2012 Week 01 Wrap-Up

So, if that was our week, we had it. And what did we see whilst having it? (Or what did we miss, but can catch up on now?):

  1. An introductory post promising a high Signal to Noise Ratio. Does WeaponsMan deliver? Let us know in the comments.
  2. A few Commenters’ Commandments. We’ve been told in email that these are “too many rules.” So we’ll simplicate and add lightness: 1. Use your own name, and 2. Don’t be a jerk. That pretty much covers it.
  3. A description of military lawyers as the enemy’s Fifth Column, in a post introducing an important new book on the place of law in fighting today’s enemies. That’s a provocative description. It’s a provocative book. One of the authors is an SF guy who degenerated into a lawyer… we still hold out hope for a cure.
  4. An post totally apropos for a new year, asking you to assess how much you really train. Most of us overestimate how much weapons training we do.
  5. The strange self-defense case of 2011: attacker takes up club, defender takes up compound longbow. Attacker sleeps with the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  6. An in-depth and detailed story on the epidemic of fake weapons sights that have inundated the market. Bookmark this one and review it before you drop hundreds or thousands on a red dot, holo sight, or scope.
  7. A miserable safety story. Some idiot celebrated New Year’s with gunfire, and an innocent kid is in a coma.
  8. Another way to look at the timeless question (or well-thrashed dead horse), what’s the best weapon/caliber?
  9. In Minnesota, a veterans’ honor guard firing party is clinging to their guns, specifically 1903 Springfields that the Army would like to repossess and, probably, melt down.
  10. A post that is destined to be the most-internally-referenced one on this blog, I fear: D2S2.
  11. Another miserable safety story: a hunter shot a dog. Lessons: know your target, be prepared to do trauma aid.
  12. The first Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week, the Professional Soldiers bulletin board’s weapons area.
  13. A story about our Canadian mates’ stringent attitude towards that vile and preventable problem, the negligent discharge. Complete with a hilarious image for which I can take no credit.
  14. Your chance to buy Bonnie & Clyde’s guns — so the auctioneer says, and he might be right.
  15. Another careless hunter accident — this time with a human victim.
  16. The genius policeman who tried to cook a pizza and a SIG at the same time.
  17. A step aside from weapons to discourse upon the evil of parachutes.
  18. Engagement dynamics: don’t shoot your own guy. This was occasioned by the death of an ATF agent on Long Island (New York). Since the post, it’s come out that the criminal only had a pellet gun, and the poor ATF guy was therefore shot by one of the other cops. The post discusses some similar tragedies we’ve learned, taught, and, unfortunately, dealt with.
  19. An update with a news story on the Bonnie and Clyde guns. (Since then, there have been a spate of news stories).
  20. Friday Follies: “HK, Because You Suck, and We Hate You” explained and linked to the original source.
  21. A generally positive review of the inexpensive, comprehensive, but a little buggy, Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia.
  22. What’s in Ben Bernanke’s investment portfolio? And why is that on a weapons blog? (For those of you who know nothing but weapons, Ben Bernanke is the director of the Federal Reserve — the nation’s top banker).
  23. Update on the shooting of ATF SA John Capano.
  24. So you wanna go SF?
  25. Guns keep turning up in forbidden places!
  26. Video link. What happens when you feed handloads to the M1 Garand, that Patton called “the finest battle implement ever devised”? Hint: nothing good.

Whew. Lot of stuff for a week. Still, what didn’t we do that we should be doing?

  1. More posts on historic weapons and weapons hardware. Those are coming, in time. What do you want to see most? All periods, WWII, modern weapons?
  2. Guest authors. Because we only want qualified SF guys or SOF equivalents, the author pool’s shallow. Working the issue.
  3. An image in every post, although we might average one per post.
  4. Keep posts brief. We don’t want people to look at blocks of text and go, “tl;dr” on us. We are rather in love with our own narrative voice, which militates against brevity. Brevity needs to win this one. (Our daily minimum is one 300-word post, one long 800-word post, and a couple brief link posts).
  5. Get a commenter community going. This takes time.
  6. Get inbound links. Well, there are rules for that and we’re going to start taking them seriously, now that the bird is off the runway and the wheels are coming up.
Next week: a Wednesday Weapons Website, Friday Follies, how the weapons taught in SF Weapons School have changed over the years, are maps weapons? — and more.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Morgan Lewis


    Been following you from day one. Great Blog, keep up the good work…

    De Oppresso Liber

    1. Hognose Post author

      Great to hear from you, Morg, and thanks for reading. Always open to suggestions, and I’m trying to work it around to some more technical weapons articles. We’ll see how that shakes out…

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