Update: Dog-whacking cop beats the rap

Remember the dog-whacker of the Commerce, Colorado, PD? His name is Robert Price.

Back in we wrote, as part of a roundup of dog-shootings in which we demonstrated that a dog bite is simply not a life-threatening event, unless the dog is rabid:

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera. That is, everybody has video these days. That worked out to the detriment of Commerce, CO officer Robert Price and his department. After responding to reports of a barking dog no one in the neighborhood recognized (a resident who was at work was keeping the dog for a relative), Price reported that the dog was vicious and he’d had to put it down. Video shot by a neighbor showed that an animal control officer seized the dog with a catch pole. The restrained dog continued to struggle, and Price fired five shots with reckless disregard of his surroundings. Price faces felony charges over the dog shooting; his trial is scheduled for September 30, by which time he’ll have had about a year of bad-cop paid vacation. He was not disciplined for the false report, perhaps because his supervisors all knew it was false and approved it.

Well, the jury’s in, and they said Price is not guilty.

An Adams County District Court jury acquitted Commerce City Police Officer Robert Price on a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Officer Price was charged in Dec. 2012 in the shooting death of a dog named Chloe on Nov. 24, 2012.

Price was among several officers who responded to a call about a dog running at large in the 9600 block of Nucla Street in Commerce City. The dog was shocked with a taser and then shot multiple times.

A neighbor took cell phone video of the dog’s death, which was a key piece of evidence in the case.

He’s fit, rested and ready after nearly a year of paid vacation, and he’s already got his gun and badge back. His report said the dog attacked him and, what else, “he feared for his life,” but the video shows a dog tased and on a catchpole.

Maybe he did really fear for his life: he comes across as both a physical and a moral coward.

Never mind the reckless discharge of five rounds in a densely populated area, Price still has not been disciplined for his false report, and apparently won’t be.

Well, the jury has spoken, and he’s not guilty. But that doesn’t mean sensible people in the beaten zone of the Commerce, CO Police Department shouldn’t adapt their actions to knowing Price is back on the street. If you live anywhere near there, keep your dogs inside, and don’t ever call the police for anything if you can avoid it.

4 thoughts on “Update: Dog-whacking cop beats the rap

  1. Aesop

    Now that the trial is over, the names of the jury should be published, so that in future, those townspeople of Commerce deprived of their dogs by Officer Jerkweed will know whom they may thank for the situation.

    God help him if he ever pulls his piece again, because his dishonesty will come back to haunt him via every defense attorney in the county.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Any defense attorney worth his upfront fee (and they all want their fee upfront for obvious reasons) will get any evidence from this trial excluded any time it comes up. Old news. Not relevant. Prejudicial.

      IANAL, but I’ve seen it work. However, having access to a bad cop’s supposedly sealed civil service record is a Godsend for defense attorneys. I’ve seen THAT too.

      Now if they discipline him for untruthfulness, his utility on the stand drops to zero. Which may be part of why they haven’t done that.

  2. Andy

    Well ,this cop will probably have a bigger chip on his shoulder now that he has been cleared,I see him shooting a person next,wonder if he will be justified over it when it happens.This guy should be fired.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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