When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have trains

"You're safer here than anyway [sic]" -- Mayor Bloomberg

“You’re safer here than anyway [sic]” — Mayor Bloomberg

Another one of New York’s entitled, and untouchable, nutcase bums has attacked another citizen, in a particularly gruesome and effective manner. Meanwhile, the Mayor is distressed that people who, unlike his free-ranging schizophrenics, aren’t nuts but live in Wyoming, are able to buy guns that his fascist tendency would ban.

We seem to remember a previous Mayor of New York took action against the same sort of criminals the current lame-duck Mayor enables.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A 21-year-old White Plans woman underwent surgery Wednesday afternoon for serious injuries she suffered after being pushed onto the Metro-North tracks in front of a moving train.

As CBS 2’s John Slattery reported, it was the last thing the young woman must have expected – being pushed by a man routinely hanging around the White Plains station.

“A homeless man hangs out in front here — decides he wants to inflict some pain to somebody, asks somebody for change,” said newsstand operator Gary Waxman. “And one girl upstairs decides to come out of bathroom. She refused to give him money, and he pushed her in front of the train.”

It was an empty northbound Metro-North train pulling into the station that seriously injured the woman.

“Fingers were gone, legs were mangled — that’s what I heard from police. That’s what they told me,” Waxman said.

via Woman Pushed In Front Of Metro-North Train In White Plains « CBS New York.

The young woman, Maya Leggat, was reading on her Kindle when he was shoved off the platform in front of the train. She was a student at Hunter College — a college, mostly, for working “strivers” — and, while doctors struggle to contain the damage to her legs, has worried mostly about missed classwork and falling behind in assignments (authorities at the school are forwarding her any work she needs, and will make whatever accommodations she needs).

Now, as to the guy who left her, what odds that he’s crazy as a loon, has a long criminal record, and has been loaded, cocked and not-quite-aimed by some of New York’s subculture of criminal enablers? Ding! Ding! And, Ding!

Multiple witnesses and crystal-clear platform surveillance video identified the culprit as Howard Mickens, a 39-year-old vagrant from a nearby homeless shelter, sources said.

Mickens was described by authorities as a near-daily panhandler at the White Plains station who has a three-decades-long local history of violence, weapons and drugs, including three state-prison stints for assault, armed robbery and drug sales.

He was ordered held without bail Thursday after being ­arraigned on a single count of ­attempted second-degree murder.

The enablers in the case — the monsters who should know better, but sent Mickens hanging around that train platform until he near-as-dammit killed someone who, unlike him and unlike them, was a valuable member of society — are the Open Arms Men’s Shelter. They indicate that they have few illusions about their “residents”:

Many of the residents suffer from substance abuse or mental illness, HIV/AIDS, or have co-occurring disorders. Some are just out of prison on parole.

Just about all of those apply to Mickens, with the exception of his HIV status, which is mercifully unknown. Open Arms is a project of the thoroughly PC and lefty oupost of the post-Christian Episcopal Church, which knew or ought to have known about Mickens’s and their other residents’ proclivity to violence, and therefore ought to own up to what they have done and take responsibilty to the injuries they have through gross negligence caused Maya Leggat.

While their policy is pro-homicidal-mainiac, it’s anti-gun. The pastor of Grace Church, the sponsor of Mickens’s crime, seldom misses a chance to preach against “gun violence” and the church features a prayer for the victims of Newtown that stops just short of a political manifesto.

Of course, they’re shutting up and lawyering up. They’re saying Mickens was not violent, and it will be interesting to see how they reached that opinion, given 30 years of violent criminality and the gruesome evidence of body parts on the railbed.

As far as Mickens himself goes, he is either too crazy to stand trial or playing crazy to dodge responsibility. While “truly crazy” is probably the house bet, anyone who’s been around the system like he has, and who’s been spun up in the culture of entitlement by vultures of entitlement like his accessories at Open Arms, probably knows how to game the system to an insanity acquittal, too.


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  1. Aesop

    Turn him loose.

    All kinds of people can fall in front of metro trains.

    It could even happen to Episcopal ministers.

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