When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have scissors

Bloody-ScissorsNot all nut jobs are in politics. Some of them, the ones that should be under lock and key, pollute society as “the homeless.”

Crazed assailant Julius James Graham, 43, who was living at a Harlem shelter, unleashed his rage without warning on a bright October morning. He was taken down by a passing good Samaritan and held until police arrived.

“He was looking for people he could mess with,” said an eyewitness, a 57-year-old man named Eddie. “He was looking for trouble.”

Witness Shurita Fields shows how an injured woman was clutching a jacket to her chest and neck wounds after the random attack.

Minutes after spotting the scary-looking Graham, he heard someone screaming and the little boy crying.

“I got up and looked, and I saw the baby and I see a guy with blood where (the scissors) went in,” he said. Graham was standing nearby.

The good Samaritan credited the injured boy’s dad with saving the child’s life.

Julius James Graham’s attack occurred between W. 61st and W. 64th Sts. at Riverside Park.

“I’m no hero,” said the unidentified man, a red mark visible on his neck, as cops led him from the park. “The guy with the baby is the hero.”

The little boy suffered only a wound to his arm as his father sprung to his defense.

The terrifying attacks began when a woman running along the jogging path was stabbed in her back, said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

via Scissors-wielding attacker subdued by passerby at Riverside Park; five injured  – NY Daily News.

The story’s getting lots of coverage in New York. Graham attacked with an ordinary household scissors (or maybe it was an evil black assault scissors?) and sent five people to the hospital, two of them in critical condition. NBC New York said (no link because of autoplay spam):

His first victim was a woman he stabbed in the back, his second was a man walking his dog, his third was the woman slashed in the neck, and his final attack was on the man and child, police said.

The TV station also noted that Graham had “a history of psychological problems.” So why wasn’t he in the room with neoprene wallpaper? You know how this plays out in New York. He’s now got 30 days for “evaluation.” They’ll put him on meds and he’ll be fine. Doin’ the Thorazine Shuffle. So they’ll let him go, and he’ll commit another violent crime.

Imagine if your oncologist just sequestered the cancer cells for a while then released them back in your bloodstream. That’s what the courts and the moral dalits that comprise the mental health industry do.

The unarmed hero who fought the nutcase, to save his 18-month-old in a stroller? James Fayette, 35, a former principal dancer with the New York Ballet. (DNA Info has the story and a lot of other details). Fayette was in a lot of pain and needed surgery, but he’s going to be fine, no thanks to Graham and the quack pshrinks who “treated” him. DNA Info also named the other good Samaritan:

Good Samaritan, Thomas Ciriacks, was out walking his dog when he heard the runner’s screams and rushed over to tackled Graham, he said.

“He was lurching about like a zombie,” Ciriacks said. “His eyes were crazy.”

Ciriacks said he pulled Graham off Fayette and pinned him to the ground until police could arrive moments later, police said.

“He did a good job,” [Police Commissioner Ray] Kelly said of the bystander.

Ciriacks was reluctant to take credit for subduing the suspect.

“I’m no hero,” he said. “The real hero is the guy with the kid.” [Fayette]

Yeah, the studly ballet dancer! We bet his wife, who’s also a principal dancer at the same troupe, loves him twice as much now.

Since New York isn’t big on incarcerating criminals or isolating dangerous lunatics — Graham was last caught and released by NYPD in September — but instead wants to blame guns for crime, citizens have had to defend themselves — or take a beating, as the recently-viral Range Rover dude beating video shows. Another insane guy attacked jogger Mary Jane Jarman and her 8-month-old with a broken bottle on Friday; she beat the snot out of him with a bicycle pump she keeps in the stroller because any other means of self-defense is illegal in New York City. The 34th Precinct’s half-hearted search for the nutcase came up dry; even though the Henry Hudson Greenway through the precinct is the scene of near-daily assaults, the cops don’t seem able to catch anybody.

Of course, there is a lesson in Mrs Jarman’s bold self-defense with a bicycle pump (she destroyed the pump on the skell’s head), and in Mr Fayette’s bold self-defense armed with nothing but bare hands and courage. Do not quit, do not surrender, do not concede. If someone comes to do you and yours harm, the cops will be there in time to draw a chalk outline around you. It’s up to you to save yourself. Use the best improvised weapon you can (excellent choice of a bike pump, by the way), and if you have no weapons go on the offensive anyway, like Mr Fayette and Mr Ciriacks.

Sure, it would be better to use a gun, if you could, but this is New York. Fayette, Ciriacks, and Jarman are not the constituency the politicians (including political top cops like Kelly) and media love. Graham, and the unnamed, uncaught, basically unsought attacker in Mrs Jarman’s case are their constituency. Don’t believe us? OK. Start counting the days until Ray Kelly, Mike Bloomberg, or whatever d-bag wins the election to replace term-limited Bloomberg, does something about the teeming-hordes-of-lunatics problem.

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