10 out of 10

OK, we don’t generally dwell on politics around here, but this was too entertaining not to share with you:

Do your legislators side with the woman or the perv? Given the percentage of legislators who are pervs (including many who talk a good game about women’s rights), the answer’s not as obvious as you think.

Tip o’the beret to: Dr. Milton Wolf. The picture’s original source is uncertain but it looks to us like the work of Oleg Volk, who’s been WWWW here before (week 5) and whose business page is here and blog here. The attitudes are his also — see this recent blog post.

2 thoughts on “10 out of 10

  1. Oleg Volk

    The caption is a take on my earlier poster but the entire composition isn’t mine. Very well done, so I am glad other people are now making quality pro-rights communications.

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