Journalists and Douchebags. But we repeat ourselves!

Honor Flight Vets MississippiIt seems like everybody’s talking about the veterans’ storming of the WWII memorial. The guys above with their trophy “do not cross” tape were photographed on their return home to Mississippi.

The public is discusssing this in a wide-ranging series of conversations. But that’s not what’s happening among celebrity media persons.

Here’s how the mainstream media is talking about it.

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait:

Newsweek’s and The Daily Beast’s Ben Jacobs:

The HuffPo and LA TImes’s Sam Stein:

This is the way media people think.

These three boys have several things in common:

  • They went to the ‘right’ schools
  • Their intelligence is highly verbal
  • They’re all employed at high salaries in journalism
  • They all have contempt for veterans
  • They all did not serve
  • They all come from families without a service tradition, and:

They all are members of a minority that would not exist today, if not for those creaky old WWII vets they neither like nor respect.


Later, Chait tried to walk back the cat.

And some hours later, was still trying to explain his joke:

There’s an adjective that describes jokes that need explaining.

4 thoughts on “Journalists and Douchebags. But we repeat ourselves!

  1. Sando

    Jonathan Chait is a douche, no doubt.
    So are the 25 assholes who made it their ‘favorite.’

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