Pro-terrorist Reporter, Lawyer smear SEALS with innuendo

AP's Adam Goldman: SEALs are thieves, pirates are victims.

AP’s Adam Goldman: SEALs are thieves, pirates are victims.

The smug mug you see opposite belongs to one Adam Goldman of the Associated Press, a man who never served in the military and doesn’t think much of those who do or have done. You might think that the SEALS who whacked the pirates and rescued the hostage were heroes. Not Adam Goldman, who went to the University of Maryland (oooooh!). Goldman thinks that they’re thieves, and he wants you to think that, but he isn’t man enough to do more than lay the innuendo down for you:

It was an unbelievable story, with a new retelling that hits the big screen Friday with Tom Hanks playing Capt. Richard Phillips. But the official version that unfolded in the Indian Ocean wasn’t as tidy as Hollywood’s, or the versions in Phillips’ own book or in contemporaneous news reports. In fact, many more than three shots were fired, $30,000 went missing and the integrity of the SEALs was questioned.

The unvarnished story begins on April 8, 2009. Four armed Somali pirates scurried up the side of a large cargo ship, Maersk Alabama, and took the crew and Phillips hostage. In a failed attempt to get the pirates to leave, Phillips gave them $30,000 from the ship safe. The pirates eventually abandoned the Maersk, jumping into a lifeboat and taking the cash and Phillips at gunpoint.

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Never mind that the investigation — which included NCIS trying to trip them up while wired to a polygraph — cleared the SEALS. Wherever the money went, the last people known to have it were the pirates.

Of course, Goldman also thinks they shouldn’t have killed the pirates.

This is not surprising. Goldman’s history is one of writing anti-military and even pro-al-Qaeda pieces. Shortly before a couple of scrotes radicalized by the jihad preachers in a Boston extremist mosque blew up the Boston Marathon finish line, Goldman received a Pulitzer Prize for a series bashing the NYPD for keeping an eye on the jihad preachers in extremist mosques. One of his go-to sources, apparently the guy pushing the SEALS-as-thieves story, is a lawyer named Philip L. Weinstein, who represented one pirate (and who wants the missing $30k, perhaps). Weinstein is a a man who never served in the military and doesn’t think much of those who do or have done. Who does he like? That’s easy. He’s become a go-to guy for terrorists, pirates and al-Qaeda.

Weinstein did a great job for the surviving pirate (the clueless genius who went aboard USS Bainbridge to dictate terms, only to wind up in the brig). The guy may get out just this side of 2050, and will be deported back to whatever’s left of Somalia then. And it’s clear that, whether or not he gets his $30k pirate treasure, Weinstein (like Goldman) still has much more affinity for the pirates than the authorities that stopped them.

It’s about what you’d expect from the Associated (with terrorists) Press, whose idea of “journalistic objectivity” in Iraq was participating in terrorist acts including murders of election workers and foreign logistical contractors, and executions of hostages.

Goldman closes the article by quietly damning the movie Captain Phillips for not depicting the SEALs, as he does, as thieves.

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  1. Aesop

    You would think a guy living in the Washington D.C. area, jus a short car trip up the road from Little Creek and Dam Neck VA, would perchance learn to STFU, before he finds himself with his head in gunny sack, hanging upside down by his heels and getting whacked with a length of rubber hose, as part of some ad hoc field interrogation training some buff young gentlemen might undertake on a weekend liberty.

    And if they decided to get medieval instead, merely set him up for any combination of federal charges, including terrorism, complete with appropriate texts, emails, and bank account activity.

    Funnier things have happened.

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