June is Gilbert Month

Pink-Triangle-TheatreWho is Gilbert? You may be sorry you asked. Gilbert is GLBT: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered. And we just learnt that June is Gilbert Month in the US Army (.pdf), where everyone must attend mandatory Gilbert Indoctrination, display their rainbow flags, and learn of the great contributions of Gilbert Soldiers.

Like, say, Bradley Manning, who hits for two of the four.

At least it’s not Disloyalty and Espionage Month. Yet.

Comments from two individuals, deep underground:

I have been specifically told that, “If you are not on board with this program, there is no place in the military for you.”

Bend over, here it comes, then. As the old Bob Hope joke goes, “I was there when then made gay life legal, and I got the hell out before they made it mandatory.” He was talking about California, but as goes CA, so goes … the Army? Evidently.

What they do is their business, and so we were alright with “legal,” but things like Gilbert Month make it clear they’re going for “mandatory.”


Question: “What’s the difference between a homosexual and a fighter pilot?”

Answer: “The homosexual has a future in the United States military.”

What’s the over-under on the President’s exit pardons in 2017 including one for Ickle Bwadwey Manning? After all, he/she/it was only following his/her/its own bliss, which is now an Army Value.

Lord Love a Duck.


GLBT month posterLord Love a Duck. Or did we say that already? There’s a poster, and yes, displaying them is “a date with Amanda” (Amanda Tory, geddit).

If you don’t have your Gilbert Poster up, you may be visited by the Diversity Patrol. You wouldn’t like the Diversity Patrol.

18 thoughts on “June is Gilbert Month

  1. Bill K

    Since I’d rather not be visited by the DP, here’s my poster. You said Gilbert, I read Dilbert:

  2. Aesop

    I’m just waiting until all the mandatory military Gilbert-ophilia runs face-first into the mandatory military Islam-ophilia, and trying to get my money down on the companies that supply cranes to the military for the inevitable resulting party.

    And of course, this will play well with military recruiting efforts going forward for another 20 years, when an entire generation of the kids who didn’t grow up in Haight-Ashbury or Greenwich Village decide “hell no, we won’t go.”

  3. Y.


    BTW, how often do US Army soldiers attend political indoctrination sessions?

    Some of my family spent time in the a People’s Army, I think they had something like 4 hours a week. Though, in more out-of-the-way detached units, they just faked it, as no one really believed the stuff and they instead watched say, Austrian TV or so..

  4. RobRoySimmons

    I gotta go with Y, my WAG outside of division headquarters or the Star Wars bar scene known as the Pentagon Gay Days will be a bust.

    Also if I were a company commander or maybe BN level and the order came down to organize and harangue the troops I would search for an Obama voter to be the sad sack in charge of antagonizing the troops.

    Training Democratic voters is like training dogs except for one important difference, when one D takes a shit on the carpet you grab another D and rub its nose in the shit and tell it “that’s what you get for being in the D pack.” divide and conquer

    1. Hognose Post author

      It’s a bit like Commenter Y. has described in the past, “Marxist Theory” education in the former satellite countries. It was bullshit, everybody knew it was bullshit (except perhaps for a small cadre of self-deluded True Believers), but everyone goes through the motions because nobody wants the full power of the state landing on him with both booted feet.

      Same thing with the indoctrination in the military — people pay lip service in front of bosses or unknowns. But it makes them cynical about the organization.

      Some units spend Wednesday afternoons on this crap, some units do it on paydays or once or twice a month, and some designate a day or two a year as the day to go through the motions and get 100% compliant with all the bullshit training-distractor “training” that gets mandated by Washington. Some units pencil-whip the “training,” but big-boy rules are in effect. If the higher-ups find out you did it, unit chain of command is relieved (fired). Content of these bullshit sessions varies according to what fad has taken over the combat dodgers in headquarters.

      1. Y.

        It just might be USSR’s last laugh.

        CIA recently fessed up to supporting the abstract bullshit art (Jackson Pollock, that kind of crap) for political reasons.

        KGB is suspected of being behind the rise of post-modern philosophy, acting through people like Kojeve.. and no doubt others.

        Western Europe was riddled with communist agents, and it’d be naive to think they stuck to industrial and political espionage. KGB understood the long game quite well..

  5. Tom Schultz

    IIRC, there used to be a “Morals & Guidance” officer and/or NCO in the units.
    What happened to them? Also the monthly “M&I” sessions?

    1. Bill K

      The recruiters couldn’t find enough of Rob’s D’s wanting to tell everyone else what to do?

      1. robroysimmons

        Bill a few years ago in some of my info gathering I went to read Daily Kos, libtard HQ, and lo and behold on one thread dealing with the AfPak surge was a women describing in great detail General Stan’s daily doings. Now this woman had some cred at Kos because she had the authority to squash the anti-war true believers who showed up on the thread to bash the imperial stormtroopers of inequality otherwise known as DoD.

        Hmmm I wonder what “major” Hassan thinks of women in the military?

  6. LFMayor

    This is great! The more they rub everyones nose in this, the more discontent they build. Keep pushing Posey, that sort of thing. (btw… in case you’d forgotten, he doesn’t like to be pushed).

  7. Bill Harzia

    “Gilbert?” How about a little truth in advertising? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered. LBGT. Pronounced “L-Bigot.”

  8. WyomingBound

    Well, you know, nothing will strike terror into the hearts of our enemies like a platoon of cross dressing fudgepackers……

    This is social indoctrination, guys. Pure and simple. And unfortunately the powers that be have installed their shills as the spokespeople for the US Military.

  9. Scott in Phx AZ

    “Hmmm I wonder what “major” Hassan thinks of women in the military?”

    Probably just a little bit higher than gays in the military.

    In a world dominated by Islam there is no future for gays period. They are already starting to figure that out in Europe where crimes against gays are increasing. Like Jews, they’re going to have to flee Europe (which the Jews are finding out again).

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