That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 38

That was the week that was TW3Once again we’re late on this. But hey, the Saturday Matinee was up on time. Well, not exactly, but it was up on Saturday. That has to be worth something. As usual, we’ll back date this so it drops into place, archivally speaking.

The links are all live.

The Boring Statistics

This week was a verbose one, with about 19,000 words, more than 50% more than last week (12,000). We put up 20 posts, down from 21;  the mean post was nearly 1,000 words, but that mean was driven high by several posts that were nearly 2,000 and one that busted 3,000. We continued to exceejust barely beat our target of 19 posts (3x day x6 days +1 on Sunday). . Comments were 70 or so, average these days.

Most Commented Post of the Week

Questions of guns and money drove Friday’s Is a CAR-15 Worth $45k? to 13 posts. The next most popular post was Wednesday’s The Psychology of Gun Advertising. It’s never the post you expect; we thought there’d be a lot of comment appreciation for our Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week, Herra Kuulapaa’s fascinating high-speed photography.

Guess you guys are just too high-speed, low-drag for that.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

How we did on last week’s two weeks’ ago’s promises

Not really an auspicious start, when we didn’t even get the TW3 up last week, and were late on the Sunday post, too. We also have wrap-around promises that were already overdue then.

  1. X A horror story from NJ promised originally now some three weeks ago.
  2. X A major post on Gerald Bull’s awesome space-capable artillery that never got off the back burner this week.
  3.  To post 3 x day x 6 days.
  4. X To post a √ WWWW, a TW3, and a √ Saturday Matinee, before COB Saturday. Well, two out of three ain’t the standard.
  5. X One back Saturday Matinee. We did work on one, though.

We like that set of promises and are keeping the same ones!

This week we had a major break, something we have only had a few times before, and spiked it on request on national security / criminal investigation grounds.

For Next Week

Our goal remains:

  1. to post three times a day, six days a week, of which:
  2. one gun-tech post and one SOF, UW, or war-related post up daily.
  3. a WWWW, on Wednesday.
  4. a Saturday Matinee, and a TW3 before the week ends at midnight Saturday.
  5. one back Matinee — at least.

See you with a TW3 on Saturday!

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