That Was the Week that Was: 2012 Week 18

Eighteen weeks down,thirty-four to go. So far so good. Do you guys even read these TW3 posts? We get a great benefit from doing them…

Comment of the Week

Ian from Forgotten said, responding to the reported availability of ATI’s STG-44 .22 rifles:

We saw one of ATI’s .22 Sturmgewehrs at SHOT, and it looks really good. I expect we will be buying one when they’re available.

FWIW, Prvi Partisan makes new factory 7.92×33 today which you can buy for about the cost of decent .308 (~50 cents/round). There are a lot of StG44s in Europe, as they were used in East German and parts of Africa after WWII.

The nub of problem, of course, is the lack of something to shoot the 7.92 x 33 in. (It’s not rocket surgery for a reloader to form cases from many centerfire cases, too, but not many shooters reload, and even they are up against the where-do-I-find-a-gun bind). It’s frustrating to see the availability of MP44 and VG1-5 clones in Germany, but be locked out of importing them by quirks in American law and hostile interpretation of those laws by the ATF counsel. The Sporting Test needs to die, and that would pull the rug out of the overreaching bureaucrats. The folks who prate about “common-sense gun laws” (which usually means the same restrictions they wanted before stumbling on this term-of-art/buzzphrase) aren’t willing to admit that obsolete military weapons from the last century are not a driver of urban crime.

Gun Stuff We Actually Did

New section of the TW3 and a reminder that just writing about guns isn’t enough. Spent some time going through stuff, getting the gun room ready for some construction, cooking up an idea for a range trip with a former sergeant major to revisit a Great Rifle Controversy from the edges of living human memory.

In the gun room, we were reminded that we have two of the earliest semi-auto AKs that were legally imported to the USA. Oh yeah, them. There’s a post in that for sure.

A bunch of paperwork and planning. Trusts are not any fun to do, and estate planning is unpleasant to contemplate, but one good thing about SF was it was full of reminders of the impermanence of life, and the command made sure everybody had a current will and powers of attorney, in case the moving finger stopped writing long enough to flick one off into the next world.

And some good stuff — paperwork for gun and parts orders, and some time in the machine shop, working on building a gun from an unfinished receiver. You guys have to do this just from the feeling of accomplishment you get.

What We Blogged

As ever, the meat of this is the rundown on the week’s posts so you can go back and catch the ones you missed (will be linked soon).

  • The oldest gag in the book is, of course, “Dance, Pardner, Dance.” A guy tried that in real life, apparently using an Airsoft gun. (Is this the time to mention the maxim, no good comes of airsoft?) His dancer fortunately did’t have a real gun for a real Wild West reenactment, but he did have a telephone to call the police.
  • Not the Nuge Again… in which a famous guitarist is banned from performing at an Army base, as part of the military’s crackdown on criticism of President Obama.
  • It’s better to be lucky than to be good as an off duty cop found out when his own gun misfired twice — in the hands of a mope who wrestled it away from him. Mope has a new zip code for the time being, which is a lot better than the cop not being down for breakfast, if his gun had worked.
  • The Army’s Senior NCO Problem is that too many of them are detail-oriented but combat-shy, and they’re poised to make it worse.
  • WWWW: Army Fact Files. Nothing fancy. Just statistics on current issue Big Green weapons systems.
  • TSA Roundup… which in a perfect world would be a story of a bunch of TSA people thrown in prison, but instead is the usual dreary chronicle of them doing things they should be tossed in prison for, mostly with impunity. No-one good, decent or moral has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity.
  • A .22 StG 44 isn’t as good as a real one, but it sure beats none at all. And it looks like these are really shipping now.
  • One Reason there’s Conflict in the Middle East is, well, some folks want a conflict in the Middle East, and some other chumps (that would be you, taxpayer) keep paying those folks serious money to support their intransigence.
  • Another View of TF Smith from the one recorded in popular culture. (Well, military popular culture. I doubt one civilian in a million has heard of Brad Smith or his doomed speed-bump for the North Korean advance in 1950.
  • On the Osama Decision (long): why some decisions rightfully belong to political and not military authorities. And why this decision would have been taken by anyone in that position.
  • Look Out for the Bull! Taurus is Buying. In this case, Heritage, a Florida maker of economy single-action western-style revolvers.
  • Saturday Matinee 018: The Silver Fleet is a stirring tale of sabotage and sacrifice.
  • Pushed off until nezt week… entirely too many stories.
  • That Was the Week that Was: 2012 Week 18 – This post, which brings us full circle.

What’s Coming Next Week

Let’s see if these really happen:

  • Legendary Weapons of SF 1972-1992… this has gotten !
  • Who really made the calls on the Abbotabad Raid?

Plus these leftovers from last week:

  • Legendary Weapons of SF 1972-1992… this has been on here a very long time. But we’re getting close, honest.
  • Bank of America vs. McMillan — evidence that breaks the he-said/she-said deadlock. Guess who’s lying?
  • Some analysis on the ATF Weapons Statistics and the dreadful media.
  • A local (NH) gun story that was incredibly badly botched (or dishonestly reported).
  • A couple of book reviews.

How we did on Last Week’s Promises

Pretty lousy, actually. We only cleared one of our “What’s Coming” — see the related post today.

The Boring Statistics

20 posts, 13287 words (not counting this and the Matinee posts which aren’t done at this writing), and 12 substantive comments.