Sunday Panic, and a non-gun movie recommendation

There’s a bit of a flap on at work, and so we’re flapping this Sunday and didn’t get the week-end posts up. (Sorry about the brief launch of the Matinee template).

We did get out to see a movie that has no guns in it at all, and which we enjoyed greatly. We drove a big old boulevard cruiser full of motor racing fans (from teenage to “rather not think about it”) out to see Rush, the Ron Howard pic which is at once an action movie, a unique time capsule of 1970s Formula 1, a great characters-in-conflict movie, and an attenuated biopic of 1975 and 76 World Champions Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Very taut editing. A few too many fast cuts and very close camera shots for us, but there is some real cinematographical and directorial brilliance happening here, and great performances  by the on-screen talent. The CGI, which is often tested beyond its abilities by today’s directors, held up most of the time. Proof you don’t need 3D to suck people into action, also. Howard even includes a few down-the-fuel-injector-stack shots that basically quote the previous best-ever racing film, 1966’s Grand Prix. They would have looked gimmicky with 3D.

Well entertained, and it was $30 well spent (self, kid, refreshments).

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