at power, gas, water, fuel and food transmission. Or, hell, just go shove burning newspapers under cars in crowded parking garages.

        How many hard working, moderately clever amateur commandos would it take to effectively isolate London, Paris, or New York? I’d submit that a dozen SF men could do it, and the SF’s training advantage would be largely compensated for by the local’s ability to swim in the sea of his allies.

        It’s a constant source of amazement to me that domestic urban deadbeat youth in western cities channel their aggression and intelligence against each other and their women in the pursuit of pocket change and personal power displays. Keep dreaming small!

        The Moslem youth do that too, but they also are building fairly effective taches d’huile of alternative government and order/protection control.

        Also, stumbled upon in a Google search for power line routes into NYC-


    1. Mike_C

      You raise important points that many liberals and perhaps most progressives are unable to see, namely that not everyone thinks as they do. Nor even as the general “we” of the West do (liberal or not). The idea that a person has (at least in priniciple, exceptions abound!) intrinsic worth in and of himself, has free will and the right to self determination is by no means universal. As you point out, many places those not-family, not-of-tribe, not-coreligionist, are less than human, at least in the way that modern Westerners think of humans. When someone from such a culture says exactly that, progressives will rush to reassure themselves, “No he really doesn’t mean that!” Further, if only he had better healthcare, freedom from white colonial oppression, a Prius and subscription to Mother Jones then that person would be all for tolerance, women’s rights, support homosexuality and the whole package. Ironic that people who pride themselves on being culturally sensitive and understanding insist on believing that deep cultural differences are merely superficial matters of dress and grooming. These are people who believe that a tiger can be convinced to become a vegetarian when you get him to see the error of his carnivorous ways.

      While not about Islamist “refugees” the following (from Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines) is pertinent. (Now I have no idea whether Chatwin’s stories are true – he presents as a travel writer narrating in the first person, but in point of fact he is a bit of a fiction writer as well, and his POV character is a person called “Bruce” who happens to have points of congruity with the author, but is probably not entirely Chatwin himself.) Anyway, this is a conversation between “Bruce” and an Australian aborignal activist called Flynn. Flynn is a white-hating product of Catholic school who has rediscovered, or invented, his aborignal roots, and refuses to talk to Bruce until Bruce starts talking about gypsies.

      “’I cannot see,’ said Flynn, ‘what gipsies have to do with our people?’

      ‘Because gipsies,’ I said, ‘also see themselves as hunters. The world is their hunting-ground. Settlers are ‘sitting game’. The gipsy word for ‘settler’ is the same as the word for ‘meat’.’

      Flynn turned to face me.

      ‘You know what our people call the white man?’

      ‘Meat,’ I suggested.

      ‘And you know what they call a Welfare cheque?’

      ‘Also meat.’

      ‘Bring a chair,’ he said. ‘I want to talk to you.’”

    2. MM1

      Damn straight, man. That was put better than I think I have ever seen it. I personally believe that any who argue with that kind of salty truth are either dangerous fools or dangerous foes.

      Thanks for commenting. Like the other guy said, make it a habit, please.


    3. Doug

      That about as close to the point as you can get. Pretty rich outlier at the least and a cautionary tale. And a useful insight into a foreign invasion to boot.
      Even if it is not the single reason why this is happening. It sure makes sense from a cultural perspective. And at least it is a component of the dynamics, and some form of influence is using this cultural imperative as a means to orchestrate what is happening to its advantage.
      There is that axiom about how culture is upstream of politics.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.

      1. Big Bear

        I’ll be surprised too. I think as long as the computers are up and running, all we will see is keyboard Kommandos. Things will get much, much worse before the pampered Westerner takes action. We are pilled-up, dumbed-down and digitally distracted.

    4. obsidian

      Agreed, best said comment on the current situation with Immigrants as well as many people with born here/brought ethnicity.
      They see charity as a weakness or a right.

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  14. LSWCHP

    As I’ve watched the invasion I’ve been astounded and baffled and outraged by the arrogance and sense of entitlement shown by the invaders. The vibe is “We are coming to your country and we will behave as we like while you give us all your shit and we will show no gratitude”. This attitude is so far removed from my way of life that I simply couldn’t understand what was going on.

    Mr Fleetwood’s explanation helps to clear up my confusion, for which I’m grateful.

    1. John Distai

      I appreciated his comment. At dinner I re-iterated to my children that in the “real world”, that being the animal world, there is no free lunch. You either catch your meal, or you fight for it. Your life and efforts are on the line to eat. On rare occasions there may be an abandoned carcass with some meat on it, but that is not the norm. Animals do not have a monthly allotment of food given as some “tribute” by some other power. Why do humans feel they should pervert the laws of nature?

      Tonight one of my children came home with a flyer for some “giving tree” charity beg where the “haves” donate some money to buy Christmas gifts for the supposed “have nots”. I read the first 3 sentences and tore it up. I’ve worked those types of charity details before, and after the “have nots” “shop” to pick out their free shit, you end up delivering it to the boyfriend or husband waiting in the brand new Escalade with oversized spinner wheels. And why shouldn’t the family have a new car with some ghetto fabulous wheels? They have all their other “needs” taken care of by working dopes like us, so they have the cash for things like that since they don’t have to spend money on food, housing, and other essentials. We’ve trained them well, and now they are expecting it all with the hand out.

      These terd world invaders want their share of golden manna from us “inferiors” as well.

      1. obsidian

        I see the give to the needy bucket brigades at street corner intersections.
        Usually the bucket has a sign penned in with a crayon “Give so others might receive” and name a Church as the organization.
        Then there are the homeless veterans, I asked one where he served and was told Vietnam by a man younger than my son who was born a year after the war ended.
        I guess it’s better than having them steal it.

  15. S


    Don’t forget the islamic concept of jizya. A tax levied on the unbelievers (the ones you haven’t killed, or that haven’t converted). Amongst themselves, the strongest prevail.

    Typical islamic buildings are mini fortresses with tiny windows high up, the better to conceal and protect, lest some stronger thief sees something to covet and seize. The women are covered, guarded and restricted from learning, going anywhere, and are even robbed of their genitals (I guess that’s why screwing goats, donkeys and little boys and girls is so popular with them….it probably feels much the same.

    They have no commandments (correction….they do have some, and these are the opposite of the OT Biblical Big 10 that are so hated, like Thou shalt not lie, steal, murder etc), and their only guaranteed spot in heaven is the one they win by murder. Having gained that, it is an eternal drunken orgy with perpetual virgins. And that is supposed to be a culture equal to or better than ours?

    (plagiarised from Sun Tzu in the foggy memory banks…) Know yourself and your enemy, and you’ll win all the battles without even fighting…..anything less, and you’ll do it hard and risk losing. Ignorance of both is guaranteed defeat. Our present regimes are willfully pretending to be ignorant, and go further by tying the hands of and punishing anyone daring to self defend….they know the further they go, the more likely an overwhelming majority will cry enough and clean house. Want to take bets on the feasibility of hoisting the entire parliament and senate by the necks up that giant pole in Canberra, all at the same time?

    1. morokko

      So, they are like some kind of modern vikings, right? Have beards and swords and what have you! Vikings supposed to be very cool! In next few years this jihadist crap is going to be in mainstream pop culture.

      1. Martin

        Exept that Vikings never waged a religious war. In this way, they went for the material stuff – from pieces of gold to weapons up to kingdoms. But they didn’t care much about what god(s) people believed in.

        You cannot find a single line of “unbelievers” quran-like crap in both Eddas.

  16. NyneMillameetuh

    More importantly, they’ll become a powerful voting bloc in whichever shell of a country they plop down in. Then they’ll just vote themselves more gibsmedats and an even more generous immigration policy. The (imposed) guilt ridden Germans won’t resist. Neither will the thoroughly cuckolded Swedes. I’m hoping for a Front Nationale – Fidesz led coalition to reconquer Europe from Islam and leftism. We’ll see what the breaking point is before Europe enters survival mode and sloughs off their Spirit of 68.

  17. Selfsufficientfarmgirl


    “The presence of such weapons in IS’s hands makes clear that its fighters seized substantial stocks not only from Iraqi troops, but from Syrian troops as well. Another 26 of the recovered shells were made in Iran, an ally of Assad’s, and 18 were made in Syria itself, the report states.The next-biggest country of origin for IS’s weapons was China. Of the cartridges recovered from Islamic State forces 445 came from China.The third-highest supplier was the United States, with 323 cartridges, the report said.Some of these shells, meant for M16A4 assault rifles, were made at the U.S. Army’s munitions factory in Independence, Missouri, according to the report. The plant sprawls over nearly 4,000 acres and has recently produced a staggering 4 million rounds of small caliber ammunition every day, mostly for U.S. forces.”

    1. Hognose Post author

      I can’t recall if I ran the pics of the ISIL sphincter showing off his new M14 EBR. That particular weapon seems to have come from our inept Syrian training program, but ISIL has seized whole arsenals from Iraqi troops, who either left it in place and bugged out, or surrendered it, hoping not to be murdered. From everything I’ve seen, Kurds and Arabs of Shia, Sufi, Ismaili, Alawite, and other non-mainstream-Sunni tendencies are systematically murdered, while Sunnis are held to see if they can fetch a ransom — then murdered (whether or not the ransom is paid), usually in some horrible way, like a grade schooler imagining the Quentin Tarantino movie he would make.

      1. archy

        ***Finally, remember that Bousaab’s number of 200 committed terrorists in the US was the best-case scenario***

        Just about the number of active Provo IRA members operating in [mostly] Northern Ireland during the troubles….

        1. Y.


          Arabs are not remotely as competent as Micks. Generations of inbreeding have left them sort of dim on average.

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  19. obsidian

    I’d say eventually the invader numbers 100% among all Islamic immigrants.
    They come to take over and enslave if your nation is weak enough and stupid enough to allow this then that is making it easier.
    We will know when our holidays change to include theirs as ours are banned.
    Here in the little college town south of us they have a fall festival and call it, “Mecca fest” I called up once and asked if they feared angering the Islamic community, what there is of it their with co-opting the Name Mecca and was told, “No, we have asked the Muslim’s on our staff at the College and they fully approve of the name and even suggested it” I said Oh well and marked that off my list of events to attend.
    They are here and they will take over, by stealth or by fire and sword.
    We will either join, pay the tax or die.
    The only other choice is fight them and we eventually will as will the German’s and the rest of the European’s, winning will depend on how fast we come to understand and believe we are in a war.

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