When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Thumbs

Here’s a statistic calculated to shock, but from a credible source:

According to the National District Attorneys Association, 10% of violent deaths in the United States are attributable to strangulation. That is a huge number, and one that demands police officers properly investigate and document strangulation cases. Recognizing the signs of strangulation is the first step in prosecuting this type of battery.

via Investigating Domestic Violence Strangulation :: Blue Sheepdog.

Click on through to the link to see the signs. Ever since reading this article we’re looking at everybody’s eyes and eyelids.

No strangulation victims yet, but they’re out there.

The article also explains the technical difference between choking and strangulation. It may be a  distinction without a difference to the decedent, but it matters to those who would prosecute him.

We asked Mayor Bloomberg to fund our great new non-profit moneymaker selfless enterprise,¬†Everytown Against Strangle Violence, but he doesn’t return our calls. He must be a very busy man.

4 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Thumbs

  1. staghounds

    I can’t tell how many times I have heard the word “just” used to minimize this attempted killing method. Victims, criminals, defence lawyers, and judges do it regularly.

    And it’s almost exclusively used in domestic cases. It takes a lot of wanna to strangle. I always used that to advantage in closing strangulation cases. The defence was always intent, so I’d tell the jurors, “He says that what the defendant did doesn’t show an intent to kill or seriously injure. Like he was just cleaning his hands and oops, they went off. How does that happen? I’ll ask you to do a thought experiment for me. Imagine how much you have to want to hurt someone to do what he did.

    Now, imagine doing t yourself. Not to a person. Imagine going down to the animal shelter and picking up a dog. She weighs about a hundred pounds, so say a big one like a lab.

    Now really imagine yourself strangling it until it blacks out, “just for a minute”. Imagine it struggling, whining, crying to escape. No intent? Right.”

    1. Hognose Post author

      I bet the Public Ds hated you for that closing. But… so true.

      Most people, as strange as this seems in my circles, have never killed anything. Not a mercy killing of a terminally-ill pet, not drowning a mouse that survived a snap trap, not hunting a deer or a squirrel. Definitely not slaughtering a chicken for dinner; that belongs to another day and a lost rural America. They haven’t seen the will even the meanest creature has to live; they haven’t seen what it takes to choke out a person struggling to breathe.

      Of course, TV sells the idea that it’s not only easy, but also consequence-free.

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