Silencers are Legal

Hey, don’t take our word for it. Check out the Silencers are Legal website.

The fact is, silencers (suppressors for the pedants among us) are legal in most states for at least some purposes (39 states). As with other civil rights legislation, the trend in recent years has been to liberalization of laws at the state level. Suppressed weapons are basically a non-factor in armed crime. They are intensively regulated and heavily taxed by the Federal government, but still almost 30,000 new ones go home with American gun owners every year.

The 11 states where they’re banned read like the Confederacy of gun-owner slave states: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois,  Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

A new generation of veterans who have seen the practical benefits of suppressors in combat will be driving this forward, also.

Silencers Are Legal will be having a shoot in Dallas on April 28. Suppressors or silencers are not only encouraged at that shoot, they’re mandatory: no Here’s a promo for the shoot, made by Silencerco, the main sponsor.

Eh, maybe their sense of humour is an acquired taste that we haven’t yet acquired.

The other sponsors of the shoot are — almost — a who’s who of silencer and suppressor manufacturers. Notable by its absence is Knight’s Armament Co., makers of the suppressors that we used in the SOPMOD kit and attached to various sniper weapons. Knight’s reason for sitting this out is unclear, but it may be that it is sponsored by a (smaller) competitor.

The NRA opposed legal silencers for years, fearing that they had a “gangster” image. The massive organization swung around to support silencers, especially for hunting, last year and (depending on whom you ask) either led the parade or got out in front of it as many states repealed restrictions on suppressor ownership and, particularly, hunting. The two latest states to allow their nimrods to take game without disturbing neighbors are Arizona and Texas, and NRA lobbyists continue to drum on the legislatures of the holdouts. (Good luck with the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, but everyone needs to set some “way-out-there” goals. And today’s gun-rights picture nationwide as an out-there goal to our fathers’ generation).

2 thoughts on “Silencers are Legal

  1. Justaclerk

    Suppressors are legal here in Colorado and there’s one gun shop in particular that specializes in selling them to discerning customers in the Denver area. The customer service representatives are very helpful in explaining the process including recommending that the potential buyer set up an LLC in order to transfer the can to members of the business (there are other business vehicles that do this and Weaponsman can elaborate on them far better than I can).

  2. Ian

    The next step is to get them out of the NFA. Not only would that make them far more affordable (prices are artificially high because of the relatively small number of people will to go through the NFA process to get one, in addition to the tax), but it would significantly reduce the wait time for other NFA transfers like machine guns. The continually increasing popularity of silencers (or suppressors, if you insist) is the biggest single reason that NFA transfers are taking 5-6 months or more.

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