Obama Strikes Back for Foley Murder — with Leaks

American journalist Jim Foley was murdered on camera by the slugs of the cult of the moon god and his murderous, pedophile prophet. The US’s passivity on the murder, hell, the US’s passivity on the advance of the soi-disant Caliphate in Syria and Iraq (and the advance of completely unrelated Shia extremists in Yemen, which also caught the “policy establishment” napping golfing), has become such a domestic political problem, that the Administration, as sensitive to domestic press as they are blind to American interests overseas, felt compelled to do something.

So, what did they do?

Leaked a JSOC operation.

You can read the report of the “senior administration official” (Rice? Power? Hagel? Kerry? Someone indifferent to the success and survival of our special operators, so it could be any of those duds)’s classified-dump to chosen sock-puppet Nancy Youssef of McClatchy.

The purpose of Youssef’s article about the raid is transparently to combat the reputation of the President as someone with more dedication to improving his chip shot than correcting his record of national security weakness and failure. Like her reporting on the slaying of Osama bin Laden, she makes Obama the hero of the piece:

The U.S. operation was authorized by President Barack Obama after several threads of intelligence indicated where the hostages were being held, senior administration officials said in a briefing to reporters.

This political leak is reminiscent of the 1980 leak by Jimmy Carter of the US development of stealth aircraft. That leak was ordered by Carter in an attempt to undermine the public’s understanding of his weakness on defense and lack of  effort and effect in foreign policy.

It was deliberate — a briefing by senior officials of reporters  — and contained details that expose TTPs needlessly.

The raiding force consisted of members from nearly every U.S. military service and was supported by fixed wing, rotary and surveillance aircraft. They arrived at the site by air, conducted a search by foot and when they discovered that the hostages were not there, left, the officials said, taking hostile fire along the way.

One operator was injured when fired upon while in the air.

Gee, it breaks our heart than only one of your enemies was wounded, Nancy (and “senior officials”). Better luck next time, since you’ve done what you can to help the enemy out.

Many feared Obama on foreign and defense policy prior to his election. “Jimmy Carter: Now Available in Black” was one wag’s contribution to the Twitter debate. But Glenn Reynolds has been saying for years that the Carter failure was a best case for the Obama years.

It really says something that American warriors willingly put their lives on the line to rescue reporters, while the reporters in turn apply their bylines to try to get the warriors killed.

If they were golf pros in Martha’s Vineyard, these “senior officials” and reporters might care about them.

Nancy Youssef, the other reporters, and you leakers: God damn your souls.

12 thoughts on “Obama Strikes Back for Foley Murder — with Leaks

  1. Jim

    Absolutely disgusting. Then again, is it really surprising from a group that couldn’t even show up to the funeral of a general officer for fear of missing an opportunity to golf?

    The establishment – ALL of it – needs to wake up quickly and suddenly. The effects of the resurgence of a global, or even regional, caliphate are more far-reaching than they seem to grasp. But I’ve long ago given up any hope for politicians to grow either a brain or a moral compass. What really gets my goat is the complete lack of journalistic integrity when it comes to American troops in harm’s way. Or even concern for American lives at all.

    “It really says something that American warriors willingly put their lives on the line to rescue reporters, while the reporters in turn apply their bylines to try to get the warriors killed.” You cannot say this enough. Ernie Pyle must be spinning in his grave. What does it say about our society as a whole for this to be tolerated, let alone celebrated, behavior?

    Perhaps I should retrieve my copy of the FM for “Wall to Wall Counseling” for reference.

    1. Hognose Post author

      …a group that couldn’t even show up to the funeral of a general officer for fear of missing an opportunity to golf

      In defense of President Sand Trap, he may not have reacted to the murder of General Greene but he did make a fulsome statement on the suicide of Robin Williams. (Er… come to think of it, so did we. Maybe a bad example).

      1. Jim

        Fair enough. On a side note, I hereby request permission to use the term President Sand Trap in casual conversation. I’m STILL laughing about that.

          1. Bill K

            To be true to the post, he should be dubbed President Stress Incontinent.

            How does he respond to forces beyond his control, you ask?


  2. TheSpartanMonkey

    It’s nasty to use our troops to benefit anyone’s political agenda.
    Having said that, anyone in the world with internet access or a DVD player knows JSOC exists, and knows the fame of the units which comprise it. If they just watched “Navy SEALs” with Charlie Sheen, they’d have the same depth of knowledge of a mission template as was revealed in the article. The fact the mission was comprised of nearly every service (who didn’t get called to the party, the Coast Guard?), that they inserted by air and walked around on foot is not earth-shattering. They only part I’d redact was the estimate of number of troops that took part. So, the reason for publishing the release is disgusting, but the contents, IMHO, don’t reveal any tradecraft secrets or put future ops in jeopardy.

  3. WiseCaveOwl

    the ISIS/Sunni “Caliphate” is an Isramerican project (as was Hamas, back when) formatted to break the Shi’a Crescent. Thus cutting off Iranian weapons shipments to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Having done so, it will now be penned up in eastern Syria and Iraq; bombed just sufficiently to keep it away from America’s puppet petrodollar regime in Baghdad. Though it saddens me, I’m afraid ISIS will not soon be raising the Black Flag over the White House. I’d would willingly forswear booze, drugs, adultery, and pork in order to see the entire American Ruling Element – particularly the Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Hollywood components – summarily decapitated. Needless to say, neither Washington nor Tel Aviv care a whit what happens to Christians, newsies, or anyone else in the M. E. Harm’s Way they have created.

    And now, a few words about the Yemen. When General Drone-killer – the latest edition of whom was recently rewarded with a 4th star – began his operations in that particular sandpile, there were about 200 Al Q. types running around loose. Now, after assorted blown-up villages and butchered wedding parties too numerous to mention, there are thousands. One begins to suspect the entire aegis of the GWOT is to create more and more terrorists. Whose evil deeds can then be used to further a specific neo-con agenda: the take-down of Constitutional government in America and its replacement of by a Zio-globalist police state.

  4. Alon

    Is it a law of the web that even the best blogs have to have at least one batsh1t crazy troll?

    1. Hognose Post author

      I really don’t know what to say to him. I mean, we have an Administration that has never failed to side with the Moslem Brotherhood, and has never failed to blame the Israelis for striking back, (like the kid who gets suspended from school for finally decking the bully who’s been punching him). And the administration is stuffed with people like Samantha Power who go beyond mere anti-Zionism to outright anti-semitism, and John Kerry, whose family converted to Christianity long before he was born, and spent 100 years denying their Jewish history.

      But our commenter, who shows signs of high intelligence when he’s not perseverating on updating the Protocols, thinks Obama et al. are being manipulated by the crafty Hebrews, as part of a conspiracy to, what, I’m not sure. Can I get an “Oy, vey”? (Coming from me it’s probably a “Goy, vey,” but whatever).

      ETA: I dunno, maybe this explains it: http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/689d2ff0-2880-11e4-8bda-00144feabdc0.html

      1. Wise Cave Owl

        Lord Love a Duck. Obama has killed Bin Laden, killed 10x the muzzies Bush43 killed, maneuvered the Isramerican-stooge military back into power in Egypt…with the entire 500-strong Muslim Bro leadership cadre in dungeon waiting for a rope..and broken the Shi’a Crescent. Everytime Israel asks for more BANG! to kill more Palestinians…or as the Tel Aviv gang puts it to one other, “mow the lawn”….Israel gets it with compliments. And Obama isn’t “manipulated”. He’s owned. Just follow the money trails, same as with the rest of our pols: from Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Hollywood.

      2. Alon

        OY VEY! There is a Yiddish saying, that translated says: There is no shortage of meshuggeners (mad people) in the world!
        If anything, Obama has broken American hegemony in the ME by abandoning allies and stable regimes and coddling enemies. His “reset” has been a massive failure and allowed the rise of the Islamist hordes.

  5. Mark Harris

    I wish y’all wouldn’t be so hard on our man Obama. I understand he was so upset by the beheading that he shanked one approach shot into the water hazard, and later missed a four foot birdie putt.

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